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  1. Jason's abilities stats here. Some may require updating. Added: Customisation Points (CP) awarded to players is derived at 10% of the Experience Points (XP) they earn from matches played.
  2. Yes, but not according to the in-game description of the ability. And highlighting these anomalies has always been the purpose of this topic from the day I created it. In-game text: "Increased/Decreased Sense duration and range." It doesn't even mention cooldown or recharge. So if Gun Media were capable of cleaning up basic text in the game, then quite a few of these quibbles, like this one, wouldn't even need to be pointed out.
  3. A positive or negative Sense ability does not increase or decrease Sense duration for all respective Jasons, as per the in-game Strengths/Weaknesses description. Sense as a strength, neutral or weakness ability provides several Jasons with varying active durations, and is mostly irrespective of those that have the same corresponding Sense ability. However, the cooldown for each Sense variation remains consistent. +Sense: Part 7 - Active duration: 20 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Part 6 - Active duration: 15 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Neutral Sense: Part 2, Part 4 and Part 5 - Active duration: 20 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds. Part 9 and Savini - Active duration: 15 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds. -Sense: Part 8 - Active duration: 15 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds. Part 3 - Active duration: 12 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
  4. @mattshotcha I'm sorry, but the subject of "tagging you" is definitely six of one, half a dozen of the other. Firstly, do you honestly believe that tagging YOU so that WE can get an update as to what is happening with YOUR (Gun Media's) game is what it should take for a Lead Community Dev to update the community on THEIR official forum? If that Reddit user didn't make that post about your account, you wouldn't have responded leading to info about the supposed hotfix being escalated into a full patch. What about the common decency of showing some initiative and providing the player base with that information of your own accord in an official capacity? I saw your Reddit comment before it was posted here by chance (i'm not a frequent Reddit user) and the first thing I thought was, "shouldn't that info be posted on the official forum?" Instead your last comment relating to the follow up patch was 30th November (from my observation) and without that Reddit post we were still very much in the dark, so to speak. I'm sure you are fully aware how much the guys on here adore the game and have been waiting with bated breath to hear something about the proposed fix to the last pitiful patch attempt (lets call a spade a spade), and not only did it fail as far as exploits go but also added new glitches. In a nutshell, the last patch dropped damn near FOUR months ago and we were last told about a hotfix around that time and nothing more. Do you see where I'm coming from? Do you see where tyrant666 is coming from if you look past the preceived "misrepresentation"? Secondly, irrespective of being tagged, I've seen that you still navigate these neck of the woods because you locked a topic just the other day for regurgitating old conspiracies, and you weren't even tagged in the latest conversation that caused you to do so. On the 26th January TimDuke 01 created a topic solely to ask if there is anything being done about the hacking on PC. He named you but didn't tag you so got no response from you. So which is it - tag you or take shots at you/GM to get a response (rhetorical sarcasm for the purpose of emphasis btw). Why is it that you couldn't take that same energy when locking the topic mentioned above to address the community's concerns about the indefinitely pending patch and the hackfest posts that were made as far back as December (within the last patch notes)? If it was because Black Tower were fighting a losing battle, then just say. We'd always appreciate the upfront honesty. You say that you've responded to tags, but does quoting you not work just as well? Personally I get notifications from posts I'm quoted in, and I ask this because on the 12th January in 'Patch Notes - 11.10.2020' your 30th November statement about the team working on an update patch was quoted with a question asking if there is "any news on this patch?" To which there was no response from you, Matt. So what are we supposed to think when there is no proactive update, intervening updates or a response to direct quotes from you pertaining to the massive elephant in the room? It really shouldn't take negative comments, whether they be on here, Reddit or any other forms of social media, to get information on F13 that you know we desire. And I am fully aware that it doesn't always take negative jabs to get a response from you. But you have to acknowledge that your silence on the status of the game since just after the last patch dropped has spoken volumes. Please direct me to any topics/posts where you have fully addressed these matters, in case I may have missed it, and I will concede accordingly. So with all that being said, are you able to expand on your Reddit post/response to Redcat345 in regards to details of what the next patch release will entail, including projected release date? Surely there must be a lot more going on under the bonnet for it to become a full patch, even if it's not to fix the shitshow (because that's what it is) on PC, right? And please don't read this as me being heated or full of hate towards you personally or Gun. I'm just being real and direct, because that is how I like people to deal with me. P.S. I really hope you guys remove/fix Jason's combat stance delay that was introduced last patch. I see what the team tried to do, but it was not the answer. Trying to initiate a quick block, block>grab, and especially a block>slash is next to impossible, especially with the more common 200+ ping players like myself experience now.
