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  1. I feel like they patched the game enough well that when I picked I wanted counselors more they gave it to me for public matches. I don't try to ever play Jason, when I did I just loved the fact I could get experience points of 1k everytime or so. Depending on what Jason's I like I don't move very fast, and I forget Jason controls cause I'm not to into it. I get stunned a good amount of times. I'm barely the one who even tries to devise a plan to kill Jason. I just wanna get the parts to the car and boat done and just leave the mother-fucking ass camp alive man hehe lol. I only run up and battle with Jason, aka beating his ass with a "phallic" ~blush~ hehe, weapon of sort's is to free a counselor. Cause that's when I know I won't die when I hit Jason then and there. I also hit him if I feel I may die if I hit I hit, if I miss I miss. When I hit I can be lucky enough to survive and possibly be able to survive the whole match. Just depends. (Also I'm not into playing Jason, because that wasn't the point for me in the movies. I just like seeing the characters take Jason on and the heroine winning at the end.)
  2. Starting to sound like people are hating what they use to love lol. I barely get any retro Jason's as a PC player, it seems "old school" now hehe. With people being a little happy before, it was free and a throw back to the nes day's where the 1st f13 game took place. :-)
  3. It's kind of sad a little bit, if it's hardcore like fans who are NOW knowing about F13 the game. I would think they would research and look at all the playthrough videos that Gun Media has to offer on their youtube channel. Plus these forums are good help too as well. For any non hardcore F13 fan and people just wanting to see how the game is like. I don't really hold anything against them much, I'll just let them know what the do is. An if they go bat shit crazy I'll let them wallow in their pity. Not your fault if you using the controls how they were intended, and if people say you are quote on quote "cheating" you just have a sharper accuracy then anyone else really. An most people are disoriented when a survivor which people forget, you have to use what you are dealt with which is not a lot. So people need to look at themselves 1st if they are a counselor.
  4. Honestly Higgins, since I knew it from the the VERY start. Since the closed beta I was in, I could really study the map well. An know everything about it, I think I know for sure things got changed around on the Official Higgin's map when the game launched. Even so there was a lot of stuff still similar though hehe. ;-)
  5. I saw the result pool, reviewing youtube videos and whatnot while being in matches at the same time. I feel Vanessa lost her touch, no one is her half the time anymore. Kenny is good for the job cause of repair. An he has good composure too. Think rationally, running away doesn't help anyone. If you like looking at her that's whatever. I like Jenny more but Chad is pretty much my number 1 I love looking at but I put that aside and use Kenny to really win a game.
  6. Honestly OP I don't understand either. I'm in love with a lot of pc games and this one as well. I feel F13 is more visually pleasing to the eye, and there is more of a slasher movie survivor perspective to it as well. Even though Dbd is a slasher too it's like a hill billy in the mountains type slasher. I prefer the clean modern they seeming kids going to camp and using what they got to survive, it closely relates more. (I know they have myers for that in dbd but it's not the main gimmick) An what slashers were founded on through the 70's,80s,90s and present. Don't care to much for wrong turn or the hill have eyes spin off's (Referring to Dbd). Anyways for me it's perspective I want to be in a survival slasher movie not a game to test and see how scared I am and of by what? Hearing the Dev's in the beginning on how they talked about Dbd I feel like I'm being evaluated on my mental capability. I feel the Pc version of F13 is the best I honestly believed it was more tuned for PC then anything else. Consoles can be so chaotic now from seeing how things are going now with it. I wouldn't dare play an mmo on console as well, doesn't feel right. Also to add with the playerbase I feel since people were comparing the two I felt most people just went to Dbd for the content basically. They are somewhat similar in a blueprint concept besides certain add ons, people went there since the creators of Dbd has big man power from working on BIGGER titles. I feel people still like or love F13 for itself or the concept. They are just players who hate to wait. There is no amount of time that this small team of Dev's can fit everyones needs, and don't forget HALF of the playerbase are new people aka babies/teens/kids who wanna put their input where I feel like it doesn't matter since this is a M for mature game.
  7. I actually never knew people still went back to old threads, well I just witnessed now @Patriots1 when you post something in the thread that the person at the bottom on the 1st page linked it will get that thread boosted to the front for people to see. I was shocked really a cool feature indeed lol. This was always the way to get a quick answer and get in the front pages, make a new thread. Honestly certain topics that people put up never bothered me and fail to see the clutter unless its spam. To each their own really. Plus everyone can search for something specific like Patriot? I guess people like browsing about what ppl are talking about now that has been added to f13 or yet added to the forums, without wanting to just search for it. I'm not trying to cause a problem btw lol, just being neutral.
