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  1. I hope the lobby situation on PC is fixed by mid-June, when I have to go back to the office. I can't bring my Xbox to work with me.
  2. I'm happy I had the honor to be killed as Jason, by the Slash n' Cast crew, live on YouTube. I almost won too!
  3. I hope who ever is responsible gets more than just a ban. This is criminal.
  4. I'm a life long Friday the 13th Fan, but a Johnny come lately to the game and forum. It is too bad that this has to happen, there was so much potential.
  5. Xbox One question: Why are the pings so high? Often I see all the pings in the lobby steady in the red and yellow. Sometimes this makes the game unbearable to play. Will anything be done to resolve this?
  6. If that's the case, these hackers are also framing people for nefarious online activity.
  7. This is the number one issue we all want to see fixed on PC. I try to report the people who host these lobbies on steam, but it doesn't seem to have any consequence.
  8. I like playing on Xbox more than PC in multi-player. I reached level 150 on PC, but I'm still very low on Xbox. So I'm kind of like a pool hustler for F13. The downsides are that the graphics are much better for PC, than Xbox, and the lag can be terrible. Which makes it much harder to pull off a teleportation and grab kill. Also, I think some if not many PC players must be using some kind of exploit to never runout of stamina. Players on Xbox don't seem to do this. All in all, It is a shame hackers destroyed the PC version. But Xbox can suffice for now.
  9. I played a few matches on Xbox, I'm happy to see the match making is at a healthy volume.
  10. I see I can get the Ultimate pass on Xbox for $1 right now. I will probably cancel before it renews, and just buy those activation passes from a gas station by me. Sometimes I play the game for a month and put it down.
  11. I have the game also for Xbox One, but I don't want to have to pay for Xbox live to play it online. That's the reason why I got it for PC in the first place. Are hacked lobbies an issue there?
  12. I see now many people are giving people this game a negative rating on Steam because it is not playable in multiplayer. So while fixing small issues like that is fine, it doesn't amount to much if we can't even play multiplayer. It is a shame, because I really liked this game. The state of it now, I would not recommend it to anyone for PC.
  13. I hope the patch comes soon, because I miss playing this game. I don't understand how some people are even remotely-mentally stimulated by these idiotic hacked lobbies.
  14. It was a fun game while it lasted. It is a shame it was ruined by hackers. Had it not been for them, I would probably still be playing from time to time. I haven't played since February.
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