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  1. This is a pretty serious glitch because with large weapons, counsellors can hit Jason from distance safely without running the risk of being grabbed/slashed.
  2. I have only been playing since the lockdown so never experienced p2p. But I can see how it can help someone who is host and playing Jason. DT and quick blocking would be so easy. The only concern I have is, if host gets killed very early in the game and then he just leaves. That would kick everyone out.
  3. I am in Australia and we have a quite a hardcore group of players albeit small one that play almost every day. We will have no issues paying for a dedicated server atleast in AU. Also the game is still selling well in AU, every day I run into so many new players that I have never seen before.
  4. I'd happily contribute substantial amount per month if this ever became an option
  5. I was playing part 8 with negative sense at Jarvis and there were maybe 4-5 counsellors. They just hid and I couldnt sense them even after spamming sense because the whole map is so large. Then once I hit rage, I had few minutes to kill few Vanessas/Chads as walking Jason.
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