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  1. My perks were maliciously deleted by someone twice.In the first case, when I reported it to Jasonkillbugs.com, they gave me 30,000 CP as compensation and with this CP I was able to get the perks I wanted.I faced the same situation once again this day.All of my perks were sold by someone.I don't know who did this, but it's not nice.Today I reported this once again to Jasonkillbugs.com.I want a definitive solution to this situation.The game is now run by cheating players.The game should be managed by the main administrators.Screen Shot Link: https://ibb.co/2PVnt14
  2. I play the Friday the 13th the game on the PC platform. There are too many game bugs and too many cheating players.When will these be corrected?The game lost a lot of players due to such issues and continues to lose.This situation makes me very sad.
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