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  1. It was on Twitch so I'll try my best to dig through past streams and clip a video of it. The person I was watching play wasn't the one abusing the glitch but it was their friend who was doing the exploit so it'll be hard to tell how they did it but you can still see how Jason can't hit them and phases through them when they're doing the fix the battery animation. But close to the end of the game, you'll actually see him in a different location than the one you'd first see him because he'd stop and actually did something else like pick up a baseball bat.
  2. Has anyone encountered this or know how this glitch is being exploited? I've come across this multiple times (and even seen exploited by streamers on twitch) where they'll do an counselor animation like fixing the car battery or calling the cops. When Jason tries to swing or grab, they're not actually there so his attacks go through even though they'll still continue to do the animation. While doing this glitch, the counselor is actually moving around the map unseen. You also can't see where they are either while spectating because it'll only show you the counselor doing said animation. The one streamer I witnessed doing this admitted that he was moving around despite there showing no rings or camera angles to see him. He also said he won't ever reveal how he's done it because it'll "spoil" the fun and ruin his way of playing. Not really sure how they do it but it'd be good to bring awareness and possibly a fix. edit: a more recent match I've encountered shows an Adam abusing the exploit "fixing the power box" or "opening drawers" and it'll actually show their character moving around while stuck in the animation so it isn't just limited to said actions above. I unfortunately wasn't able to clip it.
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