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  1. P2p is what private matches are. Essentially every game will be like playing a private match but instead of the match being exclusive to friends, it will be full of randoms. When the host quits, the game ends for everyone. As of now, there is no "host" in public lobby's. The red triangle just shows who picks the maps. When we lose the public servers, the red triangle will be the actual host. So if the host is a counselor and quits the game, the game will end for everyone. Unlike when Jason quits, the entire lobby will be kicked to the main menu. You will then have to search again for another lobby.
  2. I've encountered a new issue here on the lovely Switch version. While having thick skin selected, I step in 1 bear trap and I am limping. I could step in 2 before limping so I noticed something was clearly wrong. I go to my perks and I see I have thick skin selected but when I click on it, there is no red checkmark confirming it is selected. To make it more clear, the screen where you can see the counselor has thick skin displayed but the perk select screen doesn't have the perk checked. My thick skin is 20% and I've been playing this game since 2017 on ps4 and recently switch so I understand perks and how they work etc. Anyone else have this issue?
  3. Yeah. There are a lot of issues that are specific to the switch. I had the game on playstation shortly after it was released and never had the issues I've had with switch.
  4. I lag so hard in private matches that the game is unplayable. I compare it to playing with a ping of over 500. It doesn't matter who hosts either. I have business internet and have checked all of the internet on my end. My download and upload speeds are adequate.
  5. It is a group of 2 or 3 and it seems to happen nearly every day. We've also played when one of our friends had their preference set to Jason and was never selected as Jason. Oddly enough, I'm Jason more often when my preference is set to counselor.
  6. There are a plethora of issues plaguing the Switch version of the game. We still have dedicated servers thankfully but is there anyway to incorporate a party system like on PS4 when the final patch comes? It's a PITA to attempt to join your friends in public lobbies when you go to Quick Play frequently. This isn't new content, it's a feature that is already available on other consoles.
  7. This certainly isn't true on the Switch. My friends and I are all set to counselor and we routinely get picked to be Jason.
  8. Credit goes out to Jay-Ray on the Switch for figuring out this fix for the digital version. Jay-Ray and myself have been informing new players coming to the Switch to download the game directly to the Switch's memory for months now. You can easily transfer your data from your SD card to the Switch in 3-5 minutes. Problem solved.
  9. I suppose my wording wasn't the best. What I meant by my post was if it was our goal to kill Jason and it takes 4 hits, why do you need anymore stength than Fox or Adam? Buggzy is useless because without the insane power, Vanessa is superior in every realistic way. Better runner, better luck, better repair, and can wear the sweater. To make it easy, if Jason has a health of 100, Fox deals 25 damage with the machete, 25x4=100. If Buggzy deals 750,000 per hit but it takes 4 hits anyways, what is the real benefit to using Buggzy when there is Vanessa or Adam? After all, once the mask is off, the only benefits of hitting Jason are stunning and stam regen.
  10. While 1 shot demasking Jason is a bit absurd, Buggzy has become useless. He was my favorite counselor due to his strength. Now, Fox is on Par strength wise which makes no since at all. Instead of punishing high strength characters, why not double all Jason hit points? Without that insane power, there is no reason to use Buggzy.
  11. This is an old thread but I have never seen a 1 shot demask on Jason. The best I have done was 2 shots. Buggzy with 25% thrasher and 15% slugger on part 5. However, we have been having difficulty demasking Jason recently. In our recent tests, It was taking Buggzy 4-5 heavy combat stance swings to demask part 8. Fox with no perks did it in 4. Same conditions, same Jason same weapon. This makes no sense?
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