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  1. I know, that’s why as Jason I always make sure to trap the entrance to the shack, stock up on any nearby throwing knives, morph over to the phone trap it (if they were bad/mid-level players I’d then take the time to trash the cabin so they couldn’t hide or get in/out of windows without being damaged), walk/run/shift to the first car to trap it (by this time Morph would have recharged) unless I spotted the “Tommy” house in which case I’d stop to kill the nearest generator, then if there was another car on the map I’d Morph over to it, trap it, which usually left me with at least one trap and then I’d begin the hunt.
  2. Oh I know, I’ve been very lucky to often be a counselor while playing in a lobby with a group of high tier counselors/player and the few times I faced off against them as Jason they were able to pick up pretty quickly on my skill level and knew that I wouldn’t fall for most of the usual tricks or be stupid enough to try to take on a group of them head on so they often would take turns trying to get me to tunnel (which I was pretty good at avoiding and would only do for the Tommy player) while the others fixed the objectives cause they realized once they got those done they (for the most part) won especially if I was playing as either of the later Jasons (Part 6-9) since they (for the most part) either had longer recharge times for Morph/Shift or shorter duration/usage time for shift/sense.
  3. Nope and I feel that the reason(s) for that is that I’m a pretty good (overall) Jason player (and once my friends realized that they would often try to escape/end the match as soon as possible rather than fight me head on and the few times they did try to fight me head on it was to try to distract me while everyone else was working on the objectives) and I often picked Jason’s with high trap counts so they would have to waste their pocket knifes on my traps. Also during that phase if I got hit with a pocket knife I made sure from then on to either slash at them, use my throwing knives (I usually like to keep several on hand), or steer them into one of my traps (which they were usually in a panic and wouldn’t see) until they died.
  4. Early on (once I found a good group to play with on the Xbox One) yes (since mid 2018 no I haven't ), but we made sure to have a few ground rules (as well as various punishments if you failed to follow them) in place. The big one being whoever was playing as Jason had to leave the Party Chat before the start of the match (they could return once the match was over) & if they were caught still using the Party Chat during the match (we have a random members check at random time during the match) they would be banned from playing as Jason for a week and for the remainder of the play session (unless it was a short session or if they up and quit without saying bye, in which case the punishment carried over to the next session) the other counselors could rat out/betray said person without consequence/punishment. Also in the very next match after the rule violation the Jason player had to (usually gleefully) target/kill the rule breaker first before going after the rest of the counselors. Edit: For further reference on Xbox One I'm at rank 150 (and only need the 500 & 1000 matches as Jason achievements), on PS4 I'm rank 46 (and have 53% of the trophies for the game), and on Switch (which is the version I'm currently active on) I'm rank 23
  5. I can proudly and truthfully say that I've never died (so far) while playing as Jason across 3 different platforms (Xbox One, PS4, & Switch), but in the early goings (back when the game first came out) there were a few people who came really close to killing me. Though when it came time to try & get me to my knees for the killing blow they'd mess it up in one way or another (once they had the bright idea of trying to do it in one of the cabins but the hallway was so narrow and there were so many counselors in close proximity to me that when Tommy went to knock me down to my knees he got pushed by one of the other players who was running around like an idiot and accidentally hit the cabin wall instead, which bought me enough time to get out of the sweater stun and quickly dispatch 2 of the 5 remaining counselors before they all realized they had f**ked up) or I'd manage to find a way to f**k up their plan before they could execute it.
