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  1. Basically a synonym for trolling. Anybody in an online game whose main purpose is to irritate or sabotage other players, or 'cause grief' like in the name. You most commonly hear this term is association with Minecraft. For Friday the 13th the game, I guess you can call the guy who starts the car and tries to run everybody else in the lobby over a griefer. Personally, I prefer to call them assholes. Here's the basic definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=griefing
  2. Umm... Not trying to be disrespectful but your arguments don't make a lot of sense, but I'll give sorting through these a shot. 1. The process for killing Jason was intended to be so convoluted and difficult that few players would actually try, and killing Jason would be extremely rare. Laughable now when you think of how easy it actually is to kill Jason. Part of this process was one hero character who could spawn back into the match and put Jason down if he had the skills to do so or was even aware he could. Tommy Jarvis was selected since he's the most recognizable name in the series whose last name isn't Voorhees, and the closest thing Jason had to a rival throughout multiple movies. It doesn't hurt that P6 is probably the most popular film in the Friday Series, and that Thom Matthews was willing to participate in the project. It doesn't make sense for any character to have the ability to kill Jason, since it was never intended for Jason to be easy to kill. It was supposed to range somewhere from rare to impossible. 2. Multiple counselors getting killed and coming back makes no sense. This is supposed to be a horror survival game where you either escape, survive, or die. Everybody getting multiple chances completely undermines what this game is supposed to be. Something like this may have been feasible as an option for private matches, but please keep it out of my Pub lobbies. 3. Whose excepting you to sit around and wait for the match to end if you escape or die? As long as your not the host or you're taking half the lobby with you, if still alive, when you leave then nobody cares. I purposely try to avoid being host most of the time just so I have the option to leave if I escape early or somebody else draws Tommy. Just as long as you're not screwing over the entire lobby by leaving, you're not obligated to stay. Don't be the host if you're not willing to wait. 4. Jason being killed by women in most of the movies is irrelevant, and a bit nit-picky against a game the devs did everything they could to make as authentic as possible. Now, if the lawsuit hadn't halted content it is possible we could've see new Hero characters added that, at the very least, could've been specific to certain maps. Like the android for the Grendel Map, Tina for a potential P7 Map, or Duke for a P9 map, and so-on. The lawsuit, unfortunately. took away a lot of potentially good things from us. Still, no there doesn't need to be more than one hero character per map capable of putting down Jason. Who'd even bother trying to escape anymore? Just dancing and tea-bagging around Jason's corpse for everyone.
  3. No, I don't believe there's any set delay to when Tommy can spawn in as long as the conditions have been met. If you watch HaHaTrump's video above, you'll see Tommy spawn in at the 2:49 mark, and I've witnessed Tommy spawn in just over two minutes into the match. There does seem to be some inconsistences with how fast Tommy spawns in at times. I've been in the middle of being killed, and heard Tommy's music start up as I spawned in, and other times I've sat there and it felt like we had to wait for up to a minute before Tommy finally spawned in. I've also allowed myself to die in what should've been a guaranteed Tommy situation, only to watch someone else get killed seconds after me, and that person winds up getting Tommy.
  4. Yeah, there's always exceptions. CL Small is the one map I'm sometimes tempted to morph to the car by the garage before the fuse box, for that exact reason. If I don't, 4/10 there's already going to be a part inside that car before I get my ass over there.
  5. I'm surprised I don't see this tactic more often. I don't do this personally, but occasionally on Packanack when the car and fuse spawn next to each other, I'll wait until Jason morphs away and then take all the traps he's set and kill myself that way. If somebody's left the match and Tommy's been called, it's almost a guarantee I'm going to do it. The Jason player never seems too happy with me when I pull this. 😏 I'd be lying if I said I never threw myself in front of a car to get Tommy, though that's pretty rare. Involves one of my favorite teamer stories actually. If we're being honest though, if one of the cars gets started before Jason gets any kills, he's probably not worth killing to begin with. I'd just as soon fight Jason a bit and let him have his kill if I'm just going to come back and make his life miserable anyway.
