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  1. 2 hours ago, F13 Seppuku Squad said:

    Hey dude. Connection timeouts are either of the two - dropped connection to host (issue your end) and dropped connection by host (issue host's end). Back when there were still dedicated servers I wanted to find out how grab-quitters were leaving the game so fast once they were grabbed, so I ran some tests with a friend in public lobbies while I was party host. I found that if you left the match via the game's menu then you (and your party) would leave instantly - top rage quitters really have that muscle memory down to perfection *smh*. But if you left the game by pulling out the ethernet cable or closing the application/turning off your PS4, then your counselor (and your party) will remain in the game for a short period while the server tries to re-establish your connection. So now that we are on P2P the same structure is in place, whereby if the host leaves via the menu you will get the "You were kicked: Host has left the game." message. But if the host closes the application or turns off their console then you will run around unable to interact with anything, followed by the "Connection timed out!" message. I've recently managed to confirm this a few times by asking other players that I was in a match with (but not in a party) if they dropped out too, and they had, so I know for sure it wasn't anything on my end. Therefore connection timeouts are 9 times out of 10 a result of the host leaving the match without going via the menu, intentionally or not. Also, the game allows for your ping to go well into the 900's without booting you out, so you or the host would need to have a really badly interrupted internet connection for everything to be fine one minute then get disconnected the next. Other games like DbD have a much lower ping threshold to avoid extremely high in-game latency issues, regardless of their dedicated servers. Nevertheless, I don't doubt that you've noticed that connection timeouts are more apparent when the host has died. And that, my friend, is the actual reflection of how salty the the player base has become post dedicated servers. But you are spot on that the best fix for this problem would be to bring back dedicated servers, but we all know that ain't happening. Alternatively, host migration would go some way to fixing the problem but apparently that couldn't be done by the team without a total infrastructure rework. As such, the approach I've adopted is never to stay in a lobby if the host is below level 20 (it's not a guarantee they'll stick around, considering how little levels mean now, but it does make for less headache). And I would host matches myself but the game's framerate when hosting is just too poor to be worthwhile.

    Thanks. I was wondering why the match would sometimes take 10-20 seconds to close once the host left, while others the match would close immediately. It's led to some interesting clips on my DVR though including an air-guitar session where I was floating on air for a bit,  and in the middle of a shift so I got to zip around the map for a bit before I got kicked. My internet is... Temperamental to say the least, so I always tend to lean toward the issue being on my end if there's any doubt to whether the host quit or not. I seem to have a lot of issues in the que waiting for matches to start... It feels that every three or four matches or so, I'll get booted from the que or never make it from the loading screen to the pre-match screen due to connection time out issues. This is particularly frustrating when it happens seconds before the match is set to start, or when I've found what looks like a decent lobby to play in... Or when I get messaged from salty players from previous matches who think I ducked out on them. 😂

    Personally, I try not to play with any host whose level isn't at least triple digits. It's no guarantee of anything, but at least that person is less likely to die in the first few minutes... At least I'm good enough as Jason that I can usually save the host for last... Unless she's Vanessa and there's four of them running around... So mistakes have been made. Trying to get host every match just isn't an option for me, so you gotta take what you can get and hope for the best.

  2. 1 hour ago, hab007GE said:

    Hard to tell from my phone because the gamma is low and looks very dark.  However my guess is that Jenny was mashing out of the trap and just as she was about to free herself, the gage transferred to kicking out of the grab. 


    Happened to me once or twice in the past

    Makes as much sense as anything. I was leaning towards some kind of weird rare programming oddity, just wasn't sure what that might be.

  3. 9 minutes ago, MovieWatcher101 said:

    if they do put out another patch please fix the network timeout problem  to me it seems its players kicking other players off the match  please fix it  it happens way to much

    There's no way to fix it. The connection time outs are a P2P issue directly influenced by your internet connection, or how well it connects to the Lobby host. Yes, you can have perfectly fine pings in the que, and still get booted for a connection time out. (Happens to me all the time) The only cure for this issue were the dedicated servers. In all honesty, I've had more issues with connection time outs than I've had with host quitting.

