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  1. Ok guys, thanks. I do not have video evidence unfortunately. I record frequently but forgot to on this particular match. I understand about shifting into the cabin over a trap, but this guy did this, came out of shift inside the house, chased me for 2 seconds, I dove out the window, and he IMMEDIATELY shifted again. There's no way it could have been a morph, as that would not put him right next to the window I went out of. He was literally waiting for me to stand up. Way too fast for all of those things to take place without it being cheating, ya know. But since I have no video evidence I understand I'm up a creek with no paddle. I wish we could report people teaming up with Jason, seems like half of the matches I play are like this now. I know Dead By Daylight will ban you for a week for working with the killer, makes a lot of sense but probably is a lot of work to enforce. SO many idiots exist LOL, thank you.
  2. Wondering if there is a way to report someone who was hacking on PS4. This Jason was doing things I've never seen before and I want to report him. You cannot shift into a house with a trap, come out of shift inside the house, then shift right back out of the house again. The final straw for me was getting teleported a mile away into the lake (after being grabbed when he exited the house) and then drowned. This idiot and the people who team up with Jason are ruining this game for the people who play legit.
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