  5. Blocking serves to reduce damage received from Jason's heavy (or light) attack by 50%. I've added a variation of this statement to the facts list.
  6. Updated: An 11% or above Lightfoot perk allows A.J. to sprint without producing any noise pings. This also applies to Tiffany as long as she remains outside of Jason's music radius. Added (fact): Counselor perks do not rollover to Tommy Jarvis if the player's counselor was set to random.
  7. I believe that information is on page 3 about two-thirds of the way down. mike-hannigan did the initial testing with quite a few weapons. I also tested the remaining weapons but can't find the results of those to actually post them. I will edit the post and add them if they pop up. Either way, Buggzy and Adam do gain an extra hit with most weapons. So it's safe to say you can run MAA on them with no worries of it being a total dud. Just to clarify on this. Spotting Jason on the map with a flare does help you too, as you would be able to see if Jason was stalking you or not. But seen as Pyro adds no additional spotting time for anyone, it is definitely not worth keeping. I hear you on combat stance. Besides being mainly used to exploit the game's mechanics I've seen a few players use it very well - hit Jason, dodge and then they're gone. Dodging after a hit can be tough to pull off, but also very useful if you need a stamina boost when J is in Rage. I have tried a max Epic Evasion and there is definitely a speed increase to the dodging (L2/LT) animation, but I don't perform the action enough to warrant keeping it. Having said that, when I do see players using dodge, it doesn't particularly look like they are dodging any faster than normal. Plus, they are playing to a high standard and very unlikely to be wasting a perk slot on Evasion. Personally I only use combat stance for blocking, a quick 180° turn-n-hit (VERY effective), or a cheap hit on the masked man as he comes out of stun. If I ever did start incorporating dodging into my gameplay I would probably look to make sure I master it without the need for Evasion tbh. The extra animation speed that Swift Attacker gives is much more advantageous IMO. I can confirm that combat perks do NOT require you to be in combat stance in order for you to utilise their effectiveness. I often use MAA, Slugger, Sucker Punch, Swift Attacker and Thrasher and can noticeably tell that when a regular attack is performed they do what they say on the tin (with the slight exception of MAA; as discussed). As Swift Attacker is animation based it has the biggest indication that it works, because a max value Epic/Legendary version will have your counselor swinging like Barry Bonds, lol. Also, the only difference between doing a regular attack and an attack from combat stance is that you can perform a heavy attack (overhead swing) in combat stance which deals a lot more damage. Hope the above helps. Cheers.
