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  1. Hello! I appreciate your response! I'm not new to the game, I've been watching game plays and so on so I have experience. I tried to activate the shift but some how I couldn't succeed to grab them. On other hand, they also had 3 knifes which was ridiculous, if I would grab them they stab me, including the fact it was hard to catch them even with shift. Also, the killers aren't very powerful, they hit me with a baseball bat and immediately I got stunned. I know some Jasons don't have a great stun resistance but still. The person in case escaped as the timer expired. I got 7/8 and they were the last person. Maybe it's different and it's just that I don't play Jason much but I'm saying this because I prefer survivor.. Thank you for taking time to answer though!
  2. When will devs consider chancing this? Ridiculously, I've been literally looped here for 5 minutes, I had no knifes to throw, of course traps I can't set. In same house, in same location (as represented in the screenshot) without the possibility to do anything about it. I am requesting this to be looked into. Just imagine a killer that couldn't run either to be looped. I sent a positive feedback on the steam and recommended this game to my friends as well. This is not okay. Thank you in advance.
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