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  1. Hopefully Gun Media creates a game similar to F13 that is fun. I’m hoping for a Halloween game, but if it’s not a Halloween game, I wouldn’t be disappointed.
  2. As we’ve known for a long time that F13 will never get content again in the future, even after the lawsuit between Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham. However, I think Gun Media should launch a fundraiser to help support the studio to continue supporting this game for new game content once the lawsuit finishes and if they can negotiate with the copyright holder of the F13 rights. I feel we as a community should help them either make a second game of F13 franchise or keep supporting the current one and add a whole bunch of new content to bring back players. Just recently, the dedicated servers were shutdown and I think it might’ve been a financial move to minimise how much money is being put into this game. I think this is Gun Media’s most successful game and what ever they’re planning next for their upcoming title/game, let’s hope it’s good and fun like f13 the game. I wish the best for Gun Media and I hope the fans can continue playing F13 The Game and Gun Media’s upcoming title.
  3. Do you think we could see F13 coming to next-gen consoles either through backwards compatibility or as a remastered version (free upgrade possibly?). Leave your comments below about what do you think could happen and what improvements we might see as well.
  4. Thanks for reminding me. I’ve forgotten that they have cancelled it already before the lawsuit. I’ve edited the post to ensure I don’t cause any further confusions if paranoia is coming or not. I did double check the post that F13 posted about Paranoia before removing it from my post. Thanks for correcting me.
  5. I do hope they do bring an upgraded version of this game to the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Also if they need to for financial reasons, they could charge people $3-5 AUD to get the upgrade if Gun Media wanted to charge people to upgrade.
  6. For many years, us Friday the 13th fans have enjoyed playing Friday the 13th. It's just a shame that the future of the game is not that bright. All of the content we've not received so far: - The Grendel Map and Uber Jason (Jason X). This is all of the content that hasn't been released yet and it's honestly a let down to know that this content will never be added unless Gun Media decides to change their mind (and also whoever owns the F13 rights (after the lawsuit) will allow them to). F13 has been part of PS Plus and also Xbox Live Gold in the past and this game has grown quite a lot ever since that happened. This is a huge opportunity since so many people now own your game and many people would buy micro-transactions (if they are a good price like they are currently for F13 and always have been) if you guys were to add more micro-transactions. F13 - The Game is probably the best-selling game that you guys even have and there's so much more content that can be thought of for this game. This includes new content such as; a campaign (not single player challenges), more maps, new game modes (switch in and out), new content added to the Virtual Cabin, more Easter Eggs within Multiplayer, Single Player Challenges and also Virtual Cabin. The campaign could cost $20 AUD if it's about 4 - 5 hours long. There's so much content that could still be added and why miss out on such a huge opportunity for such an awesome franchise such as Friday the 13th. I do hope that you guys do listen to us. We've been begging you change your mind and keep adding content if given the rights/permission to do so after the lawsuit has settled. Cheers, A Friday the 13th Fan
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