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  1. I agree, in fact Gun had already created files that included extra clothing DLC for all the characters. This included a Halloween outfit for Victoria and the other missed characters, slumber party dlc and swimwear expansion. Its a shame the later characters never got the customisation the standard game characters got. If they did add fan favourite f13 characters as an option in the new game they could also give or sell us the content we never got, even from a purely business point it would make sense. Here's a video showing showing you all of them if you haven't seen them. Check out Victoria's 'sleep wear'...
  2. Time will tell, we just have to wait until an announcement. When that will be nobody knows! I'm keeping an open mind as to what their next game could be, but in Gun's favour there is a fairly wide selection of horror movie to go for - if their goal is to go down the road pursuing rights. The bigger question will be what will the game actual play like, will we see a next gen game with very similar mechanics for online play like f13 or something completely different? How a new game plays could be a big impact on what sort of horror theme it has. It would be interesting to know how they decided development, was it first to secure a horror theme for a game or to first decide the basic mechanics of the game and then to lay over a horror theme to flesh it out? In my opinion the basic form of F13 was a real winner for online play and Gun wouldn't be doing themselves any favours to ignore this in a new game. Be it Halloween or something else they could easily adapt F13 game mechanics into a slightly different new game with hopefully a lot of new features. This would make the games environment more interactive and more immersive.
  3. Hi everyone, I tend to be that player who stays well clear of Jason and avoids the noisy groups of other players. Usually I tend to get killed by Jason when I am last one left, when there is no escape route and plenty of time on the clock to go. However I just played a match with a competent Jason player. He placed traps on the cars, took out the power for the phone and killed all other 5 players by halfway through the timer. As I was away from the other players I ended up last one left (no Tommy in game). I have been playing as Tiffany for some time to try and get the unlikely final girl achievement, but typically I either got killed or more than one escaped. Anyway I found myself with 9 minutes on the clock with Jason on my heels, so I ducked and dived into all the cabins as you do. I got lucky by having spray and two pocket knives which helped and managed to get a rifle and flare gun. Every second I drained the stamina bar further and spent a lot of time hardly being able to see as I was petrified. In the end I just had to hide against doorways and wait for Jason to walk by, then leg it a little further and repeat. Somehow I managed to last those 9 minutes and got the achievement. The other player later complemented me on how lucky I was at dodging him at the last moment, he was playing Jason part 3. As someone who doesn't like to confront Jason head to head I was a little on edge during those 9 long minutes. How long have you survived 1v1 against a good Jason player? How I felt moments later surviving Jason as bikini wearing Tiffany... -Also see if you can spot Chad in the video he's bound to be there somewhere!
  4. I don't see why not when the character models have been created by Gun are part of their property. It would hinge on what the new game is and how it plays. If it were totally different on a new engine with new character models then they would have to recreate all the characters for the new game. Obviously whatever the new game is will have its own new characters. With enough fan backing perhaps Gun could add these characters as a free nostalgic update or worse case a small paid DLC character pack. It would also give them a chance to have included further clothing packs and additions to the Halloween and swimwear line that were developed, but sadly never entered the game. I will support your cause further down the line if its possible, failing that I'm sure the community would voice their opinion to include a horror character trope that might be missing from the new game - even if its to make an original character to fill that character gap. Time will tell, we just have to be patient.
  5. New films gonna be centred on Pamela Robert's grown up daughter Cindy. The new final girl bellow... Only joking! 😁, Another F13 film would be great as long as its not a complete reboot of Jason's origin that might suck.
  6. Well having sadly watched S.P Massacre 2 I can confidently say it's one of the worst films I have ever seen. Avoid at all costs! The film doesn't have a clear plot and spends most of the time seeing a girl have intermittent horrific nightmares. Satanic Elvis needs some good explaining, of which the film doesn't even bother trying to explain. No backstory, no name, no reason for him to rationally exist at all. The kills are all bundled towards the end of the film in a slap-dash mess of music and a rather unconvincing mad man with an electric guitar cum power tool. It is almost as if the producers and director were on some serious drugs when going from story board to cut film. As for the meaning of the ending? That's open for debate, with one possibility being it was all just a dream from a girl with a mental illness. Perhaps I should have expected this from a film with such an outlandish poster. I rate this film -100/10. Some films are so bad that they are actually good, this film is so bad that the real scare is it can't be unseen!
