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  1. I Created a similar post to this about a month ago before we had a solid date for the archiving, but I don't mind saying it again. I've enjoyed my brief time on this forum, and my only regret is I didn't sign up sooner back when the game was at its peak. I've still thoroughly enjoyed sharing stories and picking the brains of others who enjoy this game as much as I do. For those of you who play on Xbox, here's hoping I bump into you somewhere along the way, those who I haven't already anyway. Hopefully my laid back unorthodox attitude doesn't rub you the wrong way. 😂
  2. Eh, there's plenty who don't too. I've seen characters of all types rage quite across the board. It is true that the types of players who rage-quite lean towards the Vanessa's and TIffany's, but if you see a 150 Chad in a speedo though, there's a 99.9% chance that bitch is going to quit or suicide as soon as the going gets tough.
  3. I actually didn't interact with him much in that match, so I can't speak to how good he is or not. He was Vanessa and I took two PK's from him during our short interactions, so I wasn't all that impressed with him, certainly nowhere near as he was impressed with himself. 😂 I don't mind competitive natured players at all, or even a little trash-talk, but he took it to a level I've never experienced before or since. Screaming at me at the top of his lungs like he'd just caught me in bed with his mother. I'm not going to pretend I didn't kind of enjoy it, I love pissing off salty a-holes who act like that. What always gets me though is the rage-quitting and trying to continue the trash-talk via message... Like he accomplished something. I wonder how many other people have 100% this game and have gotten called a noob. He finally stopped once I think he finally realized he was entertaining me more than he was getting under my skin. 😂 I don't troll often, but he's one of a handful of people I'll 1000% fuck with anytime I run into him. When you know you can purchase real estate in somebody's head that easy, it's no wonder he plays like absolute crap half the time. I know what I'm doing next time I run into him.
  4. Hey, that's my buddy! 🤣 I told this story a while back, but I didn't drop names due to forum rules. But this is the guy who got the sweater during a match and went a profanity laced tirade on me because I slashed Tommy to death... Like I was supposed to do anything other than slash his ass to death when I found him running up the road out of stam and weaponless while somebody had my sweater. Not to him though. I was apparently trash, didn't know how to play, and was every gay slur in the book all because this salty little punk didn't get what he wanted. He waited until after I took his second PK, used the sweater, and then quit in the middle of the animation... And then decided to keep up his tirade by messaging me after the fact, a chat I still proudly keep just to show off to my friends how pathetic this guy really was. I've never seen someone so angry over what was essentially nothing. He's the embodiment of the whiny entitled salty little bitches polluting this game who can't handle any real form of competition. I still have the video of this incident, but for some reason I can't bring it up on my DVR to load it to Youtube, so whatever. The only part of this post I don't believe is that he teams with Jason. I highly doubt this loser has any friends to team with.
  5. Hmm... Anyway, I play on Xbox, and I've had something similar happen several times. Go up to the second floor, the camera gets locked and I suddenly can't pan the camera, interact with anything, and the visual perspective is skewed towards whatever direction I was facing when it happened. I don't recall if I was only able to walk in a straight line or not, and I would describe it kind of link drunk walking, or like one of my counselors had one of their eyes gouged out. I can see half the screen just fine, but the other half is completely cut off to me, since the camera lock prevents the camera from orientating properly when I try to turn. I can't say for sure it's the same issue, but they sound similar enough that I'd assume they're at least related. The big difference is that I've only had this happen a handful of times out of hundreds of matches on Higgins, and at least once to a friend that I can confirm. Infrequently enough that it was never worth bringing up or complaining about. Definitely not the 98% you've claimed. I can't explain that. What I can explain is what I've noticed when its happened to me. I've always assumed it was a controller input issue, because the few times I've noticed it happen I was either zipping through the second floor, or when I tried to open a door or drawer with my finger still partially on the joystick, then boom... After it happened a couple of times I started taking my time whenever I went up there, and made sure I wasn't pressing any other buttons when I opened a door or drawer, and I haven't had an issue with it since. So long in fact I just assumed the issue had been patched, or wasn't that common of a glitch to begin with. I doubt that information will help you at all if it's happening almost every match on Higgins you play. It seems like an issue oddly specific to you for some reason. I might have to check this out later, and see if I can still get the glitch to happen on Xbox.
