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  1. @mattshotcha is there any way I would be able to get the skins I lost back or is there nothing that can be done?
  2. Hey so it's 2020 and I have been playing the game for awhile. I reported this problem awhile ago but nothing has been done about it and i'm here posting about it now. Back in 2017 as a gift my Grandfather gave me an envelope and it read that he had paid for the kickstarter of the game( which at the time I was a huge fan of the movies and he got it for me as a surprise) he showed me which version he got and I was hyped to see that it was the 100 dollar version that came with the custom Jason skin and clothing pack. so some time has passed and I eventually got the game but never got the skin packs or new Jason. I wait a little bit longer, well more like a few months and nothing. I finally email them about my situation but nothing is done about it. I forget about it up until a couple weeks ago. i'm currently level 150 in the game and my grandfather had just passed away a couple weeks ago to cancer which he had fought for three years and I hadn't known about it for a whole year. I'm curious if it is still possible for me to get the skin packs and savini Jason as i'm upset that it's been three years since we originally paid for the kickstarter and I still haven't been given the codes. Sorry for such a long rant. I've been dealing with a lot of mental issues recently with my grandfathers passing. i'm 16 and it's truly a really big struggle right now especially with the Corona Virus. Thankyou for anyone who took the time to listen to my rant. Have a great day!
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