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  1. You know, I've thought about this a little more, and I think it's one of those situations where it's not the tactic itself that's toxic, but it's the player themselves and how they go about it that can sometimes make the tactic toxic. It's the same with most of the topics you've broached recently. It depends a lot on the attitude of the player. I have no problem with anyone just trying to survive or who enjoys trying to outlast Jason the full twenty... If you're doing it just to torment a noob Jason or waste everybody else time... Basically the climbing on a rock and dancing for twenty minutes mentality, then you probably are a toxic dickhead. Again though, that's more the player, not the tactic itself. I generally don't go for car escapes unless it's near the end of the match since I find them kind of boring. I prefer to stay on the map as long as feasibly possible, so I have no problem giving up my seat in the car to someone who likely needs that escape a lot more than I do. I recall one match in particular a while back in a lobby with mostly newer players... Anyway, I had the keys and basically put the four-seater together myself, but somewhere during that process I wound up with four other counselor loitering around me. I knew I'd probably be fine, so I said fuck it, dropped the keys and ran off. Basically I gifted the four little ass-whips an escape. Turns out that just left me and Jason shortly after, and Jason proved to be an obnoxious little prick, and I quickly decided I had no interest in letting him kill me... So I just ran his ass around the map for the last 10 minutes or so while he cursed me the entire time and tried to convince me I was trash somehow for doing it. 😂 Anyway, once time finally ran out, three of the assholes who escaped via the car earlier sprouted mics and started to cuss me out for wasting their time. The same assholes I giftwrapped an escape for, coughed up the keys and gave up my seat in the car for, expected me to immediately fall on Jason's sword for them too. I'm sorry, but who sounds more TOXIC in this situation.
  2. No. For some players surviving the night is just the way they like to play. It's what's fun for them. I personally don't do it much anymore unless I know the match is close to over, since It's not fun for me anymore, when I'm playing solo anyway... Unless I'm LaChappa... That's the only scenario where I really enjoy running Jason around anymore. Otherwise, if it's just me left with half the match left and no clear path to escape, I usually try to demask Jason and then let him kill me. Get on to the next match already. As Jason, I enjoy a good long one-on-one chase with a really good counselor at the end of the match. That's some of the most fun I have as Jason, so no I have no problem with Counselors who try to outlast me the full twenty. The ones that do complain, it's probably because they can't catch the ones who can do it. Some Jason players really do expect counselors to jump right in their hand. Every player having their own set of rules is really getting tiring. Just play the way that's most fun for you and stop bellyaching about the way others play as long as your not cheating or teaming.
  3. Umm... A term used by shitty salty Jasons who've gotten tired of calling players try-hards and exploiters? I dunno, I've never heard of that one, and I've pretty much been called every name in the book... Usually while I'm playing Jason granted. I usually mute Jason for strategic reasons, so if they're bitching at me I typically don't hear it.
  4. Eh, I'd put that number more at 98%. With P2P you have to take random connection timeouts into consideration. I'm had several myself occur at very inconvenient times. Yes OMG 100% yes. And a 100% guarantee I'm going to use those tactics as much as possible. 1000% yes. Please get out of my head sir. -One point I'd like to add myself... The toxicity we face in this community would be reduced significantly if a certain segments of the player-base could realize just one thing... There's a big difference between not being as good as you, and being total trash.
  5. They may not be the same thing, but their first cousins at the least. The result is still the same, salty quitters who think they've won somehow by denying you a kill, when in reality they just look like little bitches. The only real difference I see is that a player suiciding can sometimes be amusing when it's amongst friends or players who respect each other just messing with one another. I laugh at rage-quitters too, but it's a differen't kind of amusement. 90% of people I notice Suicide are high level Chads or Tiffany's late in a match when they've noticed your wiping out the rest of the lobby quickly, and they realize they're probably not going to be able fix anything or outrun you for twelve minutes, so they Suicide and pretend that means they've won somehow... No, all you've done is make my job easier and yourself look like a bitch who basically admitted defeat. Forcing somehow to suicide or rage quite is just as good as a kill. The guys I don't get are the ones that suicide immediately and then wait around in the lobby for ten minutes before finally leaving. What's the point of that? Unless you somehow don't realize suiciding disqualifies you form drawing Tommy.