  4. Okay, so I've seen Jenny kick out of Jason's grab pretty quick in my day, but I've never seen it happen instantaneously like this before. I was going to write it off as a freak occurrence, but I was just wondering if anybody had any idea how this was pulled off? Some kind of glitch or exploit I don't know about, or something odd about the timing of the grab that caused something out of the ordinary to happen? I've well aware of the No Fear Jenny, but is there a no-touch Jenny build too? I don't believe this was a connection issue either. I was the host and my internet was actually behaving itself at the time. I know the video's dark, but you can still see there's no pocket knife animation.

    I've only encountered anything like this once before... Years ago with a Tommy who broke free almost immediately when I grabbed him, five or six times. He was breaking free faster than the choke kill animation could light up if that tells you anything. I just figured he was a button mashing king, but even he had nothing on this though. It's... Interesting if nothing else.



  5. 10 hours ago, Ih8teamers said:

    I ve heard you shouldn't kill.baby jasons cause it ll scare them off but i ve honestly have never seen a baby Jason get that angry you killed them. Most will just ready up and be ready for the next match. It seems it's the veteran players that tend to get all angry and rage quit

    This used to be the case for me, scaring new players away from the game, but at this stage of the game it's a moot point. With me, it's always been a challenge issue. What are you proving by killing a Jason in his first or second match, someone who probably doesn't even realize he can be killed yet?  I'm going after the 150 Savini every time, but that's just me.

    6 hours ago, Carlso said:

    The killing is okay. The issue is the bullying and harassing that comes with it. Doing it to people not experienced enough to defend themselves is straight up bullsh1t and pathetic.

    This, for the most part. I'm still not going to bother to kill a Jason when there's no challenge involved, (there's always exceptions) but I have far bigger issues with the verbal harassment that severely crosses the line of your standard competitive trash talk. It is funny as hell though to watch someone trying to troll a noob Jason only to fuck up and get themselves killed.

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  6. 6 hours ago, Laotian Lam said:

    Tbh, I don't think the player's level ever mattered, whether it was 2 x XP or not.  If they are a counselor main then a lvl 150 Jason may have rarely, if ever, played as Jason before.

    I don't disagree that player level doesn't necessarily mater much in regards to skill. I've been disappointed by many 150 counselors and Jason's alike. What a high level did used to tell you though, was that a particular player should at least know what they were doing and shouldn't be a complete liability. TBH, even a couple of years ago there wasn't that much difference between a level 100 and an average 150. Both had put a lot of time and hours into the game, and relative skill levels were usually about the same. Even a 150 counselor who rarely plays Jason should have awareness enough to know they're supposed to trap objectives and recognize certain ques. They're probably still going to get embarrassed, but they should at least have a clue as to what they're supposed to be doing.

    Nowadays, thanks to Double XP, level 100's are much closer to level 30's of the old days. You, me, and every other long time player know level means nothing anymore, but some of these new guys seems to think it does. Just because you reached triple digits in a couple of months doesn't mean you're good enough to go toe-to-toe with a veteran who's put thousands of hours into the game. I've been seeing a lot of sloppy play from this group, Jason's rage-quitting, and a lot of accusations of people cheating or not 'playing the game right' when they go up against players who actually know what they're doing. All because they think they're as good as veteran players, just because they leveled up to 100 in six weeks while never really bothering to learn how to play the game.

