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  1. those people are idiots. leave if you want after you die and arent tommy. however, some times ive stayed til the end because the round was pretty funny. ill definetely leave if nobody is talking though.
  2. if this were microsoft, he would have been totally banned for accessing uberjason. and while it does say in the TOS that it is prohibited to access him (seeing hes not available for the public), hes not actively harming other players. if i were an admin, if all youre doing is playing with a character, i wouldnt care. id care if he were literally cheating.
  3. unless a client is into fat guys with cute women. .......like i found out from a client. then again, i will render anything that is not furry. furry is my one single NOPE.
  4. fortunately nobody is smart in this game. plus, i aint gonna give someone a free stamina recharge when they knife me. they have stamina, i dont. make no mistake, running from me only prolongs the INEVITABLE by 20 seconds.
  5. dont need no nude glitch to enjoy the models i like. well, not me, my clients.
  6. you made a severe mistake. you announced to the world that youre making it. should have waited instead for when you can say "i made a game". so when the inevitable C AND D letter arrives, the game is already in the wild.
  7. nah, to me the funniest glitch is dead bodies flying to the stratosphere. or then part of them below the level. one time i was helping people with the kill jason trophy (i was jason, to boost my own jason play and kills count). so i killed a mason, and her entire body went below the level EXCEPT one of her hands, which kept moving and looked like it was waving at us. so i got killed and in the killcam the hand was a bit behind tommy so it appeared waving at everyone.
  8. i thought that was the point? matt said if you caught a cheater on video, to absolutely post the fuck out of that video.
  9. kill jason. as a stealth-focused character, i try to fix either the phone so everyone can escape, or fix the yellow car/boat and escape on my own. though i try to wait until tommy is on the scene so i dont have to replay the match. 9 out of 10 matches, nobody even cares to go for the sweater.
  10. because the xp is shared by counsel and jason, a mere suicide is negligible xp.
  11. no. even when i was about to finish playing for good, id use jason 6 and i was able to catch up with exhausted guys. so its probably your conneciton.
  12. its not an exploit, its a tactic. a very dumb tactic because you have stamina, jason doesnt. (unless youre a non-running jason. in which case youre easily getting the slip.) once they are exhausted you must not, under any circumstance, grab them. because they undoublty have a pocket knife and they just wasnt the free stamina so they can get away fast
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