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  1. I’ve been playing Friday the 13th game for a while now and I know dedicated servers have shut down from this damn lawsuit; however, the game is lagging a lot. Sometimes it even takes me out of the game for no reason. Is there a way to fix this? Does anyone have the same problem?
  2. Ehsan

    Very slow

    The new update just came out a few days ago but it’s extremely slow. The game buffers a lot, glitches, and you get thrown out of the lobby if the host leaves. Anyone having the same problem?
  3. Ehsan

    Character voices

    I’m a bit confused on this because when Jason is in a middle of a kill the counselors will either sound like Chad or AJ they won’t sound like themselves.what’s with that??
  4. The third time this is happening. This is really starting to piss me off. What’s with these damn hackers?
  5. It’s happening again. “Network error connection timed out” I was trying to play for the past few days and it still isn’t working. How can this be fixed?
  6. Anyone having the same problem? Every time I enter a game I can’t open anything and it kicks me out a few seconds into the game. I have restarted the game, my console, and disconnected my internet; nothing worked. Do you guys know what I can do
  7. Have the same problem. At the start of the game I couldn’t open doors or windows, it took me out of the game, and said “network connection error” “connection timed out”
  8. Guys I’m just wondering, if Jason can use his sense ability then what’s the point in having composure; either way he can use his sense ability and still find you. How do you stay hidden? Especially if you are the last man standing. What would you do then ?
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