  7. Was it a dick move? Kind of... Was it the smart play? Definitely. Sometimes the dick move is the smart thing to do. What if you had tried to save him and miss-timed your swing just for Jason to get the kill off anyway, possibly ruining your chance to take off in the car or worse, gotten yourself killed in the process? I usually try to help other counselors where I can, but you have to measure risk/reward first. I'll often give my up my seat in the car, choosing instead to pester or disrupt Jason in order  to give the car a better chance of escaping. It's gotten me killed a couple of times, but as long as the car escapes with a load full of counselors I'm fine with it. Jason might've gotten me, but my scoreboard reads me 4, Jason 1. That in itself could be considered a 'Dick' move by some Jason players. I've been cursed out by a couple of them like they certainly thought it was. 

    Car Etiquette is one of those topics that falls under play how you want too, and not how other players expect you to play. There' really only three rules to follow.

    1. Don't escape by yourself in the four-seater unless you have too, or the cops are about to show up.

    2. Try to make sure anyone who actually helped put the car together gets a seat. Not always possible, but if I can make it happen I will.

    3. Don't run anybody over unless they deserve it... Or occasionally when it's funny

    I have a bit of a differen't perspective on Car Etiquette. I don't go for car escapes often, only when I have to late in a match. I also suck ass at driving so I have to be desperate to actually get behind the wheel. I'll try to pick up other players where possible, as long as Jason isn't up my ass, but I won't be crisscrossing the map like an Uber to pick everybody up. I'll try to wait for you on the main road as long as I can, but the second Jason shows up, my ass is out of there. Sorry, not sorry. 

  8. Okay, I've decided what my most unlikely kill was. Sadly, I no longer appear to have footage of the kill, but the story is good enough on it's own. My apologies if I've told parts of this story before, I can't recall. 

    Anyway, my two friends and I were in one of those rare lobbies where everybody was 150, so we thought things might get interesting... They definitely did, but not for the reasons we thought. Turns out that Jason/Roy had two little fuck buddies with him who he let get one of the cars put together, so we all had Jason and a moving car to dodge. Jason never made one attempt to go after that car, and even ran right by it twice when he easily could've stopped it, so there was not doubt what was going on. Thankfully, they sucked balls at teaming. Or maybe it was the fact that everyone else in the lobby was 150 and competent, so we just didn't make it easy for them. Jason wasn't all that great... But it was possible he was purposely trying not to kill anyone so his buddies could run us over instead. At one point during the match, we wound up knocking his mask off, and decided fuck it... We're going to try and kill this son of a bitch. Neither Jason nor the car had managed to kill anyone yet, so while one of our crew took the mask and went to get the sweater, my other friend and I said fuck it, and we both basically threw ourselves in front of the car. I could only imagine how proud of themselves they were that they finally got somebody. I wound up drawing Tommy, and unfortunately I spawned near the road on Crystal Lake Small near where the car was. He of course, veered off the road and tried to come after me, so I just climbed up on a rock and got the idiot to get the car stuck on the hill trying to get up to me. This bought me some time to take off and find my friend with the sweater. We tracked down Roy a few moments later, and he was done. A 150 Part 5 with two helpers, 0/8 kills, and dead as a doornail. A lot of pieces had to fall into place perfectly to pull this kill off, and thankfully they did. Definitely in my Top 5 favorite kills.

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  9. That... Was Awesome. I have so many of these stories I'm going to have to dig through my DVR to try and decide what the most improbable kill actually was.

    One of my personal favorites I don't have footage of though was a Jason Kill I had absolutely no part of. The lobby consisted of one other 150 playing P2, and the rest of the squad was a bunch of noobs... One of those large squads of kids you'll run into from time to time. I don't think anyone else was over Level 30, and no, they were not Smurfs. Every one of these boneheads played exactly like you'd expect a low-level counselor to play. Like a chicken with their head lobbed off, not doing much of anything. Jason turned out to be the other 150 of course, and I think I was playing Vanessa, so I decided I'd have to bunker down and survive the night since I was expecting traps everywhere and absolutely no  help from my team. Little did I know, that this plucky squad of goobers had balls the size of watermelons, because they decided they were going to try and kill a 150 Jason. I decided not to participate since I had zero faith they were going to succeed, so why risk myself, but I had a lot fun watching them try. Exactly what I expected at first... Running around confused, missing swings wildly, Tommy wasted his Shotgun and lost his knife almost immediately, sweater girl got grabbed a couple of times, and was nearly slashed to death at one point... Then something amazing happen. A couple of those hits finally landed, the sack went flying off, and before I could blink Jason was down on his knees. Tommy almost fucked it up, you could tell he was confused and wasn't quite sure what to do, but then he finally found the 'X" button and magic was made. A 150 Jason just got his ass murdered by the Goonies. It was like watching the Three Stooges earn a degree from Harvard.