  6. Hmm... Are you referring to that issue where the camera seems to zoom in and gets locked in that position, essentially limiting your field of vision, typically in the direction the camera was facing when it got locked? Also, do you use a controller or keyboard when you play?
  7. Well, if the perimeters are trying to escape and not surviving the night, I'd go with this squad... 1. Vanessa 2. Chad 3. Adam 4. Fox 5. Mitch 6. A.J. 7. Bugszy Under this scenario I'd want as many counselors as possible who can do multiple things. Bugzy was the one I struggled with the mot but decided on him due to his ability to distract Jason and be a tank to protect other counselors. While I love Jenny's Composure and Luck, Brandon's speed and stam make him more effective in this role.
  8. I usually get around this by cherry picking lobbies until I find one where the host has decent ping. There's still a large enough player base on Xbox that their isn't much of an issue finding another lobby relatively quick. If most player's in the lobby have ping in the white or at least under 200 you're probably going to be okay for that match. For whatever reason, you'll usually see a spike in ping rate whenever a match starts but it will usually level out if both you and the host have decent internet and there isn't a regional issue. If everyone's ping is already insanely high while waiting for the match to start, then the host likely has crap internet, and the connection won't be getting any better once the match starts. I'd leave that lobby immediately and try to find a better one. Another option, if you have good internet, is to try and get host yourself if you have the patience to wait the full 20.
  9. That's horseshit. Nobody's obligated to stick around for the full twenty unless you're the host or have party members that are still alive. That goes for when I escape early in the match too, I'm not sticking around for more than a few seconds unless there's a chance I get Tommy or I just happen to like the lobby I'm in.... Even then I have to REALLY like the lobby to stay around any longer than four to five minutes. I only get a couple hours a night to play as it is, so I'm all about maximizing my time, not wasting it. As with everything their are exceptions. If you leave in mid-kill animation, especially a short one, that could possibly be considered rage-quitting. That always makes me wonder if you were trying to rage quite before you got killed, and I was just a hair faster. If you leave the second after you die I might snicker and wonder if you got a little pissy because you died, but I don't have a problem with it either. Also, if you get killed early and then leave and take half the lobby with you because you were all in your little party, you are a rage-quitting little pussy. I'm more amused by rage-quitters than anything. It only bothers me when they ruin the match for everyone else.
  10. Exactly this, and the best don't get bitchy on the rare occasions they don't win. At least I don't have much respect for the ones that do. Some of the most fun I have in this game are those late match 1 on 1's as Jason with a really good counselor. The game has always been more fun to me when I feel like I'm actually surviving Jason and not having my way with him, though some people clearly want the latter.
  11. I could say the same thing about counselors, in fact I will, and have many times before. Don't slash me, don't use throwing knives, don't put your traps there, don't stalk me, don't stalk-shift me, don't choke kill me, don't block, don't shift shift through my shot, leave the match as soon as they get grabbed or cornered, don't chase me for more than 30 seconds, don't do anything other than stand still and let me beat your mask off when I try to kill you, never EVER take advantage of my stupid mistakes, and if you ever happen to kill me it's because you glitched the game or cheated somehow. I've heard every lame dumbass excuse in the book, and I've BY FAR gotten more messages from bitchy salty counselors than I've heard from grumpy Jason's.... Though there's plenty of them too, and they're almost exclusively the same people. Hard to say which is worse, but I can say without hesitation that the saltiest, whiniest people in this game are wanabe Jason killers that don't get what they want. It doesn't matter how bad you wreck their asses, either via Mic or Message, the salt is going to fly. The problem of entitlement stems partly from long time players that, quite frankly, are sore losers who can't handle getting killed. The larger problem here lately though are newer players who got to level 120 or something in a few months due to double XP and wind up getting shell-shocked when they come up against people who actually know how to play the game. This is true now since rage mode all but eliminated this problem, but back when a group of Battle-Chads all running sucker punch could chain stun and teabag Jason from 20 minutes was absolute horseshit.