  7. People always get salty if they die and you live, particularly if they believe they did the hard work in a game. Skill is of course involved in surviving, but so to is luck, what you can find and if you are in the right place at the right time or sadly not. I tend to avoid big groups of people and scout around the edges of the map to avoid Jason who will be homing in on a loud and noisy group. When the count down starts for the police I try and position myself in a secluded spot so that I can escape when Jason is distracted. There's nothing wrong with hiding for survival, sometimes its just the best thing to do anyway.
  8. I'm sure a new forum will be announced with some early game development/pre-release footage closer to the time. Either that or they merge this forum as a subcategory in an updated forum for their new game. Sadly IcrazyKid we have only won a pyrrhic victory with F13, we voiced and campaigned and the dev's listened to improve the game. The major result being with the introduction of Victoria to the game, however the lawsuit couldn't be beaten. At least with another secure franchise the same situation can be avoided, and then the crusade for which character you really want in the game will start again!
  9. I haven't bought cyberpunk, but the company were dishonest from press release. They knew about performance issues on console and that's why journalists were only allowed to play the game on PC which runs the game fine. They rushed the release on console knowing they would have to release patches afterward. Half-baked games don't cut it anymore, despite increased development costs and the need to release content sooner. Even with the patches it is still recommended to play on the latest console versions and not for example the basic xbox one.
  10. Hi one and all I completely forgot to introduce myself to the forum. I have been on the forum before but faded away and lost access to my original account as the email address I had I no longer use. Anyhow with a bit more spare time at Christmas I decided to come back and see what's still happening. I know F13 will have no more up dates, but I still play it and am of course interested in anything to do with Gun's next game.
  11. I thought I'd contribute to the forum with a movie review. Something 80's horror that I haven't seen and didn't know even existed. What is it you ask? Well it's 1982's Slumber Party Massacre! This low budget flick has a very flimsy storyline that seems to drag the film out a bit with a lot of dumb moments with characters making very questionable decisions. These moments make the film more comedy than horror, but in an odd way it seems to work. People at the time must have also agreed, as the film was a commercial success. It grossed $3.6 million at the box office on a budget of $220,000 despite receiving mixed critical reviews at the time. So in effect the film was a really good investment no matter what the lasting legacy. Anyway onto my review, I'll try not to spoil the movie if you haven't seen it! As the title suggests the film is about a girls slumber party and reflecting it the cast is nearly exclusively all female. Without explaining the plot too much these bunch of girls leave school and set out to have a good time at friends house whose parents are away. What could go wrong? Well this manic is on the loose who happens to like killing women and he takes an interest in them straight away. The film goes from slow build up to almost split second kills with the killers preferred weapon: an electric hammer drill taken from a pretty women whose rather unconvincingly dressed up as your local telephone engineer. Along the way we have moments of love interest, several well executed jump scares and a rather annoying younger sister getting in the way with the girl next door. The film soon moves from school to the house of the party with an interesting constant switch between the peace and quiet from the girl next doors house (until her younger sister appears) and the build up of ensuing chaos next door. Even the female P.E teacher has to get in on the action! The male contribution to the film is limited to the dad that says goodbye at the start, the other next door man whose vowed to look after the girls in-between killing snails with a meat cleaver outside the house!, A pizza guy and then a few lads. One being a love interest and the other two as peeping Toms that get involved when the chaos erupts. Lastly the killer is a man, and I'm not quite sure how to sum him up. He is basically an ordinary average Joe, not especially strong or ugly and without the drill he wouldn't stand out from a crowd. He is just as weak as a normal person as well. I would say its the small glimpses of his face that show his mental instability, his eyes and how he surveys the area with his face void of emotion. As a comparison it is very similar to how Arnold Schwarzenegger played the Terminator to show no humanity under the skin. Apart from this, the drill is the scariest part of the killer, the wind up like the sound of a dentist's drill and the clumber some length of the drill bit really stands out as menacing. The film is limited however, not just by budget but also by plot. The producers did very well to include as many scenes in what is really one house for most of the film. I also give credit to the creativity of the fights which include a fire poker versus the drill and having Jason Voorhees stay for tea the night before and kindly lending his machete for DIY purposes in the garage. If you don't mind not thinking too much, preferable having a few beers on hand and can tolerate seeing women braless towards the start of the film then its one for you to watch. It might not generate the scares and gut wrenching of a modern horror flick, but this horror thriller is a worthy 6.5/10 for me. What' next? ... Why its got to be Slumber Party Massacre 2! Even more 80's, even more drill-y with whatever the hell that electric guitar drill thing is... Feel free to post your own reviews bellow too!