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  10. Well, you'd think PC first due to all the crap they have to deal with right now, but I wouldn't exactly consider not wanting to participate in a hacked lobby rage-quitting. Otherwise, I'd imagine rage-quitting is fairly streamlined across the board. Salty entitled assholes aren't exclusive to any one particular platform.

    Edit: Now that I think about it, I might give a slight edge to Xbox since one the stats they keep track of is how many times you've died, and some players really treat that stat like it means something. I've met a handful in the past who like to brag about that stat. Almost all of them are players who leave the match or suicide the moment things look like they're not going their way, so yeah it's pretty obvious how you've kept that stat so low.

  11. 4 hours ago, Somethin Cool said:

    Good luck remembering it all though. I think there's 5 different possible phone house spawn locations for Higgins small alone. 

    I think there's six actually, maybe seven. Main house, barn, small campsite cabin, SE corner near the car, and any of the three houses at Blair's... I'm not a hundred percent sure I'm not confusing one of those with Higgin's large though.

  12. 2 hours ago, nico said:

     a random tommy will most likely just waste his gun within the first 10 seconds of seeing jason and play like a counselor. the most those counselor noobs will do is run around like headless chickens holding a car part or the fuse wasting all their stamina on the complete opposite side of the map 

    I've never understood why the first thing half the Tommy's do is hunt down Jason and waste that shotgun... Not that I'm complaining. I've taken many a Tommy's PK shifting right through that shit, and half the rest of the time they misfire completely. Unless your Jason hunting, this makes no sense whatsoever. 

    My friends and I refer to the fuse as the 'butt plug' , since half the players that find it seemingly stick it up their asshole and run around the map with it for the entire match. It's become a convenient code word for any Jason players that might be eavesdropping. We've confused more than one Jason with it. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Dunken said:

    This right here is the funniest shit I've read all week. Its amazing how online gaming has basically given people an unlimited amount of N-word passes all because they hide behind a screen. Bet you if they ever said any of that shit to someone in real life they'd get their asses dropped in a flash.

    The best part, if your like me and you're completely immune to this shit, is when you can start to tell they're getting progressively more agitated and salty when they realize their shit-talking isn't getting under your skin like they want it too. (This went well into the next match) They were complete ass, so it was obvious their primary goal was to be toxic little shits rather than learning how to play the game. I don't get it, but at least it's entertaining for me.

  14. 6 hours ago, Laotian Lam said:

    I don't disagree with anything you said. 

    I voted for Counselor just because honestly... i really don't mind when Jason is a potato.  Not sure why anyone would.  If Jason is a potato and talks trash or whines and complains it just makes me laugh and to some extent, makes it even more fun tagging him with frying pans and sacred branches when he thinks he has finally run you out of stamina

    Lol, I don't think anybody minds the occasional potato Jason match. If I'm going to die, I'd rather it be because I screwed up or because Jason earned it, and not because the rest of the lobby decided to have a party at the Higgins House and hit each other with fucking frying pans. (Yes, I've seen this happen)

    6 hours ago, Laotian Lam said:

    For the most part, shitty counselors only really bother me if the Jason player IS good.  It does get frustrating that you don't have much of a chance to escape because you are the only one actually trying to push objectives.  But at the same time, the gameplay in QP is usually quite easy.  So being handicapped with shitty counselors just makes the game challenging, which it should be and was meant to be.

