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  1. Been away for a while and I wanted to address to anyone who may be reading this that I am happy with the way things have gone on. I am happy that for even all the flack that I received in different posts that the delay and addition of single player and AI was carried out. This is why I believe in the team. I appreciate that this company is so damn good that it would look at what it is doing and release a completed product instead of doing like some companies and putting out a half complete mess just to have us wait for patches to fix it. Thanks again for taking our concerns and making things happen. Beyond shocked. You guys are great.
  2. So, in July of last year I picked up a warning post, no big deal, about even talking about single player and AI Bots and the forums got a little pointed. I just wanted to say that after being away for several months, I was watching a youtube video from RabidRetrospectGames and I heard about the "delay" to add this very important feature. I read the press release and I saw the line where most people would just read "delay"... I wanted to state that I believe this is a great move and any constructive criticism that was given was never with the intent to incite, but more to try to have the conversation about single player / AI (much like I did with atheistic client side skin modding- which was shot down by someone screaming over and over about GTA5 and its GAMEPLAY mods- and completely showing they do not understand the difference between client side skin mods and gameplay breaking mods) I am much more excited about this project and entry into the F13 franchise. The gameplay footage was amazing. It looks great and I can't wait to see what happens moving on down the road. Great move. Very much appreciated. This will add so much longevity to the game. Happy Friday the 13th.
  3. Don't worry about it. Truth of the matter is we'd probably get along in real life. Text is hardly a "great" vehicle for point/counter point as we are accustomed to body language, tone and other things while hearing what someone is saying. It's fine. No harm done. I'm not targeted, you're not targeted. No one is targeted. You're original post was probably well meaning and I take it as such. I was merely trying to start a conversation about how we view other peoples issues with something that we all have concerns about. The idea is that we all care about this project and no one should be dismissed simple because we don't agree with them. In fact, neither of us have a hand in making this- so- the whole conversation is just a random exercise in communication. I only find it hard to be annoyed at things people say. They are just words. Either vibrations in the air or text on a screen. Harmless and unimpactful- unless you allow them to be. If I knew you, I'd buy you coffee. No worries.
  4. The irony is amazing. Don't worry about it. It is of no consequence. I will leave you to your devices.
  5. It isn't defensive as I have nothing to defend. This is not my game. To "bring out" being a psychology student was eluding to the fact that I was going to be looking at what you said and how you said it, showing the characteristics of the writer- dismissing and doing little more than hurling insults at people whom, as you've suggested, aren't here to explain what they said or why. I don't participate in bashing of those either absent, or made up, simply so a point can be made without debate. As I have mentioned concerns myself. I find it curious and I merely commented. I watch how people say things and I analyze it. You may take it how you wish, however, I did say that I couldn't say one way or another in terms of the your "intelligence" (lol) (see, its that kind of thing that I point out ). What I see is someone who attempted an analysis/dismissal of criticism of a game they haven't played and to "devs" who were being "shot" at, whom you probably do not know and zero sources were cited and many attempts at insults given. I really don't get caught up in the defensive side of things the way you may think. I do, however, take the time to make a comment when people dismiss things they either simply don't agree with or cannot see for themselves. They way you did it came off as a "jerk" would do it, to use your established vernacular. It is fitting to stand in reflection of the "shoe on the other foot" scenario. To be honest, when I read what you wrote- I thought, huh... more of this sony crap. I'm not going to bother with the percentage of forum goers that have or have not seen facebook or other social media outlets because you know very well you have taken zero data and pulled numbers out of the sky. So that's not even something to hold discussion about. I did not feel targeted at all nor do I take any offense to your reply or your grammar corrections as I have an editor for that stuff and I have no regard for the structure of my writing as long as the point is made. I saw something of interest in the middle of your Top 5 click bait (I say this because Top # posts/videos are subjective at best and often regarded as click bait as there are no real measurements or data used- only "personal feelings" placed on display to the public and in format to be replied to) - to assume that I "felt" targeted is to not know anything about me personally. In the climate where everyone is offended, I tend to stay away from that kind of mentality. It was just an reply. Nothing more, nothing less. Short version: You've done no research. No one is targeted. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Dismissing criticism is silly. Subjectivity is meaningless in the realm of public opinion.