  6. I honestly don't know where to begin when talking about this campaign or why anyone on here should even be interested in/care about this campaign to begin with so I guess I'll just give y'all the long n short of it. Basically over 6,000 backers for the Evil Dead 2 board game (as well as backers from 2 other campaigns by the same company, Space Goat Productions) got screwed over by SGP (the campaign creator) and were left high n dry by the company with nothing to show as well as no real idea as to what really happened to the more than a million dollars (total) that was raised by all 3 campaigns. Last Oct (2018) when Jasco Games along with Lynnvander games studio & The Evil Dead Rights group announced that they have teamed up to try and resurrect the Evil Dead 2 board game with plans on launching the first ever "heartthrob" Kickstarter campaign in 2019 which if successful would get backers of the original campaign as well as any new backer a copy of the game. Well the campaign is now live with an all in goal of $195,000 and a (as of right now) 21 day period in which to raise the funds, so far they've raised $45,000 of their $195,000 goal. If you are interested in backing the Kickstarter you can do so here and even if you have no interest in backing this please help out by trying to spread the word about this Kickstarter as it aims to get the people who got screwed over by SGP the game they backed 3 years ago,. Also if this campaign is successful they (Jasco Games) will attempt to do a heartthrob campaign for the backers of The Terminator board game who also got screwed over by Space Goat Productions and while I'm thinking about it the people behind this have announced that there will be no stretch goals for this game and that they are only offering 1 add on for this campaign in the form of a graphic novel adaptation of the Evil Dead 2 movie. Thanks
  7. If this article (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/friday-13th-screenwriter-wins-rights-battle-producer-1147991) is any indication it looks like the lawsuit has finally been decided in favor of Victor Miller.
  8. I'm essentially a Completionist (only need 2 more achievements to have all of them on Xbox One and am missing about 15 of the 33 Tommy/Pamela tapes), a franchise fan, and an Entertainee (especially when I'm as Jason)
  9. I've had quite a few badass Jason moments while playing this game, but my favorite (and imo funniest) badass Jason moment (next to tricking the last player in a match, an injured Tommy player, who was playing a combo of the taunting & train game with me into jumping right through a unbroken window where I had stealthily laid a bear trap that instantly killed him) would have to be the time (during the game's first 2 weeks back in 2017) when I accidentally shifted onto the roof of a cabin at Camp Stillwater on the Higgins Haven map while chasing after 2 counselors as Savini Jason. The funny part is I had to spend a good 5 mins or so trying to convince the 2 counselors in the cabin whose roof I was on that I wasn't trying to trick them into letting me into the cabin. Once they came out and realized I wasn't joking they both simultaneously busted out in laughter then started quizzing me (again) on how the hell I got up there, after answering their questions I gave them a 2 minute headstart before hunting them down & killing them. Several matches later I was able to recreate the feat multiple times and decided it would be a good idea to stop and take a few screenshots (which I've posted below) just in case the game's devs decided to patch the ability to do it later on down the road, which they did eventually do, but not before I was able to go "Remake" Jason (see the kill at the 1:10 mark for an idea of what I'm talking about https://bit.ly/2ps8Nhl) on a poor unsuspecting soul during a match .
  10. Pre-ordered that fucker (the Part 5 soundtrack from Waxwork) the second it went live on Friday the 13th (Part 5 was my first F13 movie so I have a real soft spot for that one also I already have Waxwork's releases for Part 3 w/3D lenticular cover & Part 4 so why not continue the trend ) and it actually arrived earlier today but I havn't gotten around to listening to it just yet. Also Waxworks did do a release for the first F13 movie (they even did a super rare blood filled variant for it as it was one of the first albums they released) and have been saying that they plan to do a reprint run for both Part 1 & 2 sometime this year.
  11. Was browsing through the posts and I didn't see either Pieces or The Barn being mentioned yet so I figured I'd bring them up.
  12. I've also got it (I use it primarily on Xbox One) and overall I think that the Xbox One app needs a lot of work as I find it a chore to look through their selection of movies/shows (also they have podcast episodes on there and they aren't marked in any way as being Podcasts) and for some reason it won't play the "Premium" version of Shudder TV (it works on the phone app & on my laptop but it doesn't want to work on the Xbox One app), other than that I really enjoy the service. They have a nice selection of movies as well as a few awesome exclusives like their series "The Core", Wolf Creek The TV series, and the Sadako vs. Kayako (aka The Ring vs. The Grudge) movie.
  13. Super stoked about this, but also super bummed cause I'm gonna miss out on his small pit stop he making to help promote this in Brooklyn on the 11th (I'll be passing through NY the day before he shows up)
  14. Yep, and funny thing is that I actually got my Blu Ray copy as part of my reward (along with issue #281 of Famous Monsters of Filmland featuring The Bride of Frankenstien) for backing the Hollywood Horror Museum Kickstarter (and if I had seen/heard about that Kickstarter earlier I 'd have definitely jumped on the Bushido Female Jason figurine reward instead)
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