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  1. He can catch the car though. If his morph and shift is available, he can morph like 20 meters in front of the car and shift into it. You're underestimating what Part 4 can do.
  2. At the beginning of this week, a patch will be released to fix that issue.
  3. When you think about Friday the 13th, you think about an asymmetrical horror game. There are few asymmetrical horror games like Friday the 13th. The feel, the gameplay, is just different from any other one I've seen. Not a lot of companies can accomplish this. Just my opinion btw.
  4. I don't know where this is coming from, really. I don't want any other company take over this game or even a sequel. If a sequel is made, I hope it is by Gun Media. This is so accurate it's mindblowing. They did a good job with this game and I don't know if any other company can even accomplish what Gun Media did. If not for the lawsuit, I think this game would be ten times better, but I love it nonetheless.
  5. I like Part 4 for the simple fact that he's aggressive. He can pretty much run down every low stamina counselor, and his Shift, although slow, has more control than a faster one, at least in my opinion. Of course, having 3 traps is a downside but I can go with it nonetheless. His kills are also really nice. And I play Deborah cause she's pretty good at repairing stuff and I seem to be very lucky in finding objective items.
  6. Yeah, but there are people who accidentally run over people as well. For example someone stood behind the two seater which was full and I wanted to turn back, I go back like 1 cm and she's dead. The impact should be at least average for a kill, not a bump.
  7. Before I even got this game, in 2017, people were already saying it's dying. Two years passed, still didn't die. If the devs still wanna work on the game for a community, let them do it. We don't want this game to go anywhere, it's your choice if you want to play or not.
  8. I'm actually hyped for in costume pics, have fun with it!
  9. Hey, if a patch comes out later because it needs testing, I'm okay with it.
  10. For me, it's John Carpenter's Halloween, Rob Zombie tried to change Michael's background to a point where it did not feel like a Halloween movie. Michael was made to be a force of evil, not a result of bullying as a kid or whatever. The remake seemed way too forced, imo. But hey, at least the kills were juicy.
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