  12. No, there's no hacked lobbies on Xbox or console in general. No hacking issues at all really, and the player base on Xbox is still fairly sizable so I rarely have issues finding a lobby... Just staying in one where the host doesn't quit or you get disconnected. This is the first online game I ever played, and I wasn't happy either when I found out I'd have to pay an additional $10 a month to play a game I already shelled out 60 bucks for. Turned out to be well worth it for me in the end. It just depends on how badly you want to play the game and if you're willing to shell out the extra cash for it, especially if you don't play Xbox enough that the Ultimate Game Pass doesn't appeal to you.
  13. Yeah, you're right. This may have been a policy Gun intended to enforce before the game exploded, but just based from experience, I'm 100% certain temporary bans for leaving early aren't and likely never were a thing. Over the years, I've amassed a mental shortlist of players I know to either slash or chock to death immediately when I catch them because I know they're going to leave the moment they realize they're screwed.... And you know if a particular player pusses out in every match you play with them, they're not just doing it in matches against you. Yet, I'll still see their gamer tags popup every few days or so. Same thing goes for that small group of Jason Mains who leave matches anytime they're not Jason.
  14. There are a lot worse things going on right now than somebody using an Uber Mod on offline bots... 😑 Especially on PC. As long as your not affecting anybody else's game, I don't give a crap what people do offline or in private matches for that matter, as long as everybody involved agrees on the rules. Sorry, but I'm going to support anyone whose actively trying to keep this game alive, especially in the current environment with so many assholes out there trying to kill it.
  15. It's possible, especially if you're sure you've tipped the boat and stayed stuck at 28. You're in the best position to test this out for yourself though. If you have friends willing to do a quick private match with you, have them fix up the boat and let you flip it. Be sure to finish the match to completion just to be safe. Check your badges afterward, and if you haven't gone up to 29, your badge progression might be glitched. If you're a lone wolf, you'll just have to be patient and wait it out until you get a match where the conditions are right. That's part of the problem with Torpedo, it's not hard to get, it just takes time since not every map has a boat or counselors willing to escape by it when there is. Keep in mind, I have no idea if the host quitting before the match ends affects badge progression or not.
  16. Considering that boats don't spawn on any map in Offline Bot mode, not even Pinehurst or Jarvis, there's no way you reached 28 that way. Even if the boat did, spawn on Xbox any kills you accumulate against bots don't count towards badge/achievement progression with very few exceptions. Whether that's the case on Switch or not, I can't say. One quark with the Torpedo Badge I am aware of is that only one boat flip per match counts towards the badge progression. Meaning, even if you flip the boat ten times in one match, only one will count towards the progression.
  17. My wife and I have an entire bookshelf full of this shit. 😂 We're on too much of budget to afford the big stuff, but we scoop up the small affordable crap wherever we can find it!
  18. This is what Thick-Skin and Medic are for. You adjust to the flow and the way the game is played, not ask for everything you personally struggle with to be changed. This patch is to fix as many of the remaining bugs that are left as possible, and I can pretty much guarantee any further character buffs or nerfs were never considered. The game is as balanced now as its ever going to be. Pretty much half the matches I play now have somebody running P3, so you just need to learn to adjust to it. I don't have much issue getting slashed to death by P3's. I'd question why it's such a problem for you, but I have no idea how you play.
  19. 1. Stalk-Shift 2. Stalk-Shift 3. Shift... And Stalk Seriously, stalk-shifting can be Jason's best-friend, especially the walking Jason's. Pair them with sense, and it can be a beautiful thing. The solution for many 150 stamina monster Vanessa's, and disrupter of many kill squads. If you could only hear some of the conversations I've had with salty kill squads after chocking their Tommy or Sweater girl to death right in front of them. How dare I take advantage of your impatient/lazy partner wandering too far from the group instead of just standing around and letting four people slap me around with Machetes! The difference between an average Jason and good ones, the good ones know how and when to use their abilities effectively, while the average ones just try to bull rush everybody and only use their abilities out of necessity. Stalk in particular is becoming a lost art with this new breed of players... (We really need to come up with a name for these payers with inflated levels due to the permeant implantation of Double XP) Especially the P3 mains. At the very least they have no idea how to use stalk properly...
