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  1. Time for an entirely different game with an entirely different structure, in my opinion. If there's an F13 fan game it should be built on completely independent assets and the maps and gameplay should be much different as well. Like the difference between RE2(PSOne) and RE7.
  2. Goodbye to the forum. I check in occasionally at JTV's forum. See you all around.
  3. Technically she'd weigh the same or less because the water and the weight of the water that was once in her body is now on her clothes or evaporated. The total amount of mass hasn't increased unless she gets into water, in which case the lake water would add to her mass.
  4. Because it actually makes sense. Breakable walls being immune to regular combat strikes always bugged me and should have been like the doors are. I'm not going to defend how the breakable walls are programmed because I don't like it as it is. Should have been changed from the start.
  5. @Somethin Cool The devs are on record saying combat stance vs doors is fine. Not to mention it would be asinine if Jason couldn't break doors with regular attacks, like some imaginary force field stops him from damaging it. It would be way too arcade-y like that. No thanks.
  6. That's not an exploit though. And the devs don't have a problem with it. It's fair game.
  7. That's why as Jason you have to play with psychological tactics. Say "I see you, but I'll save you for later." Only works if Jason isn't muted though.
  8. If nothing else, future developers can learn from this game and offer offline experiences from a counselor's point of view. I think it would be nice to have a story based game playing as a counselor. Think Until Dawn mixed with Resident Evil 7, and this game.
  9. And guys, please remember that Jasonkillsbugs.com is the most direct method to get bugs fixed. And provide as much information as possible.
  10. @F13 Seppuku Squad I suppose the myth occurred when someone was near the limp threshold and Jason threw a knife when they climbed through the window, so to the counselor player it appeared as if it did big damage.
  11. The version I heard is that breaking the window while they're climbing through deals the same damage as when they climb through a broken window normally. Maybe knife damage and broken window damage are already quite similar to each other.
  12. There is an option to toggle off copyrighted music. It was made for streamers.
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