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  1. Can’t believe people are still whining about the rage buff. It was so necessary, because before he was a punching bag. He still is to an extent, but there should be some consequences for swinging at him just for the sake of trolling - this is Jason we’re talking about, after all. This Jason buff is going to be SO nice, and a great balance!
  2. That solves literally nothing. Unless you’re playing with friends, then pub lobbies don’t usually go for the kill. That’s just the way it is — and there’s nothing wrong with that. The main goal is to escape, not kill Jason, and while killing Jason is definitely satisfying, it really isn’t meant to be the goal of every quick play round.
  3. You’re so welcome! For me it depends on the map. If I spawn near one of the spots where a med spray is, then I’ll usually just quickly loot the closest cabin to me and then go grab the spray. I almost always find a med spray every round after learning all of the spawn points. Yeah, it really helps to know the spots where it’s guaranteed to find a spray. I still usually use medic though, just because I have a very aggressive play style and intentionally try to take out all of Jason’s traps early on in the match so we can get stuff done. 😎
  4. Every map has some designated med spray spots, I’ve memorized some of them so here they are: Crystal Lake Small: 1 or 2 in the bathrooms, 1 at a random campfire, 1 in the boat shop, 1 on the front balcony at the cabin above the workshop, 1 at the lifeguard post at the shoreline next to the car spawn. Packanack Small: 1 on a barrel at the barn at the west exit, 1 in the small green cabin next to the campfire at the main lodge, 1 on lifeguard post at the shore down the stairs from the main lodge, 1 on the small island north, 1 at a random campfire. Higgins Haven Small: 1 in the barn, 1 at a random campfire, 1 at the graveyard, 1 on the porch at the main ledge between two chairs, 1 on a stack of books at the top of the stairs inside the main lodge. Packanack: 1 on the balcony on the second floor of the main lodge, 1 can sometimes spawn in the downstairs bathroom behind the door, 1 can sometimes spawn at the same lifeguard post as Packanack small, 1 at the barn, 1 in the small green cabin next to the campfire at the main lodge, 1 at a random campfire. Higgins Haven: 1 on a stack of books on the second floor of the main lodge, 1 can sometimes spawn in the bathroom in the main lodge, 1 at the docks where the boat spawns south of Evergreen camp, 1 at a random campfire, 1 at the graveyard. Crystal Lake: 1 in the workshop, 1 on a barrel next to outhouses by the archery, 1 on the balcony at the cabin north of the workshop, 1 in the boat shop, 1 or 2 at the bathrooms, 1 at a random campfire. Jarvis House: 1 in each bathroom in the main lodges, 1 on a barrel next to the docks on the east island, 1 at a random campfire OR at one of the boat spawns. Pinehurst: 1 in the bathroom at the main lodge, 1 in the upstairs bedroom w/bunk beds, 1 at a picnic table at Stoneside next to the campfire, 1 at a picnic table at Camarillo, 1 at a random campfire. Always check all bathrooms and side rooms as well on every map, they can spawn there too. Edit: Medic is very good, but only if you can roll it with 0% damage taken increase. I wouldn’t suggest using it otherwise. 😊
  5. I’m guilty of rage quitting, but only if the Jason is using exploits, or is teaming. Otherwise I don’t. It’s really frustrating as Jason to deal with it, and you’re right. It’s almost always high level players, I noticed that they troll/team/quit a lot more often than new players.
  6. I hear a lot of people recommend restful as a strong perk, but I honestly can't agree. Stam regen is completely reliant on fear, and most counselors gain fear so quickly that restful doesn't help. Tiffany, especially with her terrible composure. Marathon, on the other hand, is a really nice perk to use on counselors like Deb, AJ, Eric. I wouldn't consider her as hard to kill as Vanessa, either; because her speed is relatively low, and her luck is terrible as well.
  7. I will never play a counselor without thick skinned equipped. Medic is a very close second. I enjoy playing No Fear Jenny(10% Nerves of Steel, 10% Preparedness) and always use thick skinned as my third perk. Edit to add this: I have a very aggressive play-style, where I'm always trying to trigger Jason's traps and squaring up with him, so thick skinned is necessary all of the time.
  8. All of the time, that's just what it's like online. Nearly every gaming community is toxic to some degree, unfortunately. The best way to handle it is to just ignore them, as hard as that is.
  9. You don’t have the right to do “whatever you want” with the game, offline or not. You don’t own the license to the game, or the rights. You’re not using “mods” either. You’re accessing unreleased content. Content that is not intended for you, or anyone else, to use. You literally have no rights to the game, at all. What you’re doing is illegal, and you should be grateful that Gun hasn’t taken legal action against you and the other “modders” in the community. We all want Jason X, but that doesn’t mean we have the right to play him. If it was harmless, then Gun would’ve released him at least for offline play, but they haven’t. You’re acting entitled, and the truth is you’re not entitled to anything.
  10. Hi, y’all! I’m relatively new to the forums but I’ve been playing the game since release. Usually just lurk and read up on forums, but I’m trying to be a little more active in the community lately. 😁 F13 is still one of my favorite games & I continue to play it a lot, and I’m extremely grateful to the devs for their continued efforts despite the legal issues preventing new content. I’m usually around in the official discord so thought I’d introduce myself here too! I play primarily on PC, but also picked this up on the switch. I have a group of fun, experienced players and some new as well, and always looking to invite some new people to the group! Feel free to add my steam, /hbunot is my community profile url, if you’re looking for some chill, mature people to play with. Hope y’all are having a safe quarantine! 💕
  11. The devs usually release a list of what they’re working on prior to a patch release.
  12. I can’t believe this Tgames person thinks he’s fooling game devs... “never played a cracked version of the game”, yet their name is all over the hacking community of F13. So funny. Sadly, I’m seeing this alternate version promoted everywhere now, including Facebook.
  13. They ban people a LOT. I report nearly every hacker I run into, and I can confidently say that each one has been banned. People who say that Gun doesn’t care really have no idea what they’re talking about.
  14. I really don’t understand why they won’t release the Pajama clothing DLC after the lawsuit is settled. It’s completed, just unreleased. Modders have already found ways to unlock it for themselves and play with it. They could release it as purchasable DLC after the lawsuit is settled and at least make some money there.
  15. Yikes, uh.. have you ever played as a Jason with +shift? Yes, it is noticeably faster moving than neutral and -shift Jasons.
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