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  1. I am on Xbox and had it happen 3 or 4 times on Monday, a couple times on Tuesday as well. I played 3 games last night and had no problem but we did have a Jason disconnect so I don't know if he quit or got knocked.
  2. The formula is already there. If a new company wants to make their own game and see what worked here, it shouldn't be hard to get it right.
  3. It seems there have been a lot of issues with game chat recently. A friend of mine is having the same issue.
  4. I think this was yesterday and sweater girl was Vanessa, maybe the day before.
  5. I may have been the Jason in that game, if not the same thing happened in our game as well. lol
  6. I felt slashing was cheap too until I played Jason more, now I don't care, stop me lol. I understand why it is frustrating though.
  7. It has happened to me as well. I went to get a kill and they froze up, the A prompt to kill them in bed freaked out. Next thing I know they are "out" from under the bed, stuck by a dresser. Can't grab, slash or knife. I reported it at jasonkillsbugs.com
  8. I did this yesterday. Couldn't resist to get in on the action, caught in combat stance and couldn't run, panicked, eventually started running right in a rock. Dead Tommy. I'm still newish but it was so dumb and I cost us the kill.
  9. So is it still the case that if you hit Jason during the sweater stun and he beings to drop to his knees another hit will bring him out of the stun? Is that always the case? it seems to me that is usually what messes up the kill for QP groups because everyone tries to hit him.
  10. Played for about 4 hours last night and there was one issue I had never encountered before. As Jason, after coming out of an animation (stopping the car, being stunned) the camera would go to a top over view and I would have to recenter. It happened quite a few times. Not sure if this is a regular thing as I don't get in a ton of games as Jason. Second, I think I have seen people talking about but not sure if it is the same thing. Counselor was under a bed in the corner near a chest of drawers. I hit A at the prompt to intiate the kill. The prompt flashed a couple of times and started but stopped. The counselor then came out from under the bed and was wedged between the bed and the furniture. Couldn't hit the counselor and also couldn't get to the spot on the bed to do the kill. I am not sure if the counselor was still under the bed or just locked to where I can't hit them. I have a clip of the person frozen in place where I can't hit them on my xbox profile but can't figure out how to get you a direct link.
  11. @ExpertDual Cool. yeah i figured that was my best bet was just to find it on twitch, I just wasn't sure if there was a definitive source or anything...something akin to an MLG. It's something I may look into once I get a little better. Playing on XBox myself. It seems like PS4 has a much higher population.
  12. Well this is pretty awesome. As a newbie are these fuse box locations as shown on these maps always the same for the phone? I've been looking for guides to help me better understand the maps and where I am in relation to places when I spawn. I would like to be familiar enough that I would know exactly where I am and where other things would be without having the map.
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