  6. Ewe, that's ugly. Maybe he gave the controller to his baby sister for a match? I did it to both my brother and my wife once each. She made it about 8 minutes before she threw my controller back at me. In most matches this is the only hard part.
  7. Umm... You really want to do this? Let's see, Battle-Chad teabag stun parties, two or three hit demaskings, getting stunned through doors, 1500 Pocket Knives per map, rocket cars, roof glitches, rock climbers, PK and stamina glitches, broken perks, and randomization glitches. And that's just off the top of my head. 😂 All and all, none of those bother me though. The learning curve for new players is so brutal and steep, I'd say it's an even tradeoff. The only thing that bothers me is permanent Double XP. While I admit to being a bit salty that I had to grind my balls off to earn my level while these little fuckers don't, it bothers me more because you can't tell who knows what they're doing anymore. A level 50 Jason should know to trap objectives and recognize the sound ques when you fuck up said objective... Ugh... It's also creating a new crop of toxic entitled little ass-wipes that think they're a lot better then they actually are, only to get totally shell-shocked when they go up against a Jason or Counselor that actually knows what they're doing, so they start accusing everyone of exploiting or cheating. Had a level 50 Tiffany the other day bragging about how I was never going to be able to touch him. I stalk-shifted on him later in the match, and he went on a tangent about how luck it was, blah blah, blah, insert generic salty comment here. I just told him that wasn't luck, that was three years+ worth of experience that knew exactly how to deal with guys like you who do nothing but run around exploiting your high stamina characters thinking your bitch ass should be untouchable.
  8. So every noob has to pay because one guy cheated? Holy overreaction Batman! Take it out on the guys actually cheating, not everybody else. I've dealt with noob teamers before, they're total clown shows. Easy to fuck with... Fun too. If they actually semi look like they know what they're doing, then they're not really Noobs. You gotta pay attention to the way they react and play, not necessarily what level they are. Level's don't mean jack anymore.
  9. I've never heard you had to be Part 3, but there are several kills unique to Higgins. The barn closet and the barn fence kill (the face bash one, not the head smash) are considered their own unique kills. There's also the cemetery kill. The barn closet and cemetery are amongst the hardest to get since it relies on counselors semi-cooperating by being in the right place at the right time. 85% would indicate you're missing 6-8 kills though. I got stuck on 80 forever, before I got the idea to cycle through all of Jason's weapons and equip all the unique weapon kills. By the time I was done, I was at 98%. It was amazing how many I'd thought I'd done that I either dismissed or missed because I'd only performed them in online bots or just never used them because I didn't like them. There are a lot of glitches involved with this badge though. I got mine on a random Jason Kill as Tommy, when I knew I'd never done the cemetery kill. I eventually got it honest, on Tommy of all people, so I can say I'm a hundred percenter with no asterisk. 😎
  10. Uh, what? I'm sorry, but this is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Is a highly experienced player killing a noob Jason kind of a dick move? Yes, and I hardly see the point since it takes absolutely no skill whatsoever. It's borderline trollish, since I can't think of any other reason to fucking around with a LV3 Jason probably playing him for the first time. Bannable though no. That's just stupid. The real problem is telling who the Noobs are nowadays. My friends and I used to have a Part IV rule... Meaning if you were high enough level to have unlocked P4, you've probably had enough experience to be killed. With permeant Double XP though, now I see Level 40 and even Level 50 Jason's who still don't know to trap objectives, and won't bother to show up to the fuse house no matter how many times you fuck it up. Now we've resorted to a 'trap' rule... Especially if they trap the shack or are noticeably taking other steps to actively protect yourself from the kill. It shows awareness and makes you a viable target in our eyes since you can actually learn something even if we do hand your ass to you. A single-digit Noob who probably doesn't even realize Jason can be killed, isn't learning shit... Except that he can indeed be killed. This is absolutely true. Fuck up their little kill though if you really want to see these guys get toxic. It's not all kill squads, but the ones that are, are some of the whiniest little bitches in this game.
