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  1. If the player is purposely using Vanessa (or other high stam counselor) just so they can loop Jason around tables the whole match and make no attempt at escaping or helping other counselors to escape then kinda-sorta-yeah. Although I would be more annoyed being another counselor who is stuck spectating a looper trying to stn than I would be Jason trying to catch them.
  2. I have actually found the opposite to be the case. The people who suicide tend to stick around for the next match, in my experience. Otherwise they would have just quit to begin with. Why does Jason grab you just to allow you to break free and fall into a trap and die? Why do counselors hit each other when it doesn't do any damage? Why do counselors purposely drive the car into the lake? The answer is always the same. Because they can.
  3. Added: - When someone quits the game it is 100% because they are angry and "raging" over something you did. - When someone uses exploits or glitches it is because they are not as good at the game as you. - When someone teams with Jason or Jason teams with a counselor it is because they are not as good at the game as you. - When someone complains about your game tactics it is because they are not as good at the game as you. - Basically if anyone does anything you don't like in a match it is because they suck and need to "git gud".
  4. The new "Edition" that was modded for PC seems to be the only reason people have to play on PC anymore. So in some aspects I'd say it is helping more than hurting.
  5. There is one major difference between Quitting and Committing Suicide. Quitting (whether its due to Rage, Boredom, Immaturity or otherwise) means you leave the match completely. If they were Jason, the match is over and people wasted their time. If they were the host, the match AND lobby are over, again wasting people's time. If they were a non-host counselor then it's not a big deal. Committing Suicide ends that person's match and that person's match alone. The rest of the lobby can keep playing. If Jason is pissy about losing out on a kill then boohoo for him. So ya, there is potentially quite a large difference between the two.
  6. I actually thought the same thing. To me "sliding" was when a counselor would glide around the map with either the flare gun or shotgun raised. "Teleporting" was when a counselor would use any melee weapon to teleport from one spot to another (usually 10-20 feet away from where they were). I guess that means "Teleporting" might be fixed but "sliding" is not. I have noticed an increased level of visual glitches from high ping. There have always been visual issues when you have a high ping (doors looking like they are open when they are closed, getting stuck in an animation, getting stuck on drawers) but they seem to be more prevalent post-patch. And last night I saw a new visual glitch that I hadn't seen before. I went into a cabin and a drawer looked like it was open and had a health spray in it. But the drawer was actually closed but there was indeed a health spray it it. I am guessing that someone else glitched out when opening the drawer before I got there?
  7. Agreed. As much as I'd love to see a licensed Halloween or even another Friday game, after the experience with this game and the lawsuit crap, it just isn't worth it. I'd much rather it be a more generic horror survival game that actually gets proper patches, proper updates and proper DLCs. Edited to add: And proper Druids, Samhain writings and Peter Criss.
  8. It is a small sample size (6 or 7 matches) but playing on the xbox last night I found I was getting stuck while opening drawers more often than I used to. Before the recent patch it was rare for me to get stuck while opening a drawer. And by stuck I mean I would be stuck on the open drawer for a few seconds then I could move around while still in the "opening drawer" animation until I interacted with something else and everything went back to normal. Last night I got stuck on drawers 4 or 5 times in the few matches I played. It only seemed to occur when something was in the drawer. I would get stuck with the drawer open and could not move (like I used to when it would glitch out). Only way out of it was to try and take whatever was in the drawer so it could finally close.
  9. If you have a good Host then it is in your best interests to wait it out after you die/escape. Sure, you may be able to get back into a match faster if you quit but there is a good chance your next host will be shitty. With the current state of the game, if you have a good lobby with a good host you are best to stay where you are. If you do decide to lobby-hop because you are short on patience then don't come here complaining about how hard it is to finish a match without the host or Jason quitting. Lobby-hoppers are part of the problem, not the solution.
  10. Didn't we already have a thread like this back in November when the forum was supposedly going to be archived? Well, in the event this time it actually will get shut down I'd like to thank everyone i've talked to on the forum for helping me to better understand how the game works and the best strategies to use. One of the best things about a game like F13 is there really is no bad strategy. The game is what you make of it. Whether you want to play the game straight-up as intended, do some roleplaying, make your own Paranoia version, or just troll the living crap outta people, this game has/had something for everyone. If anyone playing on the xbox wants to get together for a game, you can find me under one of a few user names (I tend to start over once I get to lvl 150) InvitedBurrito (Main account) Phoceyes (hard c) Laotian Lam (made for my vietamese roommate) Harry Canyon (shout out to Heavy Metal fans! ) Cheers!
  11. @MattP The two PKs in drawers are randomly placed at the start of the match. ALL item placement is done at the start of the match. (People thinking a counselor's Luck stat will change this is a common misconception). So no, calling Tommy isnt going to change what drawer the PK is in. All items and weapons a counseIor has will be on the ground by their dead body if they are killed. If they escape, all items and weapons they had will drop at the campfire or shoreline closest to where they escaped. A common mistake by new players is running around looking for PKs like they are going to win you the game. They will not. They will simply postpone your death. Focus on finding repair parts (that can actually help you escape) and hope you happen to find a PK along the way. I would probably list item importance as follows: 1 - Map (so you can see any repair parts that have been dropped) 2 - Health Spray (lots of things can hurt you) 3 - Any weapon (helps keeps fear down) 4 - Fuse (easiest way to escape) 5 - Car Parts 6 - PK 7 - Firecrackers 8 - Prop (f*ck the boat) 9 - Shotgun ( 99% of the time it is wasted before Jason even gets to Rage)
  12. On Xbox the player base seems to be just as large as it was before the dedicated server was shut down. The problem is more about the quality of gameplay than it is activity level of the player base. Since the server was shut down I find it is actually easier to get into a QP match (Private Matches haven't really changed as they were already P2P). And probably the best thing to happen since the server was shut down is that you no longer have your lobby shuffled after every match. So if you actually find a lobby of fun players you don't have to worry about being shuffled into a new lobby. All the players will stay in that lobby until they quit or are disconnected (which unfortunately happens A LOT). The most important thing in P2P QP is making sure you have a good host. If you have a good host and decent ping then the game is just as fun as it was before, imo.
  13. As long as this snake-oil-of-a-game is still being sold, people will keep trying to play it. I find it funny that 2 people voted that they don't play it anymore. Then why on earth are they still coming to this forum?
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