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  1. Huh? Bugs or glitches in this game are not as annoying as people who play together. European servers are full of them. I love this game, but it pisses me off when such basic things are not solved.
  2. Today in every fucking match someone was playing with Jason. I am not surprised that less people play if the support don’t give a shit
  3. I agree with you, but the problem with these players should finally be solved. I think voting to kick would be the best way. For example, to kick somebody you would need 4 votes or something like that. In my honest opinion, there should be either a vote to kick or bans. But I doubt the second option and I really hope that something can finally be done about it.
  4. Hey guys, I think the option of kicking a player from the lobby as a host is a very good idea. It's very annoying if I see two or three people playing together and they help Jason kill other players. It seems to me that then after the match the host could kick them out and it would be great. Someone may say that I can go out and look for another lobby. Yes, but unfortunately I have to wait about 10 minutes to find the lobby, it is also very annoying. And why should I leave the lobby because two people can't play fair. Anyway, what do you think about the host having options to kick another player? It could also be a vote to kick someone. I think it would be fair and many players would also like this idea.
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