  20. Nah, they don't need to be nerfed. They do overshadow the other perks though I think it has less to due with these perks being OP as they've just become necessary to run due to the way the game has evolved over the years, and the way people play Jason. Especially now that every other Jason is P3 or P5, you need that extra defense. You can get away without using them on nub Jason's or stealth characters if you don't plan on sticking around long, but any good Jason is going to bleed your resources. I Personally hate feeling like I have to use both on certain characters, though I have moved medic off of most of my stealth characters... Except for Lachappa. I don't troll or try to run out the clock often, but when I do it's always with LaChappa. The only perks I'd get rid off are Quiet Swimmer, so I'll stop rolling it once out of every three times I roll a perk, and Easy Listening because, why the FUCK was this even a perk to begin with? Talk about the most situational of situational perks. This perk might have made sense if half the cabins actually had a radio in it, but as it stands, the radio in Packanack Lodge is the only one even minimally useful.
  21. Okay, so this is a bit of an odd one. When playing solo, I try to avoid being host for reasons... But when my two friends get on with me, we always try to get one of them host since they have great internet. I've noticed a strange pattern though when we're put back in the queue, after those matches when half the lobby decides to leave before the match is over. Usually, when there's only three or four of us left. (Since the timer doesn't start until at least five players are in the lobby) We'll sit there and wait, and wait some more for up to five to ten minutes and nobody else joins the lobby... That's not the weird part though. What is, is what happens when the fourth person understandably gets tired of waiting and they leave... And then a few seconds later, the lobby suddenly fills up like the flood gates had just been open. This has happened to us four or five times, and I know it's not aa playerbase issue because we can leave that same lobby and immediately find three more full of players. I was wondering if anybody else on console has experienced this before, or if there's a technical reason why this might happen... Is it more likely for your lobby to fill up after somebody leaves, or has this just been the world's strangest coincidence?
  22. While I wouldn't want to see the formula changed too drastically, I wouldn't necessarily want to see the exact same game either. A good sequel should always retain and improve upon what made the original fun, while fixing or getting rid of what didn't and innovating where possible. No sequel should be a carbon copy of its predecessor, or stray too far from what made it successful in the first place. You've included a lot of information to unpack here, so I'll comment on the parts I find interesting. 1. Perks: An idea I had swimming around in my head for the current game, way back when you actually had to grind and earn your level, was for counselors to unlock a fourth perk slot once you reached 150. Most of the unlockables for this game were Jason based, which is understandable, but that would've been a nice little reward for long-time players of the game. 5 feels excessive, unless the Sequel made Jason OP to the point you need 5. The idea of Jason choosing his own perks is interesting, but you're going to run into the same situation that you do with 90% of counselors who all run thick-skin and medic. Every Jason will run the same group of strengths. The only way I see this working is if every strength has it's own proportionate con to balance things out... Like if you want to run Weapon Strength, you'll also get the con of low defense... Meaning you'll able to hack and slash all you want, but the trade off is you'll more susceptible to being demasked and killed. It would also prevent Jason from stacking certain strengths. Say one of your strength's cons is minus shift, then you can't select plus shift since those two cancel each other out. I wouldn't be opposed to unlocking some of the better Jason strengths as you level up either. This system would reduce most of the Jason's to skins rather than having their own unique play style... Not to mention seeing an undead Jason running would just be weird. I'm not sure you can come up with enough unique abilities for each Jason to have his own... You might have to remove running and water speed as strengths, and include them in unique abilities. 2. Fuck the boat, just get rid of it. You'd have to come up with a new method or two to escape for a sequel anyway, so get rid of the one nobody likes anyway. 3. YES, Jason needs to be much harder to kill. I want to feel like I'm actually accomplishing something when I'm killing Jason again. I'm not sure if it's logistically possible, but I wouldn't mind seeing a unique method to kill Jason, maybe not on every map, but certain maps that make sense. Whatever they need to do, adjust the method of killing Jason whatever way you need too to make me have to work for it. Other thoughts: 1. I'd keep rage relatively the same, except I would give Tommy/Hero character a small chance of being able to stun Jason. The only problem I really have with Rage Mode the way it is, is that it's heavily reduced any incentive Tommy had to try and help out other counselors. Try to help other players now and Tommy's just as likely to fuck himself over as he is to save any counselor he's trying to help. Give Tommy a reason, other than killing Jason, to focus on something other than saving his own ass when he spawns in. While we're at it, add on option to toggle your Tommy preference on or off. Just leave when a player escapes too early and immediately starts bitching he spawned back in. That guys going to be a lot of help... 2. Add other Hero characters like Duke and Tina. Something most fans of the movies have wanted to see anyway, and we probably would've gotten without the lawsuit. Each Character should have their own unique method or steps for killing Jason. 3. Differen't kinds of maps with varying gameplay... A Natural progression for any sequel. The Camp aesthetic is great and classic, but a little variety wouldn't hurt. We almost had it with this game and Grendel. The Lazarus, a New York Map, a small town type map like Forest Green... Something that feels and plays a bit differen't without completely frying the game mechanics. 4. More Environmental Kills! When I play single player challenges, I find myself thinking, why couldn't they squeeze some of these as environmental kills on the regular maps? Stuff as many of them into the game as you can get. I want to shoot Chad in the face with a harpoon in QP god damnit! 5. A Beginner's Que for noobs. This is something I think this game really could've used, though I understand why they didn't and possibly couldn't eventually add one. This game can be brutal on beginners though, so tossing them in the pool with a lobby full of 150's is asking a lot. For as successful as this game was, it may have been even more so if so many new players weren't immediately scared away by the games brutal learning curve. Yeah, we all know a sequel isn't going to happen... No harm in wonder 'What If' though.
