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  1. By this logic we should also remove the minimap, cuz counselors are just normal people and can't sense where Jason is.
  2. 1)Combat stance tanking crazy shit like traps or firecrackers 2)Super fast grab that could be used during combat (with considerab├že speed while grabbing and meat shield) 3)Boat was somewhat useful cuz it didn't make sound when started 4)OP thick skinned 5)Small-eye Tiffany 6) 20 minutes to find a lobby to end up crashing 7)Fininding 7 friends to play with you in a private match in less than 5 min (that is what I miss the most ;_
  3. My worst experience was with salty streamers who encouraged their kid followers to send hatemail cuz I was "totally cheating".
  4. I don't agree that it is a victory, since it doesn't show a kill for Jason nor a escape for the counselor. I think officially it should be considered a tie. However, I see that as a lost, because anyone left behind with Jason is a dead person to me. Plus, if time was infinite Jason would eventually catch and kill the counselor. But it is better to lose dancing rather than with your head popped, so IMO it is the best way to lose. That being said, I don't think it is toxic.
  5. This post is from days ago. Will this forums really gonna be archived? Hope not.
  6. No. If noob Jasons don't die, they don't learn. I was killed many times as a noob Jason, and that is why I am better now. Plus this is not an offense this is regular gameplay, nothing wrong whatsoever. It's toxicity and trolling of kill squads that is bad, especially for new players.
  7. Nope, but Gun is banning who strams content of those mods.
  8. IDK why this guy keeps counting his "fails"tho. If a Jason can grab a counselor with none "fails" that either means he made incredible use of stalk or the counselor is incredibly bad. Edit: lol that was quite a lot of fails, especially at the end.
  9. I have a tolerance of 5 mins. If the Jason couldn't kill everyone else on that time I'm leaving. Too boring watching other people play. Of course, if it is my friends I stay.
  10. As everyone might already know, Gun banned several streamers and it is clearly not happy with the Re-Slashed or Definite Edition. While I was seeing comments, people seemed to be revolted with Gun, even talking about not buying Gun's stuff anymore and even cancelling Gun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1DpSz0xNuo Is that the best aproach? In the long run, is making so many fans angry worth it to have control over the game? What should expect for the future of Gun? I wish Gun the best, however I fear for its future. Is that the best aproach Gun could've made? If so, what would be a better aproach for Gun? PS: This is not to point fingers at Gun or harass anyone, this is to debate the future and make constructive criticism.
  11. 1-Vanessa (Distracting, stepping on traps, harassing jason) 2-Brandon (Distracting, stepping on traps, harassing jason) 3-Lachappa (Repair things, step on traps, defend objectives, drive the car) 4-Mitch (repair things, distract jason, step on traps) 5-Shelly (step on traps, defend objectives, repair things) 6- Adam (distract Jason, repair things, step on traps) 7- Kenny (substitute for anyone who dies) 1 and 2 counselors who will constantly teabag and harass jason, also randomly step on traps to call jason's attention.They will use Thick skinned, Medic and Hypo. Since killing is out of the way, numbers 3 to 6 will focous in doing objectives. They will run Medic, Hypo and Evasion, to safly hit Jason and defend and repair the objective. Kenny will run Medic, Hypo and Evasion, so he'll be able to do everything any other counselor does. Driving the car will be akward in this team, cuz few have decent luck. But with correct coodination it is able to stun Jason so luck won't be a problem. Plus, it is possible to just call the police. Just for fun, if duplicates were allowed I would do 2 Vanessas, 1 Chops, 1 Mitch and 2 Adams. If killing was allowed I would swap Adams for Foxes.
  12. I'll miss the forums. Had a lot of fun here. Sad times...
  13. Can Miller harm Gun in someway if Gun does nothing about the mod? Can this mode be a way to escape the judge's decision? Is that why Gun and moderators are treating the mod like a tabo? I would like to read honest answers fo what you guys know, doesn't matter if it is needed to close this thing after. If not, I'll be sad, but understand. @mattshotcha @Kodiak @JPops
  14. So, I wanted to know more about Jason block. I obviously understand what it does, but I am curious to know about some specific things. What is the percentage of the reducement in damage? When Jason blocks an attack, sometimes he does an animation with his arm. Is that a "block recovery"? During that animation does Jason takes full damage? Does blocking influences on damage of ranged weapons? Sometimes the mask falls even though I was blocking. There was a match where I got stunned locked in the blocking position and the mask fell. Don't have vid proof tho. @Somethin Cool might know.
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