  8. I really do appreciate what the Dev's have brought us. I'm glad this game I dreamed of finally exists, it didn't HAVE to be about F13 but I'm glad it was. Has really nice visuals, Jason and Counselor models too. Dlc clothes for counselors always on point reason why I'm playing f13 really forever more lol. No matter what a lot of other people say the game works REALLY great for me, for my pc and there are really no bugs at all for my playthrough's so I'm VERY blessed. No matter what the community says, I can back them up on some if I feel it's fair. When it's nit-picky and has to do with "what would Jason do" type add-ons people complain about I have to smh and ignore them and think they are being moronic. Cause me and certain people know you guys can't fit EVERY detail of F13 in the game. It's FUN to me at the end of the day. Also I watched a video recently about Developers doing video game crunching by GamerMD83 her title is just that. I feel people should watch it and understand how much stress it takes on Dev's to always be up and probably never home half the time to their families for half the team. I can tell they want to do good by the game, people have to know they are slowly building a staff but I still believe the team is still small. We won't get everything all at once. I feel they shouldn't drop any release dates and should show it when its time. They surprised us a few times without letting us know a thing I believe. Anyways I still support the game and will continue too. My crossed over Dbd friends keep saying this game will die, I had to secretly delete them and gain new friends who play F13 on the regular. They weren't close to me just to add. Again thank you, I enjoy the game as of now then ever. <3
  9. Honestly I'm just putting my 2 cents on this old thread. Half of the people in this forum never play as counselors or could care-less if you play counselors the amount of times I had. Then you'll see it. I love my counselors and made a thread about this exact same "problem". The thing is the counselor should be able to have a way to counteract this exploit power that will never possibly go away. Before launch I heard counselors will have special abilities? Everyone forgot that? It may just be their skills now but wish that came into the game. Could help getting away, cause I can say oh well I'm dead in certain situations but get this, people love this game more if there is a chase. All counselors do want to survive cause its like real life, we don't wanna die. Maybe some just to see the kills but I digress. Mainly I feel the games kills is and possibly should show the intent of being that, the counselors that Jason players kill are based off the counselors mistakes. Don't you see? If I fuck up something or take to long doing something or did something stupid, and Jason catches me of course I feel my counselor should die for it to be fair. Especially if I fuck up on my stamina. Honestly this move should be ONLY for offline mode, you still get the same points and level so whats the deal? Be in public matches just to have a long fun round, not being like "oh hey I need my points so I gotta kill everyone" that should be least of your worries if you don't care about people talking then do offline. If you are trolling for shits and giggles that's different, if you don't do that and serious to the max. Don't come to me wanting to do this technique on me do it for the zombified offline mode. I said my peace and stand by it. (Jason is cool and all I seen the franchise, but I was a fan just for the heroines really.) (I feel Jason is cool in his own right but my humanity speaks volumes, he just scares the shit outta me. That's why he is quote on quote cool and doing his Job, lol)
  10. Yeah I say nothing you can do but give your two sense and leave. Soon or later they will quit this game. I don't understand this shit talk mentality late 20s to 30s and 40s sound like preteens to the max. I hate the toxic bro/jock type of guys, they really go in. An most likely use slurs relating to homophobia and racist tendencies. A few nice ones but rare who say bro in the same sentence. Also harassment is a thing when you know someone is shit talking but it doesn't sound like they are playing like a buddy I would report if they target you through the whole match and lobby and record the mics with OBS if they are constantly cussing you and calling you out your name and threatening. Only way to rid the game of toxic players, catch them in the act or hope they quit and forget.
  11. Hi I would like to be apart of this, hard to find games with players who really wanna play and have teamwork involved. Giving it there all. I'm a pc player.
  12. Hi, I'm slowly getting back to playing F13 more, and most of my friends list has no one on and has no one playing this game. An I had a long friends list from launch from posting a post like this before. I'm looking for new friends to play private with on the regular, mainly late at nights in my time like right now since I work a lot through the weekdays and off on the weekends. I would like to be apart of a group that does mic all the way and people that actually communicate and pull things off as a team. An not stay silent just cause. My username is Tyler_Love, feel free to add me. An anyone else is good to post here looking for new people to play with as well.
  13. Idk if anyone said or noticed this but... Why the Hell is he affected by the sweater? lol.
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