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  1. One was a host and 4 other of his friends i am jason they threatened to close the lobby if i killed either the host or his friends and i had one job to do kill the one of these little shits i didn't bother grabbing them i slashed him of course the host closed the lobby and i got messages saying im a "slashing piece of shit" oh well shouldn't have threatened to close down the lobby
  2. Do you consider stn toxic like some jason players says? Had a few of them agreeing stn is toxic. What do you all think about this?
  3. Just heard the term oppressive counselors in a lobby with a jason complaining but imo i have no idea what is an oppressive counselors. What do you all think?
  4. For me yes they are the same let me compare both suicide and rage quitting Suicide -denies jason's xp -screws over teammates Rage quitting -denies jason's xp -screws over teammates
  5. Of course breathing air is a crime against humanity eating vegetables is eating humans😂☺
  6. If a newbie jason is killed he'll just know jason can be killed he won't get better at dealing with them until he has experience with them
  7. Should killing noob jason be a bannable offense?
  8. Funny thing is, is that this jason player in particular killed 6/7 in 8 minutes but didn't know how to counter a looper
  9. Before i even sent him the video you showed i mentioned your name he threw a fit saying to never mention your name to him ever again like is he that butthurt only for mentioning your name?😂😂🤣
  10. Yep soon as i sent him the video you showed he blocked me🤣🤣
  11. Agreed vanessas and chads are the ones rage quitting the most
  12. I have my preference set to jason because i want to play as both counselor and jason more but i dont play friday the 13th that much nowadays but i still play it to this day but not as much
  13. Dont forget the game needs to be balanced so a counselor escaping should be 50% but then again there will no longer be any buffs or nerfs or anything like that. But that really wasnt the point of this thread i made this thread because for the past 2 years i see jason players expecting kills on a silver platter and expects the counselors to give up and die.
  14. Counselor entitlement exist too but i've seen it far more on jason players
  15. Agree completely if the jason player gets beat like a joke then theres something that he is doing wrong
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