  11. Agree 100%. The only problem is though, these pussy-ass teamers rarely stick around for round 2 once exposed, especially if one of them doesn't draw Jason. When they do have the balls though, it's resulted in some of the most entertaining matches I've ever had. I'll try to keep these brief, but my two favorite teamer stories involve a 150 P5 who had his two teamer friends trying to mow everybody over with the two-seater. Wound up killing Jason's ass, and he got 0/8 kills. 😂 My favorite though was a match with a group of three teamers who actually stuck around. The Jason was terrible and I think managed two kills, while his buddies managed to eventually run over the rest of the lobby, and then they danced around the campfire at Packanack to rub it in. I got Jason the next match, and fortunately I had two friends with me and the other two in the lobby were miced up and pissed. Long story short, I guarded the cars until I had it confirmed we had both sets of keys and then we got both cars going. I had no intention of killing anyone, I simple chased and herded all three of them towards the cars and made sure everyone of them wound up underneath the wheels of one of the them. The last one tried to leave but was a hair too late, and of course the salty ass messages started immediately after. I let everybody else go after that... Don't tell me you can't go 0 for 8 and still have fun. 🤣
  12. I was thinking the exact same thing. At least now I better understand why Gunn was emphasizing sliding so much. I didn't really get what the big deal was, sliding was rare and more of an obnoxious show-off maneuver that really wasn't all that hard for Jason to deal with. Teleporting is a differen't beast entirely. I actually had the exact opposite experience last night. Played for almost four hours and had probably the most fun I've had with this game since the switch to P2P. No issues to speak of really, but then I cherry pick lobbies to include hosts with decent ping so that might be the difference. I'm afraid there's nothing much anyone can do when you get stuck in a lobby with crap ping.
  13. I Created a similar post to this about a month ago before we had a solid date for the archiving, but I don't mind saying it again. I've enjoyed my brief time on this forum, and my only regret is I didn't sign up sooner back when the game was at its peak. I've still thoroughly enjoyed sharing stories and picking the brains of others who enjoy this game as much as I do. For those of you who play on Xbox, here's hoping I bump into you somewhere along the way, those who I haven't already anyway. Hopefully my laid back unorthodox attitude doesn't rub you the wrong way. 😂
  14. Eh, there's plenty who don't too. I've seen characters of all types rage quite across the board. It is true that the types of players who rage-quite lean towards the Vanessa's and TIffany's, but if you see a 150 Chad in a speedo though, there's a 99.9% chance that bitch is going to quit or suicide as soon as the going gets tough.
  15. I actually didn't interact with him much in that match, so I can't speak to how good he is or not. He was Vanessa and I took two PK's from him during our short interactions, so I wasn't all that impressed with him, certainly nowhere near as he was impressed with himself. 😂 I don't mind competitive natured players at all, or even a little trash-talk, but he took it to a level I've never experienced before or since. Screaming at me at the top of his lungs like he'd just caught me in bed with his mother. I'm not going to pretend I didn't kind of enjoy it, I love pissing off salty a-holes who act like that. What always gets me though is the rage-quitting and trying to continue the trash-talk via message... Like he accomplished something. I wonder how many other people have 100% this game and have gotten called a noob. He finally stopped once I think he finally realized he was entertaining me more than he was getting under my skin. 😂 I don't troll often, but he's one of a handful of people I'll 1000% fuck with anytime I run into him. When you know you can purchase real estate in somebody's head that easy, it's no wonder he plays like absolute crap half the time. I know what I'm doing next time I run into him.
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