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  1. I like to earn all trophies, but with this game it would take wayyyyy to long
  2. And I am level 150 and don't even have that much games as survivor
  3. Probably a glitch, hopefully it doesn't become a glitch where people can just do this to annoy jason 😕
  4. I changed my DNS to the cloudflare DNS; It works wonders if I cant find a game, give it a shot!
  5. Yep I can get into dedicated servers now "F13 Official EU" and I hope you get back to slaying soon my friend
  6. Update: I have just gotten into a game, it took a few tries but I am in, feel free to lock the thread mods EDIT: Everything is working fine now.
  7. So i'm from EU and have mentioned this in another thread, wondering if there is any bypass/fix for this, can't get into games at all on ps4 atm, sitting here right now searching for 5 minutes, back in october during the Halloween event for 2xp and shit, i had no problems finding games at all, took about 20 seconds and I was in, game isn't the same anymore, is there a fix? Any help is appreciated!
  8. Thanks for the welcome and response, and yeah, last time I sent a bug to that site Im pretty sure it went un-noticed.
  9. So just recently I came back to F13 on the PS4, I hadn't played since around last october properly (everything was fine back then) but i've noticed I cannot get into dedicated servers on PS4 EU, no matter what after 4 minutes it just throws me into one of those sessions where the host has shit internet and everyone gets god awful ping, is there a fix, is it on my end what's going on, the game is literally unplayable right now because of this, in a high ping session it is just the worst and no one wants to play with 200-300+ ping, is there a fix for this??
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