    Some of my favorite lobbies are the ones that have a good mix of player skill levels. Several 150's, a few mid-range players, and a couple of noobs thrown in for good measure. They can tend to make for some more interesting matches. You never know when that level 5 Vanessa is going to find the car keys and the fuse before deciding to hide under a bed for the rest of the match. (Yes, I've seen this happen too)

    Might as well have grabbed the sweater while she was at it. 

  15. While I don't want to continually dunk on newer players... I want as many people as we can get playing this game to keep it alive as long as possible. I feel like an old man when I complain about the young whippersnappers, but the post-Double XP generation of this game well... They suck. They just suck. Over the past couple of months I've seen some of the worst Jason & Counselor play I've ever seen, and quite frankly I can't decide which is worse. I believe a lot of this comes from the Double XP Gen who leveled up way too fast, think they're better then they are even though they really don't know how to play, and wind up getting shell-shocked when they run into players who do. I've seen Jason's as high as level 80 who still don't trap objectives or show up when you fuck up trying to complete one. I've seen lemming groups of counselors following each other from cabin to cabin and never really doing anything. Wanabe trolls who talk shit one second, and are accusing you of cheating the next because they can't understand why the troll tactics they use that work on players who've only played a handful of matches as Jason don't work on player's with 1000+ matches of experience under their belt. 

    I know this question is subjective since everybody has a differen't opinion on what good Counselor/Jason play is, which is why I'm curious to see other's opinions. Keep in mind too, since most people left on this forum tend to be on a higher tier than most, not as good as you doesn't always necessarily translate to that player being crap overall. My apologies to our PC friends. I know you can't really answer this question since it's been a while since you could really play properly.

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  16. It's not much of a strategy at all. It's usually some noob who doesn't understand what they're doing yet, so they target the first person they see and chase them around until they get bored of distracted by somebody else. Occasionally, Jason will just be irritated with a certain counselor for whatever reason and might decide they don't care if everyone else escapes as long as they get that particular fucker. In my little group of three, we have one friend whose main job is to annoy an distract Jason as much as possible while we try to, preferably, get the cops and Tommy called, or get one of the cars fixed up if we have too. It's ridiculous how often this works, and it's why I'll never tunnel someone whose clearly trying to get me to focus my attention on them. I know what he's up too. 


  17. It's a bit more give and take then that. Pushing objectives and killing Jason can be easier on smaller maps, but if you're a counselor that relies on stealth and avoiding Jason, you're somewhat nullifying that strategy on a small map. I might be in a minority here, but I actually like playing small maps as Jason. Counselors are easier to find, some objectives are so close together that they're easier to control. I also feel like it gives newer or lesser players more of a fighting chance, and I enjoy the more intense battles where I have a well coordinated group of counselors pushing multiple objectives at the same time or coming hard for the kill. 

    I will say though, you can tell who the counselor & Jason mains are by what maps they select. The counselor mains do tend to lean towards the smaller maps, with the Jason mains virtually always migrating towards Pinehurst or Jarvis. My personal favorite is Crystal Lake Large, since I feel like that map is the most balanced out of all of them.

  18. I agree with most of what @Carlso said. I appreciate the Devs tried to balance him out more to make him play differen't then the other counselors, but the result was a guy whose okay at a couple of things but doesn't excel at anything. There's other characters that are just more reliable repair characters, and his poor speed and stam doesn't make him ideal for Jason hunting unless you just have a really big squad. Usually, when I see somebody playing Shelly its often because they're fans ofthe character from the movie, and some of them have gotten really good at utilizing him. That doesn't change the fact that, while playing Jason, Shelly is by far the character I've had the least amount of trouble dealing with... There may be a perception problem. You know there's some casuals  out there who see a pudgy guy with a fro, and just say no.

