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  1. Thank you for the insight as well as showing me the big picture..Hopefully if they make another version maybe focus on an open world solo game / online multiplayer ??
  2. I'm sure most of you has played Resident evil remake by now and experienced the terror of relentless pursue of Mr.X... It's about time for a Jason A.i.. It makes a lot of sense to keep the game alive by making a single player survivor version of the game.. Though we all love Jason ...but what kept us in fear of Jason was being stalked by Jason..being in the counselors shoes ... PvP is good and all but sometimes we all would love a little solo content...and make it an Official survivor horror just as a resident evil game but also imitate the movies as well..Look at it this way, most horror games are single player and most people would like to survive the horror" Not" always "be" the horror itself..don't get me wrong if you have some inner serial killer in you and being Jason is satisfying your inner blood lust then indulge by all means...But remember the entire point of a horror is we like to be scared and Jason A.i will not only bring back players but will also give this game what its been always missing.. (not to mention solo has always been popular do to not dealing with trolls in game helping jason)
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