  6. I'm at a loss as to why that is "most annoying". I see that and I simply assume people do not understand the difference in game mechanics. If someone said, Mario looks like Megaman because they are both 2D side scrollers, I wouldn't be annoyed. Honestly, I wouldn't care. I'd safely assume that they believe they look the same. Which, they do- so... no annoyance felt. I'm mostly stoic, so that may be the split between those who are annoyed and those who are not. The only thing I find "annoying" at any time is that people, generally, whether online or in person, cannot- and I mean CANNOT- deal with a debate. If you disagree with them, the annoyance and sometimes anger is shown and most often, expressed with the grace not seen since last trip to Walmart. I can do little more than look at them, pity them for their thin skins, and move along, curious of when the next person will ask me to listen/read something and then reply- only to have them reveal the extent of their thin skin- now, if you agree with them, they react well. (and that is extremely childish) I see no problem with two people having different thoughts, accepting those for what they are- as they do not harm me in the slightest, then being friendly and nice afterward. This is not the real world, sadly. The age we live in has a plague of mental weakness running through it like cancer.
  7. Greetings! Class is in session! Ah- Click bait- I'll take "Post count +1" for $500. I'm not on twitter, but from what I understand about it- long posts aren't allowed. So- I'd drop that one off the "little to no logic" part. Facebook is appalling in its own right- so I avoid it as well outside of the messenger for people I know in real life. I have made points and voiced well thought out concerns about multiplayer only games. You seem to be unaware to the fact that all multiplayer games die. So we can now put that one in the box of reality as well. I've seen a great many posts that employed logic and understanding of the market- but I have come across no posts as simple or asinine as what you suggest. As a student of psychology I can see why you think what you write. You imply "shots at devs", lack of "internet", not having "friends", and that somehow you diagnose someone as objecting to "social interactivity". Yet, this is not shown, nor has it been the focal point of any of the posts I have read. Surely, when dissected, you can see a defined dichotomy of what is, and what is not. As I haven't seen anyone say, at any point, that this game will suck. I simply haven't seen it. I also haven't seen "this game will suck without single player". I have seen something quite different, which has been along the lines of "this game would benefit from single player". Which is, of course, vastly different. Either that is baiting, or the inability to process what is actually going on. I cannot say which. "this game will die". If multiplayer only, yes. That is a fact without private servers. It simply happens and there is nothing that declaring that it wont can do to make it not so. "*insert Sony Ghostbusters type silly assertions about people who have concerns*". Well it made for a good movie campaign to drum up a few extra dollars from politically motivated groups- but the movie still sucked. Criticizing those with concerns rather than the concerns themselves is ad hominem in nature and that is weak. As you venture down the forest of "Reductio ad absurdum", lost in your thoughts, consider this: you are not the only one with opinions. Class dismissed.
  8. The only way I could see this working is if things got realistic. Jason is slow. Even when he ran, he wasn't fast as a steady sustainable jog could leave him easily. Probably best in a scenario type mode. One where you start off inside and Jason is right outside- now, if Jason comes through the door, you go out the window- either way, the only exit to the road is around Jason, so it would be a run for your life mode where there are bear traps set up by Jason along the way before hand- maybe a 30 second preround start. Maybe even a thrown weapon. Things like that- short matches based solely on GTFO mechanics. Maybe inside the structure there is a lot of floor space and obstacles that neither side could simply go over/through. Things like that. Something with more objectives of course, like warning others etc.
  9. This is kind of my primary concern. The griefer types are in every multiplayer community. You can look on twitch or youtube and find MILLIONS of vids on them. I've seen multiplayer matches absolutely ruined by people who were killing/harassing their own teammates, AFKing, dropping out of a close match, and lets not forget the cheaters. This is why I wish there were single player aspects. Or co-op private stuff. It comes down to this- any time other people are involved, there will be issues. One thing that I do not like is there there is already a german team who have taken the assets of the virtual cabin via datamining and modding- and are building a single player game that will be free to download and apparently nothing will be sold. That takes away from the game here- and- gives away the artists and developers work. I don't speak deutsche so all I really get out of it is that since no single player mode will be made, then they will make it. I don't know anything about the mechanics or how different it will be as the mechanics are not in the virtual cabin, id imagine- but that is the kind of thing that happens.