  6. Not at all, but they're entirely differen't things. One is taking advantage of a possible flaw in game design that can be countered with practice, and the other was a downright glitch in programming that required a convoluted process to achieve, and an even more convoluted process for Jason to counter it. There's never going to be a consensus on what's cheating, exploiting, blah, blah, blah... This is just my opinion, but I draw the line at actions that are performable in the game without glitching and can be countered by either Jason or the counselors with practice, with straight up game-breaking cheats and glitching... Like climbing up on rocks or using infinite stamina and PK glitches. Thankfully most of which have been mostly eliminated from the console versions of the game. I did have fun with the only person I ever ran into who used that PK glitch... A Tiffany who needed every one of those 6 knives because she sucked absolute ass, and of course left the second she ran out of Health Spray, I assume. It's always fun though when you get to fuck with somebody who thinks they're going to be the one fucking with you.
  7. I bet that when you're Jason, you don't mind it when that Level 3 Tommy spawns in and runs around the map like a confused chipmunk. Most matches where your trying to kill Jason, the hardest part is trying to find Jason's ass and make sure he kills you first before he finds the noobs, and pray you don't wind up with a shitty Tommy. Hell, it's often the only hard part, so why take that risk away? Killing Jason is too easy as it is, and this is from someone who is often falling on the sword for my squad to get Tommy and is often left frustrated at watching the other guy come back. I used to feel the same way, that the higher level should get at least some type of priority in the selection process, but that tune changed once I realized how much chaos implementing a mechanic like that would cause. Jason Hunters would be tanking and throwing themselves at Jason immediately, knowing they were basically guaranteed to get Tommy unless a player of the same level dies too, and killing Jason would become even more ridiculously easy than it already is. It' was mainly for this reason they disqualified players who suicide from drawing Tommy, since players where killing themselves as soon the match started hoping to draw Tommy without having to take the death to do it. Now from Jason's perspective, the best defense against the kill is drawing a shitty Tommy. If I see a 150 Bugzsy coming at me with a machete wanting to fight, or an obvious kill squad in the lobby, those assholes aren't dying first. I'm going to find the LV3 goober hiding under the bed, or some other rando, and wish that squad good luck with whoever they draw. The good squads will adapt, hold their own, and have a back up plan. The wanabe's will fold like tents or rage quit like little pussies when they don't get their way. It still shocks me, out of the hundreds of times I've let Jason kill me trying to draw Tommy, only two have been smart enough not to take the free kill. I messaged a guy props just the other day for being smart enough not to take the free kill when I offered myself up to him. He knew exactly what I was doing, said hell no, and left me to limp around the map. I respected the shit out of that.
  8. Of course he did, lol, good luck to him on that. Sounds like he needs to spend more time learning how to deal with loopers, and less on being butt-hurt. You're not going to get banned for looping though. Even when Gunn was still supporting the game this was never going to be an issue. Especially now that you can drop 50 players into a PC lobby and the Devs don't bat an eyelash, I think you're good.
  9. The simple answer is no, it's not bannable, nor should it be. People have committed far worse offenses playing this game without so much as a slap on the wrist, so it would be kind of funny if they drew the line at Vanessa running Jason around a sofa for ten minutes. Looping is technically an exploit as the term exploit itself has a very broad definition, with may differen't players interrupting that definition in very differen't ways. Using combat stance on doors is technically an exploit, so do we start banning people for doing that too? Some consider tossing a throwing knife at someone who's just jumped through a window an exploit. This is more of a spirit of the game argument, the types of arguments that you're never going to get a consensus on. Looping is annoying yes, especially to new players, but nothing that can't be combated with practice and experience. Bannable though, no.
  10. I don't why sweater girl was so reluctant to use the sweater, but I'll forgive her since it led to this amazing clip. It was too glorious not to share with every one. Tommy was so exhausted by the end he even had to lay down! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Well said, you've summed up my point here pretty well. Except on console we get accused accused of teaming or glitching/exploiting rather than hacking. Like the two I apparently created for the match mentioned in the title post. I'm good, but not quite good enough to invent new exploits on the fly. 😂 One of the hard lessons I learned playing this game, it doesn't matter how good you are as Jason or Counselor, somebody is going to legit show you up at some point. You can say GG and give the player his due, or be a salty whiny little bitch. At least the latter is occasionally entertaining.
