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  1. I think it would be as simple as making it an attack with a weapon. Probably not with a machete(although he did that in FvJ), but knives and tent spikes, sure. If you miss, well, now you're unarmed. Go pick it up.
  2. I say it's better to give us the ability than not to. Anything can happen in a match. Jason could kill 4 councilors in quick succession, leaving plenty of time for the others. It should be up to the Jason player to plan the use of his abilities accordingly. If you spent too much time playing with dead bodies instead of making them, then you're a bad Jason. Try again. Gun Media said that 1 out of 75 matches has Jason dying, so this wouldn't hurt the gameplay at all.
  3. Soooo PC is easier to cheat on but cheaper if you buy this digitally. Now, Gun Media, if you allow people to host their own servers, the community could partially police themselves in addition to whatever measures you take to get rid of cheaters. No doubt someone is going to make a cheat to instakill all councilors with a click, always see them, or conversely, be immortal as a councilor and/or instakill Jason. And I would prefer immediate, permanant, irrevocable bans for all cheaters. Not just the account, but if possible, ban the machine/console that they are from. No takebacks, no cooldowns, no warnings. Banned. Forever.
  4. I would have Jason fade into and out of shadows. Maybe limit it to dark areas, and Jason can't do long or short-range teleport abilities if he's in a player's line of sight.
  5. Here's the deal: - Hammer: Part 2 and Part 4 - Sledgehammer: Not to my knowledge, no. - Butcher's Knife: Part 3, stabbed some girl, then Chris used it on him and he threw it back at her. - Crowbar: Not done yet. - Fireaxe: He's used many axes, just not pretty red ones. - Rebar: Kind of, in FvJ he got impaled by them. - Broken Bottle: The cemetery caretaker in Part 6 - Hook: Not yet. - Sickle: Not yet. - Frying Pan: Councilors should have that as a shield. - Baseball Bat: Daeg Faerch did it. Funny thing is, a lot of people associate Jason with chainsaws. Jason and even Roy Burns have been victims of chainsaws, but never their users.
  6. Look at the Mocap behind-the-scenes videos and you'll see Kane does not tower over the other actors. He's big but not King Kong. the other mocap actors seem about 5'5" to 6' tall. It seems the councilors are 5 feet tall, or they made Jason taller. Kane is 6'4". In-costume with Jason's big head and boots Kane may be 6'5"-6'6".
  7. That's a combination of forced perspective(Jason is closer to the camera than the "muggers"(but I'd call them punks), and a full grown man vs skinny teenagers.
  8. I hope for gameplay's sake that in-game chat is disabled for all dead players so they can't use the spectator view to tell the living players where Jason is. That wouldn't stop people over party chat though. BUT, and I mean a big BUT: What if Jason is INVISIBLE to all dead players entirely or until he initiates a kill on a living player? Eh? Eh?
  9. Being a big guy myself, I know plenty of people that stand at the same level that the counselors do to Jason. Most people are under 6ft tall, and Jason is most often 6'4." That's not giant but compared to someone that's 5'3" the difference looks enormous. As for the bookish girl being tiny: I once knew a 5'2" tall toothpick of a girl and Jason behind her was me compared to her. EDIT: After having watched the video, I know what kind of camp the counselors are from: Short camp. Seriously, if Jason is 6'4" then the counselors have to be 5' tall. And having them all be the same height makes some of them look weird, like the Head Counselor having gorilla arms.
  10. The head counselor's short legs makes him look like a gorilla. How common is it for people to actually be shaped like that?
  11. Make it look like he's stepping into shadows and stepping out of them. I just don't want a TMNT ninja vanish smoke bomb effect.
  12. Hi, it's my first post. I apologize if this has been brought up before. I couldn't find a specific post detailing this, so here's what I have to say: It has been said that the "ninja vanish" smoke effect for teleporting is a placeholder and will be changed for the final game. Here's a simple idea I thought of: When teleporting, Jason walks out of frame in the former location, then walks into frame in the new location. Bam. Immersive, scary, and Jason doesn't appear to be a wizard. I like what Gun Media is doing with this game and I hope it turns out well.
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