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  1. Nope. The boat was perfectly balanced before by being the stealth escape for only 2 people. If any Jason watched the map, doesn't matter if it's a slow water Jason, a competent player would still get the boat.
  2. Cox is going to wear those shorty shorts at our wedding lol.
  3. It's still RNG if the players will spawn near enough to both a bear trap and an objective. If they make it their mission to just 100% book it to a bear trap and book it back to an objective, someone's going to die because they won't be trying to defend themselves. It's not a foolproof strategy for victory.
  4. Debbie ain't, shall we say, as "free spirited" as Ms. Cox
  5. It happens in enclosed spaces. It's because the camera can't be placed inside a wall or the other side of a wall where you wouldn't see the kill anyway. It's better than the alternative.
  6. The likelihood that doing that can be pulled off with 100% success before Jason can trap at least one objective is astronomically low. Even lower for doing that for consecutive matches. You're over-blowing it.
  7. Trap the fuse because it's far easier to stop a car after its been repaired. The police is the most important thing to stop. I'm surprised tournaments even exist for this game. Counselors need a fair shot at surviving just as much as Jason needs a fair chance to sweep the board. The problems Jason faces is not greatly effected by blocking the phone or car. There are far better ways to buff Jason than making arbitrary no trap zones. Give Jason more knives or change his cooldowns or something. That would make trapping the phone box a non-issue.
  8. Jason doesn't need more control over the objective repairs. I say he's better off getting more offense. The trap thing is just fine. And you don't have to get the 2 knives at the start. That was only put there as an incentive to keep Jason off the objective for a few seconds. It's optional. You could just morph immediately.
  9. Throwing knives. I've seen plenty of matches where the cops are called immediately and Jason still sweeps the board. The chances of the bear trap thing happening before you can teleport to the phone are extremely slim. I mean, just grab the knives and go. If you're really worried then just morph immediately and skip the knives. It's that simple.
  10. Perhaps he saw the counselor do it or he just messaged everyone. What are "safety triangles?" Trapping the phone box as a counselor is a legit strategy because there is nothing stopping you as Jason from teleporting to the phone first to get there before they can trap it. So if it happens to you, you have only yourself to blame.
  11. Dude putting a bear trap in front of the phone box as a counselor is a legit strategy. You as Jason can trap the phone before the counselors have the opportunity to do that. If you don't teleport to the phone first thing then you don't get to complain when counselors take advantage of that. IIRC the devs don't consider that to be against the rules.
  12. Just going to rank the girls. Tiffany Cox: 9 Victoria Sterling: 8 Vanessa: 7 Jenny Myers: 7 A.J. Mason: 7 Deborah Kim: 6 I wish we could have gotten some curvier girls. Not that these girls would be curvy but rather one or two other characters that had more curves, like Hayley Atwell or Kat Dennings, that kind of curvy. The ones we got range from slim to average to athletic, which is fine but it would have been nice to have the complete package of body types.
  13. Among Us escapes me because it only makes sense when people aren't streaming. But it's a popular streaming game, so you could just "stream snipe" the other players to find out who the killer is. I suppose a similar train of thought occurred to the F13 devs where they realized it was too easy to figure out who the killer was. Like maybe if everyone just stayed in one group in one room and wait for the time to run out then that would be a game over for the killer because they would be forced to kill in front of the others and then they all gang up on the killer at once.
  14. I swear I remember counting 3 hits for Part 9 Jason and 4 hits for some other Jason.
  15. I know for sure normal weapon strength is 4-hits-to-kill and +Weapon Strength is 3-hits-to-kill against base level counselor health. I tested it a long time ago. I have a different idea for Grip Strength. You didn't give anything for minus grip. So we need to fill 3 levels with something. I say, -Grip includes a guaranteed stun when another counselor hits Jason while he's holding a counselor. Normal grip is as it is now, and +Grip restores Jason's former ability to hold onto a counselor and use them like a shield(they call it body blocking I believe). I think right now, Jason will drop a counselor even if the counselor is the one hit, but I recall in the first year or so of the game's life, Jason could use a held counselor as a shield when other counselors would attack because he wouldn't drop the counselor. Alternatively, here's a different idea for Grip strength: Weapon strikes on Jason while he's holding a counselor no longer trigger him to drop the counselor immediately, unless the hit results in a stun based on stun factors of weapons, perks and stats. Instead, hits help fill the grip struggle meter for the held counselor. It would be like this: -Grip Strength: Strikes onto Jason while he's holding a counselor adds +25% to the meter. Or otherwise, if a meter is considered "100 points," it "adds" 25 "points" to the meter per se. Normal Grip Strength: Strikes onto Jason while he's holding a counselor adds +35% to the meter. Or like before, "adds" 35 "points" to the accumulated meter. + Grip Strength: Functions identically to as it does now; no additional percentage or points added to the struggle meter.
  16. @mattshotcha Any chance that Stun Resistance could be re-worked to apply to stun duration? The current implementation makes it an unimportant stat whether it is a pro, con, or neither, due to too many active variables on the stun chance that muddy the results. Stun Resistance as a pro, con, or neutral all seem to be too randomized to effect gameplay in any, I guess "tangible," measurable way. People can't seem to notice whether or not it works, as many have brought up. Seems the implementation took the wrong direction.
  17. I remember one time near launch that it certainly seemed like it worked back then. One time a Buggzy player stunned my Part 8 Jason with a bat, and even after the stun meter disappeared, Jason was stuck standing for an additional, what felt like 10 seconds. It was insane. So maybe they tried to patch Stun Resistance but ended up breaking it.
  18. What really bugs me is that there is a collision box above the bed, so you can't hit the counselors within the bed. Try to throw a knife over a bed; it will get stuck in midair. That shit needs to go. The collision volume should not be above the bed. That's just bad programming.
  19. This one comes from players having loud TVs with their game chat coming through the TV, which is then picked up by their microphone, and Jason hears that person's TV through their microphone. One that I heard years ago is "The Sweater Girl MUST be the one to hit Jason to his knees. No one else can knock Jason down for the kill." Some idiot that played as Tommy did not know that Tommy could hit Jason to his knees when I used the sweater. He just stood there until Jason broke out of the stun and proceeded to berate me about how I needed to have hit Jason(I had no weapon). He screamed like a whiny bitch and wouldn't let me tell him that Tommy can do it too. Then he muted me. What a turd.
  20. Never understood that. As long as we're not doxing people, what's the harm? Hurt feelings?
  21. Note to future developers: Structure game files so that content can be removed without screwing things up.
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