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  1. You're right, but if they had content for the game that was sitting there from months of launch from the game and they wanted to basically "remake" the game again they could potentially do another kickstarter so they could pull the funds to make it possible for a expansion of the game. That's just my opinion but idk I would love to see it happen and I would donate to the kickstarter if it were made so the game could come to fruition.
  2. If Gun Media the creators were to win the lawsuit, could they theoretically make the game again on ps5's engine and add everything they were going to for ps4 onto ps5? GTA 5 is a good example, in the ps5 reveal GTA was being added onto ps5 as well but with bigger expansion and updated graphics. Friday the 13th could possibly take the same direction IF it would be possible. I would love to see this game "brand new" once again and fleshed out with brand new content.
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