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  1. Yes I’d be showing myself! My boyfriend and I live in Utah and we’re thinking of going to “haunted” places (starting in our state, and then kind of branching out as we have the funds) and talking about the history of the places and kind of give our input on whether we believe it really is haunted or not. However I’m not wanting to solely focus on just “ghost hunting” I’d love to do videos about unsolved mysteries, urban legends, and possibly do some true crime. I know that’s a lot of things but I think if I did it right I could do some really cool things with it. That would be more of my base and the “ghost hunting” would be a side series we do when we can as this channel would just be a hobby. I’d definitely do videos where I look at footage that’s been around and give my perspective on it. I like your idea, but wouldn’t “x-files” be trademarked by fox? 😬😬
  2. I’m wanting to start a YouTube channel for all things creepy! I’m mostly wanting to talk about the paranormal and true crime. My boyfriend and I are currently playing around with the idea of doing a ghost hunting series, though I don’t want the channel to solely be a ghost hunting channel. Any ideas?!
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