    Personally, I don't think there are any bad counselors when they're in the right hands. In my 1300+ matches as Jason, I've come across at least one beast version of each character that's given me a run for my money. I enjoy using LaChappa to annoy obnoxious Jason players, something most sane players wouldn't dare even try.

  19. 10 hours ago, Laotian Lam said:

    Its only happened once but the death that pissed me off the most was being hit by the car when I was inside a cabin. (I guess the hit box for the car is bigger than the walls of the cabin)

    Hey, this could be added to the 'back in my day' thread. Had to worry about getting mowed down with the car because I stood too close to a wall inside a cabin. I'd completely forgotten this used to be a thing. Teamers and trolls would exploit the fuck out of this. Happened to me once while I was Tommy, while we were in the process of an attempted Jason Kill... I was less than pleased to say the least.   

    If this was going to be a thing at least make it worth while. Have the car bust through the wall and plow over everything in the cabin. The spectacle alone might've almost been worth getting run over.

  20. Lol, I stopped letting this bother me a long time ago. Rage quit or suicide all you want, I still win. Pretend all you want, you've accomplished nothing but looking like a bitch. Some players on Xbox really take that 'times killed' stat way too seriously. We're talking about a game where the hardcore base has died hundreds and even thousands of times, and if your a Jason hunter like me, half of those are probably on purpose so who the hell cares? These players who are just too good to ever legitimately get grabbed or killed tickle me, and it's gotten to a point you can usually tell whose gonna quit just by the way they act during the match. If I know or suspect somebody's gona quit, they're getting choke killed. It's usually 50/50 I can get choke off quicker then they can leave. 

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  21. No, Tommy's under no obligation to kill Jason if he doesn't want too. Sweater Girl knows the risks she's taking the moment she steps into the shack. There could be any number of reasons Tommy chooses not to go for the kill... Jason might be in rage and he doesn't want to risk himself because somebody else wants to go Jason hunting... He might not have sucker punch equipped. Nobody wants to do all the work of demasking Jason just to watch him no sell the axe... Maybe sweater girl was an asshole in the previous match and Tommy has no interest in cooperating with that person in any way. (I'm guilty of this one) It could also be the simple fact that, that particular player is just shit at combat. I've got a friend who's good enough to run pretty much any Jason around the map for 15-20 minutes without breaking a sweat, but try to get him to help demask Jason, and he's usually dead after one swing. Not everyone's good at everything.

    Say what you want about the mask buff. Well coordinated kill squads can still kill most Jason's with ease, but it's become a lot harder when you go solo and you're not sure if you can trust the players around you to know what they're doing. It's made a lot of non-avid Jason Hunters gun shy about going for the kill. Very high risk, especially while in rage, and no guarantee of reward. I'm a little annoyed by it, but I understand it. It's why I've stopped trying to be a Tommy/Sweater girl hybrid, to almost exclusively going for Tommy. It's a lot easier to find a capable willing sweater girl then it is to find a competent Tommy these days.

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  22. 28 minutes ago, Somethin Cool said:

    everyone that's ever played the game has suicided on at least one Jason that was either 1) an asshole, 2) a teamer, a combination of the two, or for whatever reason they decided he wasn't worthy of the kill. That doesn't make it trolling. That just means Jason wasn't very good at finishing what he started.

    Not arguing the first two, but when exactly do you consider Jason unworthy of getting the kill? If Jason is up the counselors ass and forces him to burn through all his resources to a point that the counselor is now limping and screwed, I'd say Jason has earned that kill. I bring up that example specifically since that's when I see the most attempted suicides. That and when I wipe out the rest of the lobby in 5-8 minutes, and the last 150 Chad decides to just kill themselves rather than even try to outlast me. 

    When I see someone trying to suicide, I usually just laugh and watch them do it. I might try to toss a well-timed TK at them if I have any left over, and get the kill anyway. Doesn't bother me at all, same as rage-quitters. I still basically forced you to admit defeat, just as good as a kill to me.

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