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  1. @Carlso I could use some vetreran perk knowledge. I have Thick skinned but the two I have are +10% Dam. -1% Stumble and +13 Dam. -4% Stumble (thoughts on which is the keeper or are they both too low to justify the slot?) Also First aid Hypochondriac +5% Heal and -0 (so no damage penalty) Damage and the other which is higher ranked + 15% Heal and -9%Damage (the higher the health seems irrelevant at that point since the spray is generally just to get you back up to a fighting speed. As well as Medic +9% Heal and -3% more damage vs. the lesser ranked but maybe better perk of +5 and Negative 0% damage. I'd love your thoughts here. Also, spear is my weapon of choice. I want to get to level 100 to use it on other Jason builds and I agree Shelly has some real benefits. I feel like the stamina perk, a good stealth and some health related like Thick skin or Medic would be his combo. Thoughts?
  2. thanks for the info. Like I said, I am new to the game and am just learning about all of this for the first time.
  3. I wish there was a way to play as a counselor in one player just to get a feel for certain mechanics. I'm new to the game and refuse to drive the car because I'm afraid to make online players angry. I'd also just like to play with different character traits etc. Practice the mini-games with poor repair characters. Basically this would be like Rocket League's freeplay training mode. unless I missed that this exists?
  4. I'd rather have fewer notches on the mini game or increase in size. A perk like that would help the non repair characters and give them other dimension vs. maxing out the athletic potential.
  5. Did the Legendary medic you roll give an added "value" like the Tinker perk? (which for most characters makes me screw up. Tiffany might as well sing a loud song called "Splish Splash, Fillin' up my tank")
  6. Mattshotcha - If some miracle occurred and the legal issues were over, would Gun still consider Friday "retired" for updates? Would Cunnigham have to win that battle? Can Sheldon have an adult version in a suit as a legal "counselor"... He could have no skills but is still impervious to Jason because he is too afraid to spend more time in a courtroom. HEYOOOOO If Miller wins, would the game resume and Miller would just be getting checks in the mail? Was there any finished content that was waiting in the wings for a decision? Or would that legal battle drag out the process even after a decision were made? - CaptainMiracle is not a lawyer nor does he work fro Gun. He is a new fan that loves this game and is learning about this tragic legal issue for the first time. Does it seem likely that this particular game has reach...ahem...the final chapter? But like..the REAL final chapter?
  7. I understand and I would normally like the fact that an escaping driver can accidentally do this in a panic. I'll just have to pick my barrier better because I tried this and they bashed through it. All good thoughts. Thanks everyone. I wouldn't care if I didn't enjoy the game a whole lot.
  8. I still think you make efforts to try and stop it when you can. The sweater troll is a hard one, but the intentional hitting of other counselors. They pulled friendly fire from melee hits, just pull the vehicular manslaughter. Sneak it in the game and tell no one. Let that circulate the web. Troll hits someone with the car and then runs out to weep over their body till jason either kills them or 20 minutes lapses. Just an idea. I LOVE this game, but all of the tension of the game itself is just lost when this happens. Make people work harder for it at least.
  9. Hello. I really like this game, but the trolls are out of control. What if hitting a counselor with the car forced the driver to leave the car to check on the victim. They either revive them and get them back in the car or they stay there morning the lifeless body in grief. End of car trolling.
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