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  1. Somewhat self explanatory. When Victoria uses Pamela's sweater, it play's Vanessa's line instead. Always bugged me.
  2. I regret not being more active here. I wish I made an account here as soon as I bought the game last year. What I did manage to experience was actually pretty nice and made me feel like part of a community.
  3. Do Jason's heavy attacks ignore blocks? I use the combat stance pretty often and I've noticed that I've still dealt damage to a blocking counselor when I go in for a heavy swing. The reason I'm not certain is because, not including the obvious ping/lag issues that come with P2P connections, the aforementioned counselor may have tried to swing or dodge moments before the hit lands. I haven't had anyone to help me test this out, though.
  4. I've always felt that the mystery is what made Jason interesting early on (Parts 1-4). Did Jason really drown that fateful day, or did he manage to survive? Was that a hallucination at the end of Part 1? How was he able to survive being hanged? Did the axe even really kill him? Sometimes it's more fun to speculate.
  5. I hope they can remove some of the lines from Tommy, specifically the spawn ones where he says something to the effect of 'I need to get out of here' since I've noticed newer players take that as a sign to ditch everyone else.
  6. That reminds me of something I heard on the Steam forums when I was reading combat guides... The conjecture goes that dodging in combat stance doesn't change your hitbox until the animation finishes. Through testing (i.e. running it with my combat counselors) I've found that Evasion does speed up the animations themselves, but the legendary variant is the only one worth taking as its bonus is the only one high enough to make a difference. Hypothetically someone can try to mod in visible hitboxes like with Smash Bros. but it's fair to say that most of the people that mod this game aren't very interested in doing it for the community's betterment.
  7. More of a concern: is it possible to remove some of Tommy's spawn lines? Specifically the ones wherein he says something to the effect of 'I have to escape'? Played a few games wherein a new player was Tommy and immediately took off with the car/boat. I know they were new because they were at most level 5 (I like to check people's level while I'm in the lobby so I know what to expect).
  8. Never mind, I tested it with a bot offline. It does slow climb damage: my bad.
  9. If a counselor is in the middle of climbing through a window, breaking it with a throwing knife will deal an amount of damage identical to a direct hit.
  10. Fairly often, as Jason, I'll be unable to swing after blocking an attack. I can still block again or exit combat stance but swinging won't work unless I exit the stance or take a hit. I was going to hit up JasonKillsBugs first, but I wanted to see if I was the only one having this issue.
  11. At least they're not gonna reintroduce the Tommy voice lines in which he says that he needs to escape asap, effectively discouraging people from killing Jason/helping counselors.
  12. Never had any particularly satisfying kills. I moreso remember the times I myself got killed. Every now and then I'll intentionally neglect trapping the ol' bachelor pad so that I can have a climactic fight with Tommy.
  13. While I'm glad Tommy's lines have been thrown back in, I'm outright pissed that the update isn't dropping on Friday the 13th. I mean, come on: the stars aligned for a moment like this and it's going to be squandered!
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