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  1. I'm looking at this thread with a bit of sadness to know that soon the game's gonna loose its last bits of technical support, as the game provided me and my friends plenty of hours spent in a really good atmosphere. I knew, as many of us did, that this day will come through somehow and would like to thank all the people that worked on the game itself. Even though the game never blossomed to it's full potential, it was and still is entertaining to this day. I have a question on my mind, that I'm sure many of us wonder ourselves. The game has a known issue with players casually leaving the matches as soon as it begins and (most commonly) for the reason of not getting chosen to play as Jason or simply rage quitting when a Jason faces a strong counselor team. So I'd like to know @mattshotcha , as I'm not a technical expert, with the migration from dedicated servers to peer-to-peer matchmaking is there any protocol in place for the latter situation, when the host of the game rage quits the game, does it automatically end the match and kicks everyone out of the game immediately, or the game rewards you with your end match points and carry on like it is the case so far?
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