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  1. The main reason why I start a smurf account is because it forces me to use Perks I don't normally use and in turn make the game a bit more challenging. Pub lobbies don't present much of a challenge so its fun to start over and use perks that you normally don't bother with.
  2. Exactly. When you are in close quarters with Jason (whether he is chasing you or you are trying to sneak around him) the mini-map gives you a big advantage. If he is close by it isn't hard to get your eyes on him so he glows red on the mini-map. Then you can see where he is looking, where he is heading to and most importantly be able to see him while he is shifting, even if its only to see what direction he started shifting. This is especially helpful while driving the car and when Jason is chasing you around a large cabin. If I was going to rank the Meta perks I would probably put NoS (along with Medic) as 2nd best only to Thick Skinned.
  3. Agreed but for two of the Meta Perks, NoS and Medic, it doesn't really matter what level of perk they are. The main thing is you don't lose mini map and you get an extra health spray which you get with even a "poor" perk level. The extra healing and fear resistance are nice to have but aren't required for the perk to be Meta. Like a lot of other people, I don't usually bother looking at people's level. I'll know soon enough if they are any good.
  4. Where are the tiers for this "Tier Thread" ? 🤔 If I were to look at the list of characters and rank them as I would "expect" the user to play, given their choice of character then I'd probably rank them as follows: LOL Tier Kenny: When I see a Kenny I figure its probably someone newer to the game and thinks that his 5 in everything makes him a solid, balanced character. It doesn't. It just means he sucks equally at pretty much everything. Victoria: When I see someone playing as Victoria I figure they probably just unlocked her and don't realize how useless she is. Whatever Tier Tiffany, Jenny, Deborah, Mitch, Shelly and Bugzy: Tbh I don't think much of these characters when I see them in the lobby. They don't seem to have any "trend" in how they are used so it's just... whatever. That doesn't mean they aren't some of the best characters to play as. Possible Embarrassment Tier Vanessa: A very hit or miss character. If in the right hands she can be an absolute biatch and make you want to rage quit if they are more skilled as Vanessa than you are as Jason. But in the wrong hands she will run around looting every drawer and leaving every cabin door wide open. So while she may be a hard to catch, she will most likely make catching everyone else that much easier. Chad: Yes, you will most likely be able to catch and kill him. But yes, he is going to dance and tea bag and will still make you look like a fool before you do catch him. He won't care that he died so long as he got to teabag you at least once. Adam: He isn't as popular a choice for those who want to troll but I do find that high level trollers seem to gravitate towards Adam (especially Brits for some reason). Its kind of like Trolls eventually graduate from Chad to Adam once they acquire the skills to escape or kill Jason but want to troll Jason along the way. "You Alone Must Die" Tier (special thanks to Bloodhound Gang) Fox, AJ and LaChappa: I find these 3 characters are the most likely to be used in the right way (ie - actually try and fucking escape or kill Jason). Therefore they are the ones that would worry me the most seeing them in the lobby. (that is if your main concern is killing 7/7. If your main concern is not getting embarrassed or trolled then you may flip these last 2 tiers)
  5. I agree that if there was no lawsuit preventing new content then the Devs were eventually going to run out of F13 content. So it isn't surprising they were looking at something like Prom Night as a future expansion to the game. Especially when you consider that the original idea of this game wasn't to be tied directly to F13. I always assumed that Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp would have eventually added Vol 2, 3, 4 etc based on "Halloween", "Prom Night", "Hills have Eyes", "Nightmare" etc etc and based on other movies in the genre. And I don't think that just because they got the license for F13 that they wouldn't have still wanted to move on to different movies, even if they weren't licensed. I would certainly look forward more to a game based on Prom Night than I would look forward to yet another F13 DLC that was barely any different than we are already playing.
  6. Because before Rage mode was added to the game Stun Parties or Pinata Parties were a big problem. A group of skilled counselors could beat on Jason for 20mins if they wanted to. Once the Rage mode was added to the game it was no longer an issue as the party would come to an end once Jason hits rage mode. edited to add: sorry @Dragonfire82877 I must have posted at the same time as you.
  7. Negative reviews on things like XBox Live, Play Store, Steam etc can definitely make a difference. Reviews DO matter to publishing companies. So giving the game a negative review is your best course of action as a customer to get your point across. If enough people give the game a negative review GUN will have no choice but to address the issues (if they want to keep selling the game). I've seen negative reviews make a difference on a few games over the years. A perfect example is the mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions. The entire fan base revolted against major changes to the game and gave it a negative review, causing the game to plummet in Play Store and I-tunes. The devs were left with no choice but to listen to the fan base and roll back the changes they had made.