  12. To flesh your story ideas out a bit, here's a few Jason kill ideas for you if you have any extra minor characters in mind: - Fake news. Reporter mistakes Jason for a prankster and gets killed in recorded footage whilst trying to report on the disappearance of several individuals. May be the footage is found later on by someone else? - A sprat to catch a mackerel. Someone is fly-fishing and catches a really, really big fish. What a size this monster is! They fight with all their experience reeling the catch in until Jason begins to appear above the water line. He's not happy with the hook in his ear and pulls the fisherman in with his own line before strangling him with wire. -Tree-hugger. A wood-be lumberjack is out to fall some trees. Jason cares for the environment and doesn't take kindly to this attitude. The lumber jack stops for a drink in his thermos flask and hears someone creeping about. When he moves and calls out, Jason picks up his chainsaw and cuts him down. First at the knees and then at the head. -Stoned. In the dilapidated camp ruins in the forest a hobo takes time to stretch out and get high. Little did they know Jason doesn't like drugs and whilst hallucinating they trip over a body. Jason grabs a large rock and drops it from up high crushing his victim next to the last.
  13. That looks hilarious fun for about 1 game, never seen anything like that. Then again I don't have a gaming computer, don't think we have hackers on console well not on xbox so far. Was the music in game as well? I think Jason was outmatched by that chaos spawn of mutant counsellor bodies all arms and legs. Could get worse imagine if those hackers worked out how to take total control of each person it could end up as a 50 player emote dance off!
  14. I also hope you all had a good Christmas and hopefully it will be a good new year as well. We've still got a way to go before we're back to normality but things will improve with the vaccine slowly rolling out. It's certainly been a different Christmas for me, working a night shift for 2 weeks to Christmas eve, then finding out that the rules changed on social gatherings ruining family plans. It wouldn't surprise me if I spend the rest of my Christmas holiday in a news years lockdown with this new covid variant spreading like wildfire. Follow Jason's example - wear a mask!
  15. There are many great horror films out there with fanbases however small that could make ideal settings for a new game. How about Jeepers Creepers? The game mechanics would work very similar to F13. They could be making something entirely of their own creation and copyright. What I think most people want is a horror game similar to F13 for console and PC. I should say the majority want online and an offline option 3d game. I like the third person aspect of F13, but I guess some of us would prefer 1st person or just the ability to switch between the two. What I think we can all agree on is that gun gave us a very diverse group of counsellors featuring all the tropes that the community wanted. The next game must have the same variety of character choices, the Chad, the mean girl, the sporty one, the nerd, female and male etc etc. What would have made F13 more interesting would to have had an environment that felt more real in which you had more choices to interact with the environment. Pick more objects up and set off more effects. That fire extinguisher on the wall could have been a one use weapon to stun Jason or knock him down a minute. Those oil lamps dotted around the cabins could have been lit when the power goes off to avoid negatives effects. Hell, the oil lamps could have been lit, held as a light source and then thrown as a Molotov cocktail! It was outside Guns control but the lawsuit stopped the flow of creation to make them game better and more interesting. DLC isn't always needed or wanted, but I would think there are many people out there who would have wanted more clothing packs to make their characters feel more individual and to jazz the game experience up. Some of the clothing options were quite limited and I hope the next game has more customisation. Going back to the theme of more interaction, I would like to see more of this in another game even if its to move that chair and slide that old cabinet to temporarily block that door of window from whoever or whatever is trying to kill me. Extra realism would be great too, we get those great Chad faces when the characters are scared, how about seeing the guys and girls tremble and cower when they are petrified? Maybe even have console controllers vibrate when they their person is scared or intermittently to mirror the heavy breathing of someone nervous or out of stamina? It would be interesting to also see what if any vehicles would feature in a new game. The car was ok but clunky and those damn trees and fences made it hard work to enjoy an escape without following the same paths. Lets hope transport is a smoother ride in a new game, that's not to say it should be easy. Perhaps there should be boggy areas to avoid unless you want to get stuck. It would also be funnier too to see someone slip over or get stuck in a boggy puddle and how they have to scramble out of their predicament looking like a mud man. I hope I haven't been rambling like a madman too long! The absolute musts must be to have a theme that won't get blocked or delay development, have dedicated servers, provide a wide range of characters with different stats and clothing, mixture of diverse maps large and small, and don't make a road map that's over ambitious. And it better not be leprechaun in space, or in fact anything to do with the leprechaun films! So to conclude I for one don't mind what the next horror game theme is, I'd just like more interaction with the game environments and have a good selection of character choices. How about a wider range of age groups? Who wouldn't want to play as the crazy old man or women, that local cop who got lost or the MILF that's chose the wrong route home from the office etc? P.S dont forget about the creature from the black lagoon!
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