  12. No problem, and god no it's not just you. The better you are at Jason, it seems the more likely you're going to get messaged by turds with sore butts who only lose when somebody 'cheats'. Guess it's better than having them bully some noob to get their dicks hard, I think it's kind of hilarious, especially when considering how ridiculous some of the excuses are.. Like I mentioned above, if I'm a trash Jason and I just kicked your ass, what exactly does that make you? I've never been so insecure that I have to trash-talk Jason after a match if he kills me legit, or if the odd counselor happens to outplay me. Some people just cant' handle a challenge.
  13. Heard about this story the other day. Greedy fuck doesn't want to pay Victor Miller, but expects the studios to give him his cut. Whenever this franchise does get back up on it's feet again, I hope Cunningham stays as far away from it as possible.
  14. I'll never understand why Jason's who RQ feel they have any basis to trash talk after having their asses handed to them. What defense do you possible have? My favorite is still the guy who claimed counselors shouldn't team against Jason, which you literally have to do in order to kill him, but that's about as interesting as the excuses get. They're on the same level as the counselors who want to call you trash after killing them. What does that make them then, the dog shit I just scraped off the bottom of my shoe? Sadly, most of my GG messages have transformed to thank yous to lobby hosts who didn't quit after they died, since that's so fucking rare now.
  15. No doubt, and I even considered there may have been some lag on their end that skewed their interpretation of what happened, but he lost all benefit of the doubt with me by messaging me with the words trash and pathetic in the first sentence. If you think the lag screwed you fine, that's a legit excuse, but don't send me a salty message accusing me of performing glitches that don't exist. It's makes you look like a whinny bitch that can't handle getting outplayed. I didn't mentioned this before, as it was irrelevant to the original post, but I've played with this particular individual before and he's notorious for running people over with the car, and messaged a friend of mine a while back after he killed him during a match with the same kind of BS trash talk. Long story short, he has a reputation for not exactly being an upstanding citizen in the first place, and exactly the type of player I'm calling out with this thread.
  16. It's been a while since we've had a good fun topic to yap about, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Anyone whose played this game long enough knows there's a special type of max level/150 player out there... For lack of a better technical term, let's just call them Entitled Salty Bitches. I'm not talking about rage quitters either. I'm talking about those special, special people who skills at this game are so great, that they just couldn't possibly die unless they were somehow cheated or screwed. They're often so offended by this atrocity that led to their defeat, that they just have to let you know about it, in often very colorful language, by plugging in their mic or messaging you after the fact trying to somehow convince you you're the one whose trash despite the fact they're the ones who just got their ass handed to them. I played a match about an hour ago when a gentlemen just had to message me after I killed him and his friend, claiming I performed some sort of spam glitch when I killed him, which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist or at least I've never heard it, and somehow I glitched out the car before it escaped by... Shifting in front of it? Wasn't aware I was taking advantage of a glitch every time I stopped the car. He even sent me a video of the supposed spam glitch I preformed after pulling him out of the car, and you can clearly see his friend mistimed the swing with the animation, giving me time to get the kill off before she could get another swing at me. So apparently the glitch was me being a hair faster getting the kill off before his friend had a chance to save his ass. I wasn't aware I was required to politely wait to allow her another chance at the save. After a quick message back to him letting him know how pathetic it was to have to message someone to whine and try to trash talk because you lost at a video game, I blocked him and moved on. I don't have time for this lame ass salty bullshit anymore. You both died, there was no glitching, get over it. This got me to thinking... What's your favorite Entitled Salty Bitch story? Counselor or Jason, the guy so butt-hurt at getting his ass beat, they have to go after you after the match with excuses so pathetic you just have to shake your head and laugh. We've all encountered somebody like this... Hell, I've got about a dozen stories like this one.
