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  1. Hi. I managed to get a server hosted this way with the internet off/on app but didn't see anyone join. Waited like 10 mins. I wonder if the mod server sucks people in before other servers get a chance to? Anyway my server glitched after a bit but i was messin with a bunch of windows at the time. Gonna try again.
  2. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so loud. The only way to turn it down is to turn the rest of the main sound down too......which doesn't help when trying to hear the other game sounds.
  3. I'm on PC and i was in the SA servers just last week. I don't get put in them much since I'm in north america.....but it happens at times. Not sure what's up with the PS4 SA servers.
  4. A quick hi here from a lurker. Finally had to post about something... ...glad to be here though. Long live F13!
  5. Would be cool if you could find the wheelchair in game and use it to speed around in. Is this sighting due to a hacker using unused game code?
  6. Hi im new to the forum but play the game a bunch. I lurk here but felt i had to ask/share about this as i didn't see any topics yet. This morning i was jason and while i was running up the road i saw Bugsy come rolling out near cabin in a wheel chair and on to the road away from me! I couldn't believe it, i thought i was tripping! I tried to get the guy to talk but he wouldn't so after a small chase i tried to grab him and it let me but he flopped down like when you leave a server mid game. I guess he left. His wheel chair was left on its side in the road. Of course no vid. I don't remember the screenshot button..... it happened quite fast. I was laughing a lot and tripping out. He was funny rolling around in circles while i chased lol. Anyway that's my story....... anyone else seen this?
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