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  1. Now hacked lobbies seem to be back, but a bit different in nature. now instead of 60 people at once, it seems to be repopulating the same match one by one, I logged into the same match at packanack 3 times. Honestly, why am I even bothering to make this post? I don't even think the people that made this game care that this is happening on the PC platform, which is appalling.
  2. Great, so I was able to get into a full match, I played as Jason, but the when I killed the host, he quit the game. So lame. When I was trying to find a match, I saw there was a lobby called "Official US server" which I know is probably one of those hacked lobbies, but everyone quit out of it.
  3. Someone joined, and just left. So I guess people are in fact able to connect.
  4. Hmm, I think there is some progress being made behind the scenes. "Normally", with these stupid hacked lobbies, it would automatically throw me into the middle of a hacked lobby match, with 50 people. As was the case yesterday. Today, I tried to connect with a match, but both times I tried it went on long enough to create my own lobby where I was the host. I waited a while and nobody joined. Right now I am currently waiting, to see if anyone shows up. This gives me some hope that they might be getting closer to fixing this issue. Either that, or maybe these hackers got arrested, and they had their PCs fried, which would be cool too.
  5. I tried the airplane mode trick yesterday, I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Though I am not sure if it even worked, or if I was just lucky to get a normal lobby.
  6. Unfortunately, it seems you are right about the lobbies still getting hacked. Last night I checked and it seemed like they were working fine. But I just tried again this morning, and back to the same old garbage. This is very disappointing...
  7. I was actually able to play three NORMAL games. One of which I was Jason, and swept the match with a flawless victory. YEAH! finally, at least I hope so! I quite out, and logged back in, to find that I was being directed to a real lobby. I haven't been able to play a decent game in quite a while. That was so much fun. Please tell me this is the case.
  8. I am not trying to break the hearts of anyone, I am trying to warn people thinking about playing this game, that they shouldn't buy a broken product. The state of this game on PC is completely unacceptable.
  9. No kidding it is shitty, you can't even play the game properly. "Breaking hearts" is irrelevant, I want the game to be fixed.
  10. I tried to play off-line with bots, since hacked lobbied ruined online playing, because I wanted to at least have some fun with the game. But I couldn't complete the match, because a counselor hiding in a tent was glitching. The character model was just standing in front of the tent, while I was unable to attack it. I couldn't pull him out of the tent either. So I just quit the game.
  11. Hello from 2021, I am playing this game on xbox one, now that the PC version is unplayable due to hacker lobbies. The ping issue is still a problem from what I can see, on Xbox one. It seems like this game is now a lost cause to try to enjoy.
  12. If you are Tommy, and there is another female counselor running around, please exit the vehicle, and man up.
  13. I don't understand why people think it is enjoyable to play with 60 councilors and 20 Jasons. It seems like a complete waste of time. Yet if you see comments on videos from YouTube, there are dozens of low-IQ people that find it amusing. I miss playing this game, and I resent the fact that it is broken like this.
  14. Will there be any other patch that will fix the massive issues with this game?
  15. A while ago I was thinking about getting predator hunting grounds. But my experience with the way this game has been handled has made me think twice about buying it.
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