  8. Welcome to the forum @Death-s_Servant. The entire purpose of this topic was to be as insightful as possible with the quirky little things in the game, so the more questions you feel to ask, the merrier. And the community here can be very helpful as well. I saw you already had a couple of guys answer some of your questions but I'm happy to chime in with my 2 cents. Don't get me wrong. Just because Lightfoot doesn't make Tiff into a ninja doesn't make it bad for her. In fact, I run it on my Tiff because it reduces her noise pings that extra bit as necessary during the first half of the match as I gather parts. But as with any character, once Jason has taken out the herd of loud Vanessas he will use his Sense ability to locate you eventually. Especially once he is in Rage and the range of his Sense is covering the vast majority of the map. Also, as Somethin Cool alluded to - the perk is only effective when sprinting, and sprinting should really be done sparingly. Re: The affect of Man At Arms: This perk is a bit convoluted (tricky) to be honest. Whilst it will give counselors one extra hit for some weapons it does not do so for all. But it is not as simple as saying which ones it will and which ones it won't affect, because the weapons vary per counselor's Luck stat value. For example, A.J./Sheldon (1 Luck) will get an extra hit with a small number of weapons, including the machete and pipe. But Tiffany (4 Luck) gets an extra hit with even fewer weapons, with the machete not being one of them. And Chad/Tommy (10 Luck) get an extra hit with nearly all weapons, but this actually excludes the pipe. Therefore the perk does not work according to its description. A.J., Shelly, Tiff and Nessa seem to benefit from MAA the least per weapon, and as such I make use of it on Victoria as she has a high number of hits per weapon in general, and making your weapon even more durable can help when going for the kill or trolling Big J. Re: The validity of Pyro: I have tested this perk a few times now with Kenny (Mr. Mid-range) and unfortunately there was no difference in the amount of time that Jason appeared on the map for with and without Pyro equipped. Unlike MAA I do not believe that any other stat such as Luck would influence this outcome, so I am content that the perk does not do what it is expected to as per its description. Plus, it is a very poor perk nontheless and definitely wouldn't be worth a perk slot even if it did work correctly. As you highlighted, if you use a flare gun to spot Jason there would be no real difference if he is spotted for 10 secs as opposed to 12 secs (20% perk effect). Re: The ineffectiveness of Escape Artist and Scout: This one all comes down to the mechanics of the perk. It was implemented stupidly by the developers as the perk benefit affects the autofill aspect of the escape process and not the manual button pressing aspect of it. And seen as all players will button-mash if they want to successfully escape Jason's grab or a bear trap the perks are both redundant. I agree with you that Escape Artist could have been a very handy perk had they done it right. There are times when a Jason player grabs you as Tommy but you manage to escape due to his high Composure-Strength combination. Theoretically having a similar opportunity with other characters like Adam, Buggzy or even Jenny would have been nice, albeit down to chance. Unfortunately Spatial Awareness isn't effective enough for a perk slot. I've used it on Tiffany and she still stumbled even when Jason was not around, so I subsequently deleted it to make space. I do use Restful on my Tiff (again the plan being to deliver parts quickly and quietly before Rage hits) and it serves me well as long as I manage my fear level efficiently. In regards to which perk would be best between the two - in terms of running I'd say Nessa is stronger than Tiff due to being able to jog just in front of Jason at a steady pace thanks to her higher Speed, and therefore recommend that you give her SA purely for Tiff to make use of Restful. The reason for Slugger being useful is not for the benefit of starting with a bat. As you said, there are plenty to be found. Slugger is totally for the extra melee damage, and yes it is still worth it IMO. As Somethin Cool mentioned, Slugger was an essential ingredient in the infamous Buggzy 1-hit demask. But even though Jason's damage has been reduced by the nerfing of the counselors' Strength stat, I still run Slugger on my Buggzy build as he can absolutely do a job if needed. And now that you know that Escape Artist is trash maybe you can replace that with Slugger on your Buggzy build. Also, Heavy Hitter is another disapponting perk that would be brilliant in theory. It was nerfed long ago and only adds about half a second to Jason's standing stun duration. So perhaps you can replace it with Slugger on your Adam build. I'm the exact same - variety perk builds for counselors. I have my counselors for when I need to go to war, I have my counselors for when the circus comes to town and I have my counselors for when Crystal Lake needs a non-caped crusader. But overall I mainly select my counselor based on the look and level of the lobby, and they all have perk builds to fit the occasion. Feel free to check out one of my other posts detailing my builds by clicking the link below 😊 All My Counselor Perk Builds
