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  1. Yeah I wasn't having any issues on the Xbox after dedicated servers went down either, seems the Switch has it's own version of the glitch that still needs fixing. Here's some info I found on it: "Has nothing to do with players joining. In fact it is more likely to occur in a full lobby than not. Your wrong counselor loads with their default costume, but you retain the perks of the counselor you actually selected. Usually causes a mish mesh Jason if you're selected, and tends to ignore counselor/Jason spawn preferences. Also causes you to skip the match intro." "On Switch, this is due to how quickly the system accesses the save and game info, if I'm not mistaken. That's an interesting turn for some of the things you've seen improve, like intros." As I mentioned there is a fix you can do but only for the digital version of the game: https://www.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/kov8lr/possible_fix_for_random_counselorjason_on_switch/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_body I tested a theory last night that seemed to help a little bit: making sure you have a Jason selected seems to help you get your preferred counselor. My girlfriend had her Jason set to random (she hates playing as him) but after I had her select one she ended up getting her favorite character, Tiffany, a lot more. 6/8 games we got our preferred characters whereas before she got Tiffany a lot less than I got Adam.
  2. I've survived for well over 10 minutes with Jason focused on just me, it makes my day when I can waste Jason's time and smack him around a bit too. My favorite thing is when I distract Jason for a ton of time before dying only to come back as Tommy. I actually had one Jason rage quit after I started messing with him again after returning as Tommy Jarvis 😂. He spent 10 minutes tunneling me only for me to come back just in time to save my friend, he chased me for maybe 20 more seconds before giving up.
  3. Is there any plan to fix the random counselor glitch on the Switch version of the game? I recently started playing on the Switch to play with my girlfriend after previously playing on the Xbox One and it happens way more often on this console. One night I got Adam (my selected character) 6/9 games, Jason part 3 twice (my selected Jason) and Shelly once. She got Tiffany (her selected character) 3/9 times, Eric 2/9 times, Mitch 2/9 times, and Vanessa once. She tends to get random characters more often than I do but we both get characters we didn't choose at least once or twice a night. From what I've read it's different than the glitch that happened on other consoles and can be fixed if you have a digital copy of the game. Alas, we both got the physical version. We've been having a lot of fun playing on the Switch together but this glitch does detract from the fun when it happens and it happens fairly frequently.
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