  8. While quickly selling and rolling perks will definitely cause this error, it is not the only thing that causes the error. I have had the error pop up when all I did was go into my perks and attempt to roll a new perk. I have waited 20 seconds between selling a perk and rolling a new on and still got the error. The worst part about the perk error is you pretty much have to restart the game in order to roll or sell perks. I've had the error pop up, said f*ck it and played a match. After the match was done I still couldn't roll or sell perks until I restarted the game. Combine this with constant connection errors, hacked lobbies and hosts quitting and I honestly have no idea how this game will retain any new players who buy it. To think Gun Media still collects people's money for this game is just beyond me.
  9. I didn't watch all the vid but what I did watch was like a checklist of what not to do as counselor lol - Lock a 1-hit door. (check!) - Barricade doors while Jason is already in Rage (check!) - Hit Jason through a window so he gets to Rage faster (check!) - Jump out a 2nd story window for no apparent reason (check!) - Climb through a broken window when the door of the cabin is wide open (check!) - Join a lobby of only 2 other people who are probably friends and will probably team against you (check!) Im just teasing btw ;). But in all honesty I was kinda disappointed. I played the vid expecting to see you showing off your Sneaky perk. But didn't look like you were using it in that match.
  10. Ya, my best guess would also be that the break-trap wheel transferred to the break-grab wheel. The time between the sound of being grabbed and the sound of breaking free was less than 1 second so there is no way it was just someone really good at mashing buttons. And I don't think even a auto-button-mash hack would work that quickly. Usually when you step on a trap close to the car door it opens the door first, then registers your A,X,E button mashing to get out of the trap while still seated in the car. Every now and then tho, it ignores the trap altogether and the wheel transfers over to starting the car. Its a little different because escaping the trap is mashing the button while starting the car is just holding it. So it doesn't have the same effect but it does seem to be transferring the wheel from trap to car starting. In those cases the trap stayed on my foot and I drove around with it and on a few occasions got out of the car and was running around with a trap hanging off my foot.
  11. When I was playing as a counselor yesterday I came across another counselor that had just started the 2-seater and Jason came and pulled them out of the car. The car was still running. After thinking about it for a second I decided to just hop in the car and drive off while the counselor died. It was a 2-seater and there were other counselors that I could (and did) stop to pick up so I figured the best move was to just let them die and take off in the car even though I could have saved them if I wanted to. I wasn't sure if it was a "Dick move" or not. Funny thing is as soon as I stopped to pick up another counselor Jason showed up and stopped the car and I had to flee on foot. Nobody ever did escape in that car. Was it a dick move? When is it acceptable to take off in the car by yourself? Is it a troll move to honk at Jason as I drive away (I am admittedly bad for that lol)? Just curious people's thoughts on Car etiquette. On a side note: I've noticed (I think since the November patch) that sometimes in order to get out of the car I have to turn and look at the door for the prompt to show up. Otherwise all I can do is restart the car. Also, when I first get into the car it starts cranking by itself (prompt shows up and it looks like I am trying to start it but I haven't pushed A yet). When I do press A to start the car the prompt resets. Not sure if that is a lag issue, patch issue or what.
  12. Tbh, I don't think the player's level ever mattered, whether it was 2 x XP or not. If they are a counselor main then a lvl 150 Jason may have rarely, if ever, played as Jason before.
  13. Hehe. Don't assume that if you get run over that the counselor was 100% teaming with Jason. I have never teamed with a Jason and yet I have definitely run over my fair share of sweater girls and Tommys. Sometimes it is just because the timing was perfect (running Tommy over while Jason is already on his knees) so I couldn't resist. But most of the time it is because the counselors were annoying me. You may get run over by me if: - You are taking advantage of a low level Jason or a Jason that is clearly bad at the game (even if he is 150) - You run to grab the sweater as soon as the match starts or before Tommy has even been called - You talk about killing Jason non-stop from the lobby through the entire game - Jason agrees to LET you kill him before the match even starts. (just a couple weeks ago ran over both Tommy and SG in one shot because Jason was letting them kill him) - You did nothing wrong but I'm just in the mood to stop a Jason kill or the timing is just too good to resist.
  14. Again, I have never studied the maps but I was under the impression that there were only 4 variations of each map. At least I only remember ever seeing 4 variations of each map. For me, what makes the biggest difference of how hard/easy it is to escape from a certain map is whether or not there is a boat. If there is a boat then the chances of escaping drop dramatically because A- the boat is the hardest way to escape and B- there is only 1 battery and 1 set of keys for the car. Any map that has 2 cars is easier than maps that have a car and a boat, regardless of what map it is.
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