  10. Hush was a really fresh concept on the genre. I thought it was great.
  11. I meant leaving the team alone lol- I can't leave altogether. I never wish my comments to be viewed as negative rather than being viewed as concerned in a positive way. You said perception is reality. I'm a writer- you should hear me critique my own work before its handed to the editor. I am not downing the product or myself, but I am concerned that it has more potential. As an artist, I am very critical, but critical in the way that things are to be improved. I fully realize and accept that I know little to nothing about this game, and honestly, my critique isn't centered around the game. It's centered around the future of the franchise. I thought Jason was dead. Gaming with machete J sure has been dead for decades. I want so badly for this to succeed. I can assure you that the points I made about modding, single player and bots were simply thoughts of hope for keeping the game alive, and I also realize it hasn't even been finished. I'm not prematurely driving nails in the coffin. I just know how fast the gaming industry leaves things behind. Players go to the next thing. I am a Friday the 13th die hard. (I wear a Jason mask damn near daily when I ride my Harley- I know its odd but the people love it lol). I imagine my concerns were similar to the concerns of the star wars fan base when they heard new movies were going to come out after the abysmal prequel trilogy. When I heard an F13 game was coming out- I said... oh shit... a cash grab... its going to fuck over Jason and Camp Crystal lake for good. I looked into the project and now I'm so overwhelmingly hopeful. Finding out it was multiplayer only (and yes I understand it was always marketed as such) was an "Oh shit!" moment because I watched the havoc that was caused by Star wars Battlefront. So- its more of genuine concern for the series. If the game was great, who knows what else we will see in the future since games are one of the biggest and major media influencing forces today. If it doesn't do well, then the franchise takes a huge hit. As far as I'm concerned, this game is carrying the future of the franchise on its shoulders. I know they are trying to make another movie but they've mishandled that in the past. I'm hoping the game makes up for it all! Undead Nightmare is a mod of RDR. Yes it is a full release by Rockstar (Rockstar something- I forget- Rockstar North?) but it started as a modding project using in game assets and modding mesh/textures. And I said it was made by the devs. I know it wasn't a downloadable nexus type mod as it was only on the 360 I believe- I've never got into modding the 360 stuff. I hear that you can, but I never bothered. I have mentioned several times that it was a stand alone release that was official- and that's the point. They modded their own stuff (used and altered released in game assets)- the merits of modding. When Dean Rocket Hall was hired, he became a dev of the company. In other words, the devs backed the modding community- in a major way. I was wrong about Arma III, I looked at my stuff and its Arma 2. I didn't know that you needed need the max amount of players to start a match though. That's cool as long as new players don't spawn in static locations for Jason to find them easily or spawn right in front of him or something like that. Some games just can't get that right lol. If you have any more info on the player min/max limit, please let me know. I'm interested in learning more.
  12. To the three people who have quoted me and deleted my entire great wall of text- and all have written "STUFF" in there- I laughed my ass off the first time I saw that and I've laughed every time since. Odd things make me laugh. I know I write a lot and am willing to laugh at myself. Well done!
  13. Especially when there are companies like Electronic Arts who take servers offline or purposely not bothering with support knowing full well that they are going to rely in yearly releases. In the interview with one of the leads, they mentioned that the next battlefront will have single player due to the game not doing as well as originally projected. I think they horribly mishandled the star wars and battlefront franchise simultaneously. They've got 10 year exclusive franchise rights (barring anything they could sub license out) so they are going to milk the name as much as possible. The 2015 battlefront was, in the opinion of many, an incomplete game with more potential than a single player tech demo and online stuff. There have been many games that once the online dies, the game is gone. I still play Outbreak from time to time. The AI is worthless but its something. Better than Battlefield Vietnam where you can't get a match going at all. I talk about Homefront a lot. The multiplayer in that game was the centerpiece of the game. I believe it was 32 v 32 maps. Massive. It ran great and I loved it. It's gone as well, but prematurely due to the studio going under. Socom 2 was also amazing. The good news, in a weird way, is that the same people who program bots to progress your character while you are at work (WoW Glider comes to mind)- a shit ton of buttons, massive amounts of travel, enemies that move, programmed combat scripts per class and skill tree- once someone makes one of those for any game, it falls into the modding communities hands to save the game by adding AI Bots. Of course Blizzard sued Mdragon but private servers can use that tech to populate areas of extremely light visitation in those private serves to preserve a live like experience. I rather enjoy Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer because you can have player made bots that aren't cheap and you aren't getting the cheating hacker types- similar to Black Ops training (which of course demanded you to be online with Xbox Live and when the servers go down, you can't even play solo anymore :/ )
  14. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.... I've acted in a bunch of movies and one of my buddys- Charlie, was in this one. He is the bearded guy who drives the jeep up, shoots first and is shown throughout the movie holding the leg in the aftermath. I watched it because of him.... but I didn't expect to enjoy it. I liked it.
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