  17. One of a my favorite tactics. I also like a good throwing knife in the face of somebody getting cute with combat stance, and move in for a quick grab. It really seems to piss people off too, since I probably get more rage quits for these tactics than any other. Hotshots who like to show off on LV20's tend not to like it when their perfect strategy's get wrecked.
  18. I got my first Salty Jason as the Host rage-quite last night. I laughed of course, but once I thought about it, realized this was a extra salty and dickish move to rage as the host. I don't need the experience or the badges anymore, but I'm sure there were others in that lobby that did. I stopped doing this a long time ago when it started to feel childish, but in this case, I just had to message him a little clip of him getting his ass handed to him and quitting like a puss.
  19. Agreed. I've argued with several people that Jason going into rage actually makes getting the kill slightly easier if you know what you're doing, and don't do anything stupid. (Like Tommy trying to sword fight a weapon strength Jason) To be fair, the mask Buff has helped me out immensely as Jason, maybe too much. I can recall two occasions since when I've been demasked in a situation where I was legitimately under threat of being killed. As a Jason Hunter though, it's still too easy... I appreciate having to work a little harder, but I still think the kill should be more difficult. My two friends and I shouldn't be able to annihilate a 150 Savini in under six minutes.
  20. Interesting, this must be a Switch issue, kind of like the random counselor issue where it's been fixed across the other platforms. Never say never, but this likely won't be getting fixed. The game as it is now is most likely the final product.
  21. Umm... No, dedicated severs were decommissioned on all platforms on Nov 4, and switched back to P2P. That was included with the 'final patch', so more than likely there will be no further patches. We were hoping we'd get something minor to fix anything the final patch broke, but almost three months later that's clearly not happening. The final patch has dropped. There likely won't be any future updates for fixes to this game. If you read about the state the PC version of the game is mired in right now, it becomes even more obvious Gunn isn't devoting any resources to this game other than the bare minimum to keep it running. Gunn has moved on to their next project, they're done. You'll just have to try and enjoy the game in the state it's currently in or choose to move on. It sucks, but it is what it is.
  22. What are the variables here? Assuming you play a lot, is this something that happens once a week, or on a nightly basis? Second, how big is the group of friends you play with? If there's only two or three of you, then that's weird. If you're in a big group of 4-6 , this is much more likely to happen. If all the randoms in your lobby have their preference set to counselor too, well one of you has to be Jason. This is the only instance where someone with their preference set to counselor should ever be Jason.
  23. Laugh at their sorry ass, count it as an 8/8 and move on. Why people still think suiciding is getting one over on Jason I have no idea, I think it just makes them look like pussies. At least 1/3 of the max levels I go up against 1 on 1 will immediately try to kill themselves through a broken window the moment they realize they're cornered. It's just something you have to get used too. Don't get too hung up on getting 8/8 all the time, especially with the frequency in which players leave a match in this game. Getting someone to rage quite or suicide because you were too much for them is just as good as getting the kill. You still win. XP flows like a raging river in this game now, you'll make it up.
  24. Not sure I'd consider that rage-quitting. I wouldn't blame anyone for saying, fuck this shit I'm out, when you see that level of hacking going on.
  25. I took a two week hiatus after the final patch because I knew it was going to be terrible. The player base had gotten so accustomed to just leaving a match if they felt like it, and a lot of the newer or casual players who came in after dedicated servers, I'm sure didn't even realize they'd be screwing people over when they left. When I came back, the game was virtually unplayable just like I feared. It was either the host quitting every match, and if I did get to play a full-match, it was with high ping due to the hosts shitty connection. In recent weeks though, I have seen the situation get progressively better... Not nearly as many hosts quitting as a lot of the casuals/noobs seem to have figured it out. Of course I tend to cherry pick lobbies to make sure I'm the host, or the host is somebody whose higher level with decent ping, (Less likely to die early or quit) and as Jason I try to save the host for last when possible. So, that might have something to do with it too. I haven't seen anyone quite after getting run over yet, but I did have one asshole escape by himself in the four-seater and then immediately leave the game. That felt like a bigger dick move than rage-quitting after they die. Anyone have the host try to grab the sweater almost immediately and try to hold you hostage yet? I've had that happen at least twice so far.
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