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  1. not at all. they are all going to die. except when im in a good mood and perform the final girl rule. ie, the last female character alive gets to escape. unless the user is an asshole who is not even trying. then she dies.
  2. cant wait. i dont watch trailers for horror movies becausr they always ALWAYS put the best scares on them. so no thanks.
  3. thats the thing, i always played alone. none of my friends had this. some didnt even knew it existed.
  4. i wish he didnt say anything. because knowing about more content we are never getting hurts me more.
  5. dude jason always loses to normal people. once to a KID. captain america can simply punch his head off. or decap him with his shield.
  6. all of them. since jason is now a zombie, no hero will hold back and will kill him.
  7. *madam also, i meant hard in the sense of cooperation you have to rally the horde and hope they are on board, or pray youre in a match with people who intend on killing him. of ALL the 1000 matches i had as counsel, do you know how many ended with jason dying? 23. 23 out of 1000 matches. 25 if we count the two times i died as jason.
  8. if its a party of counsels, sure. if its a moshpit of retards, then no, they are not gonna try to kill jason.
  9. why not? all jasons run the risk of getting killed. since its relatively no easy task, newbs and pros alike are equal and fair game.
  10. i have one rule regarding the two seater specially if i was the one that repaired it: unless someone is close to me (ie, is a circle in the minimap) , im driving off and im not stopping. i make exceptions sometimes, if someone is actively heading to the car i will wait to start it until hes close.
  11. because they are easy maps. and tend to be shorter matches. imagine if during a session each match lasted 20 minutes, 3 matches in one hour? no thanks.
  12. when i played as jason 8, i would from the start of the match to kill characters in specific order and ignore everyone else unless they try and stop me. just like jason did manhattan, where he ignored all the defenseless subway users while heading straight for the target, or how he fought the other jason (not in character) because he tried to stop him. etc etc. ive come to apply that to other jasons becaus 8 SUUUUUCKS
  13. being the first to die. as jason, like my sig says, i go for effiency, not spectacle. in the super extremely rare cases i do grab kills, i have the fastest ones. because every second i waste grabkilling someone, its a second other people are running away. efficiency ABOVE ALL.
  14. if the counsels are TRYING to kill jason, then yes. youre not back as tommy just to bolt it to the cops AGAIN (or other method of escape) after spawning. are they trying? then yes, its your obligation. they arent trying? mcfucking bolt the fuck out of there.
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