  23. I'd definitely put Heath Spray at #1 easily. Maps are important but you're more likely to get annoyed that every third drawer you open has a map in it than you are to run into that rare match where you don't have a map in your pocket within the first couple of minutes. (The extremely rare match where you can't seem to find one are annoying as hell though) I refer to playing through most or all of a match without a HS as playing the game in hard mode... You can't afford to fuck up at all, and not having one can completely change the way you play the match. Especially against a weapon strength Jason. I can survive without most of our little counselor toys, but no HS... It can get intense knowing you're one TK or broken window away from being fucked, and most players aren't going to survive it unless Jason is complete ass or has no idea what he's doing. I agree completely about the Shotgun. I absolutely love/shake my head whenever Tommy spawns in, and the first thing he does is try to find Jason and waste his shotgun. 75% of the time he either misses, or I just shift through and take his pocket knife. I've gotten so many early Tommy kills this way it's ridiculous. I have no idea what these guys think they're accomplishing. The only excuse for wasting a shotgun like that is if you're trying to demask Jason. Same thing goes for the greenhorns who think they're badass running around with their little flare guns. Aim one of those things at me, and all I'll see is a counselor whose probably going to be dead in 10-20 seconds.
  24. Three Things 1. Try to get host yourself if you have the patience and good enough internet. This is the only surefire way to make sure the host doesn't quit. That and Private Matches with friends. 2. Cherry Pick lobbies that have hosts with both good connection, and aren't lower levels. Higher level players who know what's going on are less likely to be dicks and leave once they're killed. They're also less likely to get killed early which might also factor into whether they leave early. There's no guarantee they won't quit if they don't get their way or even get disconnected, but your chances of finishing out the match are much higher. Always be suspicious of a 150 host Chad though. And if the host is in the signal digits, find another lobby. 3. If you're good enough as Jason, identify the host and save him for last. This won't always be possible if the host has your sweater or is a dangerous repair character, but this is the tactic that works best for me. Even if the host decides to rage before or during the kill, at least you get to play most of the match. You won't get your Jason play, but that all depends on what your priorities are at the moment. We all knew this was coming with the switch back to P2P. If you want to play you just have to learn to adjust to it..
  25. No, that person either got lucky, or was in a lobby full of noobs who weren't aware where the usual spawn locations for PK's were... Or a combination of both. Each map has a number of outdoor locations where PK's can randomly spawn. In a lot of matches, you're much more likely to find a PK outside then you will inside a cabin drawer. The campsites are obvious, but some of the more secretive spots include the cooler and picnic table on their respective islands on Jarvis map, that gazebo looking thing on Crystal Lake Small, that small outhouse looking building on the island on Higgins Large when neither the shack or campsite spawns there, the archery range on Pack Small, and that secret camp on Pack Large that isn't marked on the map. I've also found a PK on a random Picnic table on Pinehurst, near where the boat spawns on the east side of the map, but I haven't seen that one in a long time. I wouldn't completely sell out to get to these places though... There's no guarantee a PK is going to spawn in any specific location on any map. Search them at your own risk.
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