  9. Added (fiction): Using a pocket knife to escape/breaking free from Jason's grab increases his Rage meter.
  10. A few rock glitches still remain. Just YouTube 'friday the 13th rock glitch' and you'll see a Higgins video posted as recent as yesterday. Also had people rock glitching on Jarvis just east of the main houses - Jason can get up there using combat stance heavy attacks, but only if the player knows that. Other glitches like the big weapons glitch are more rampant than before; a fairly easy glitch kill method for "unlimited" XP is possible; unlimited stamina is still doable; Packanack roof is reachable (with help from Jason); and we all know counselor sliding didn't even get fixed. How Gun made a final patch without ensuring ALL present glitches/exploits were rectified is beyond me. Frankly they should be embarrassed to put their name to a product or service and be willing to leave it in the state it is currently in. They had no new content to work on for the last 2 and a half years, so this game should have been immaculate whilst it was still in IllFonic's hands. All GM had to do was get one QA person to scour YouTube once a month for glitches, report what they find and fix it. And it really wouldn't take long as most channels have the same glitches and exploits posted and they even instruct viewers on how to perform them. As much as we all would love to have had dedicated servers forever, we aren't asking for new game-defining changes to wrap things up. Just that they polish off what is already there. That includes everything from glitches to hackers to offline bots to broken perks. And I'm sorry, but that sentiment about "making changes at this stage would be like trying to remake an already baked cake" is just a massive cop-out. All that really means is that the team hired for the job is not fit for purpose. You can unscramble lines of code, you cannot unscramble an egg! You can backup a system and restore it, you cannot reproduce the same egg! Yet Black Tower can't even configure increased Legendary perk drop rates for an event without fear of breaking the system. Anyway, I now find myself asking, "why do I even care, it's over now?" If GM don't seem too bothered by their successful yet broken product then I should just like it or lump it, right? I mean, it's almost a month after the last patch and we've heard nothing about the supposed "final" final patch to fix the stuff that didn't actually get fixed or got broken last time round, and we know GM don't do immediate hotfixes. Time to come to terms with the game's current state being its final iteration, guys. So on that note... DEUCES! 👋
  11. Added (fact): Inventory items (pocket knives, health sprays etc.) and any weapons counselors have on them when they escape will respawn on the map at a specific campfire or along a specific section of shoreline the same way objective parts do.
  12. Your post is quite vague, dude. But from a counselor's stealth perspective, when Jason is raging he no longer needs to look for noise pings to detect a counselor's rough location/direction. He can just use his Sense ability to see exactly where they are and spam it more frequently. Thus, Lightfoot on even A.J. becomes redundant once J's Rage kicks in.
  13. From across the map, undetectable, yes. But if Jason uses Sense, and she is in range, expect her to glow red. Therefore you'll need to manage her fear by staying well away from Jason, in well lit areas and by not seeing dead bodies etc. The higher your fear, the bigger Jason's Sense range is. When he is in Rage mode his Sense range can pretty much cover the entire map regardless of fear, so look to escape asap.
  14. Yeah, that could well be it. My info is derived from a Tommy86 vid, and I tested all window climb/dive scenarios yesterday night to confirm HP damage amounts - no prior damage, no perks equipped... Not that I ever doubted Mr. 86.
  15. The version you heard is correct. But knife damage and broken window damage are not all that similar. Knife damage does a nice chunk of HP damage; equivalent to a slash from a +Weapon Strength Jason. Whereas climbing through a broken window does small damage; the lowest damage output in the game. And diving through a closed window or an already broken window deals decent damage; equivalent to a neutral Weapon Strength Jason slash. So if Jason smashes a window whilst a counselor is performing a climbing or diving animation then they will receive the damage amount corresponding to that action. But if they are hit by a knife before the climbing/diving animation has ended, they will receive knife damage only. So my process when playing Jason in a window scenario is as follows: Is the counselor climbing through the window (broken or unbroken)? If so, immediately hit them with a knife to deal knife damage (overwriting any climbing broken window damage) and to cancel their climbing animation if hit quick enough. Did the counselor dive through a closed window? If so, then hit them with a knife asap to deal knife damage in addition to the diving broken window damage they just received. Did the counselor dive through an already broken window? If so, wait until they have completed the dive action and they're standing up, then hit them with a knife to deal additional knife damage. Did the counselor dive through an open window? If so, instantly smash the window with Jason's weapon so they receive diving broken window damage, wait until they have completed the dive animation and standing up, then hit them with a knife to deal additional knife damage. The last 3 situations all deal max broken window>knife damage and will put any counselor not running Thick Skinned into an injured state. Also, it is imperative that the completion of the counselor's dive animation is acknowledged before applying a knife hit in either of the last 2 scenarios or else only the knife damage will register if it's thrown too quick. I use the counselor's 2nd of 2 steps they take when they stand up as an indicator of when to release my knife.
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