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  1. I was just playing and under the list of players in the lobby, it said press Triangle to Invite. But nothing happens.
  2. I wish they let you play as a counciler in offline play, but playing as Jason is fun, too.
  3. I redeemed the PS4 code, but I'm not seeing any of the DLC in the game anywhere. I tried to do the code again and of course, it told me I already had. Don't know what's going on.
  4. Yeah. Though I really wish you could play as a counciller instead of just jason...
  5. Since they've shut down the servers, it can be difficult finding a match. I was wondering how you go about starting a private match. I know you have to invite people....but what if you don't have anyone to invite ?
  6. The only real problem I've noticed is that the person that creates the room you're playing in can leave and the match just ends.
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