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  1. i cannot stand that myself they say meanful things on there and i hate hearing about it i think they should not allow to be on there if they got nothing nice to say about anyone or about me
  2. i agree everyone no one should join a match if they don't stay in it because i always get kicked out of it and i want to stay in it i don't care if i die or live it's just a game but if i die then i like to watch other players play it until the match is over with
  3. I like the game but it's not right when some people complain about shit and act like a chicken shit it's just a game i don't care if i die or live i try my very best to take jason down and i am not scared of jason he is just a man who wears a hockey mask and he drowned in the lake when he was a boy and he saw his mother get murdered by Alice so why be mad over it and act like that for?
  4. if anyone want to join me on there just find me on there my online id is hisqueen4ever420
  5. i agree they do that to me too and it's bullshit it's just a game why get mad over it? i kill people when i am jason but some of them don't like dying on there and i am tired of them complaining myself i think it's lame i don't mind to die or survive
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