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  1. Hey there. I was with you on this when I first started. I was immediately posting about it and assuming it was a bug. Gun was very fast to respond and let us know that it’s due to the limitations of the Switch sticks. So you have to hold the stick forward and use the right stick to maneuver while jogging. It feels hard at first, but you will get used to it WAY quicker than you think. This is coming from someone who was 10 out of 10 disappointed at first and thought I would never be able to enjoy this version. I would say I’m around 95% as effective at juking Jason as I was on Xbox at this point. Just give it a few games or maybe a few days. It becomes an automatic thing to your brain before you know it.
  2. I have been playing the hell out of the game and I can definitely say that I have really, really gotten used to this admittedly inferior (to the standard versions of the game) control style. It took a while to sort of un-learn the way I play on Xbox, but I’ve been out there juking and dodging throwing knives and it feels substantially better than it did on day 1. It still gets me killed occasionally, but the same can be said of a thousand other things so it’s ok. Still, I just wanted to point out that Jason is not hampered at all by this control style because you can just click the stick and lock him into run or fast walk and leave him in it so you get the full range of directional movement with the left stick (it’s only an issue when the stick has to share the walk AND jog speed). I totally get why they had to make this compromise if the goal was to keep ALL of the options and the hardware had limitations. Lucky for me, Vanessa is my go-to so the controls are less of a problem than for someone who plays a low-stamina character. It’s great news for Jason all around, though and that’s what we should want! He’s the man we came to watch bury axes in people’s necks so there’s that.
  3. It hasn’t affected Jason at all, really. Especially running Jasons. For counselors and Jason, clicking the stick to run will allow full directional running. But that only hurts counselors who will blow through their stamina immediately.
  4. Did the issue have anything to do with keeping the walk AND jog options on the stick? I would gladly take all jog and no walk if it meant getting full control back. Mind you, I have no idea how complicated any of this is. I’m just talking out of my rear, but if there was maybe an option to opt out of walking and dedicate the full range of movement on the stick to all-direction jogging, I think gameplay would take a substantially smaller hit across the board. I had just accepted that this was unchangeable, but the end of your post made me feel incredibly hopeful that something at least has a shot at being done here. I really appreciate the back and forth with us on this and we REALLY hope you guys can work your magic on this one.
  5. Yeah, that would be amazing, but I’m going to consider that possibility as dead as the unreleased content.
  6. Hey everyone. I actually submitted this as a bug in the other forum and they were very fast to respond to me. Unfortunately, it looks like this is not a bug. We’ll have to just adjust to it. I do appreciate how fast they let me know, but I’m super bummed about it. I will probably just do a lot more stealth characters on Switch and keep on punishing Jason with Vanessa on the Xbox with jukes galore. It looks like we’ll have to adjust to the clunky “steer yourself with the other stick” method. After enough time, I think I can adjust my play style to accommodate it. I love the game so much that it’s worth it to me. I’ll see you guys out there. Take care.
  7. Hey guys. I’m not sure where to plead for help so I’m just carpet bombing. We need to be able to jog in ALL directions on the Switch and not just forward. PLEEEEEEASE try and correct this as soon as possible. Game bugs and glitches are one thing, but getting grabbed constantly because we simply tried to jog around an obstacle and instead came to a full stop is really driving a lot of us crazy. I think it’s really odd that no reviewers have mentioned this in any of the reviews I’ve read and watched. None of them. It was game-crushing to me within the first few seconds of my first match. Thanks. Other than this issue, the port to the Switch is phenomenal! I will play this game until the servers shut down.
  8. Exactly. I don’t understand the “Hey, it’s only the Switch” line of thinking about this. A lot of us playing on Switch are seasoned F13 players from the console versions. If they released a Madden game that made you automatically fumble the ball every time you tried to turn left or right, it would sound pretty silly to say “Just deal with it. It’s only the Switch version”. I hope this shit gets patched asap.
  9. I’ve just been playing offline bots to at least earn some CP while they hopefully fix this game breaking issue. I hope it gets enough people upset that they make it a priority.
  10. This is exactly the problem I’m having. I have gotten so good at pacing Vanessa, managing her stamina with Jason chasing her, and dodging throwing knives. Now I have to just be running all of the time and hope I can find a window before my stamina runs out. I really hope they can fix this with an update.
  11. Is anybody having issues with the way the movement stick handles on the Switch version? Maybe I’m spoiled from using the Xbox sticks for so long, but it feels like the only way to maintain a light-jog speed is to push the stick straight up and not move it at all (relying on the other stick to turn). The slightest right or left will stop my counselor completely. This makes it all but impossible to juke Jason. It feels like a full run is the only way to have a chance at avoiding getting grabbed or hit with throwing knives, but that axes the entire practice of managing stamina while keeping Jason behind you. Is this just a problem with the tiny Switch sticks and their limited range of motion? Other than this one thing, everything else feels like it won’t take long to adjust to.
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