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  1. Seeing as our rankings are saved in the servers and not in the console when the servers are shut down we are going to lose our rank and ability to use all Jasons. Can this be fixed before the servers are shut down?
  2. I had a game, first time ever this happenes where in the time it took to pick up the two shack knives, morph and trap the phone the engine sound kicked in, I got there to find a car full of bots, got them all but never had the car repaired in seconds before
  3. If they made a running man game similar to Friday's format which stalker would you select? Subzero Buzzsaw Dynamo Fireball Captain freedom Create your own I'd go with buzzsaw if I couldn't create but wouldn't mind a create a character for both runner and stalker. Choose which zone, choose what colour runner jumpsuit (Arnold's gold for me), would be fun but I don't think it's a well enough known IP to ever happen.
  4. I've had a bot lay a trap at the door before so when I break in I get caught, not that often though
  5. Probably no fixes for anything this late but I wish the counsellors didn't launch into the air after an execution, also coffee tables near fireplaces have this super intense purple light coming from them. Alot of games blood has been replaced with giant black blocks. Anyway I still love this game and am getting my money's worth. I revisited it often between buying new games.
  6. Stoiker not sticker, fn autocorrect
  7. There's a cool gaming YouTube channel that had many entertaining f13 matches that just deleted all his videos. I enjoyed his play style very much and was wondering if anyone knows why he deleted all his content?
  8. There's quite a few executions and clothing items that before the lawsuit you could buy but because of the lawsuit are never able to be unlocked, could these be changed to being unlockable items for cp? The menu tries to take you to the ps store then only to say I cannot select it.
  9. Had a player block a door in a basement for ten plus minutes just to dick with people and help Jason, reported him making a proper ticket but no response. Everytime I play people are carrying on and swearing at each other
  10. All counsellors on offline mode have a pocket knife, fire crackers and health spray. I have literally played a offline game where every single counselor had two pocket knives a piece. Could this please be adjusted?
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