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  1. @mattshotcha Have noticed my ping has dropped back down to 44ms - 48ms from 56ms -60ms which might be an inkling that i am back on UK Server, are you able to confirm that the UK Server has kicked back in and up and running again?
  2. Yeah same my ping in the United Kingdom is usually about 44ms - 48ms, since we have been re-routed its between 60ms - 68ms stable connection, glad we can get to play again, crystal lake going to need more body bags now 😂 👍
  3. Yeah just had a couple of matches, now to get rid of the rust 😉
  4. Can you please explain the above, because i am not sure if your on about that post that was put on reddit or not?
  5. Here are my thoughts on dedicated servers, dedicated servers usually means you rent the whole machine rather than part of it. It doesn't have to do with ownership. The confusion is that server can reference the physical machine, or the server software. When people say "different servers" in reference to PS4/Xbox/... It means that they are running on separate server software that isn't federated (you can have multiple instances of server software and still have everyone play together if they have some sort of federation support). It is likely that the console servers would be on separate servers (machines) and and running similar if not identical server software. So they could be on different servers but don't have to be. So it would be possible to run two different server (software) on the same server (hardware)
  6. @Ahab This is my original post, matts message is right below it. So for 8 days people were trying to get information regarding what exactly had gone wrong. Today marks 2 weeks since patch and we are still no further forward, but we do know it's been looked at since matt opened another thread to do with server issues Posted Friday at 07:45 PM I've shared as much of a status update as I have at this time in a separate thread. Server Issues - Status Hey, sorry for the late reply. The team is looking at the situation with servers and we'll have more info on this soon. Post patch is always rocky, but this has continued past the post patch phase and will probably require some rebalancing of servers to get you folks back to connecting quickly. One question, when dumped to P2P matches, do they fill correctly and are playable or no?
  7. You still ain't getting the point are you? You did see what Matt said correct? That was Matts reply too a previous post i put up, regarding the situation with the servers and not hearing from anyone. Matt eventually got round to replying to my message then asked about the P2P side as you can see when you read the message. So i let Matt know what was happening with that side of the situation. So here is the next part which i have already explained twice or maybe i ain't explained it properly so i will try again. Someone came in to this forum took a screenshot of what Matt said then proceeded to upload it to reddit adding there own headline. As i have said i am not associated with reddit or have i ever signed up to them. So that reply from Matt was from that previous post i put up here. I also said to you i would never have known about the post on reddit if my friend hadn't sent me the screenshot, what i should have said is link and that link was sent to me through twitch. So please go back and read my original post that Matts eventual reply is associated with on here. In no way am i a troll, i came to this site looking for answers regarding why people from the United Kingdom cannot get in to an online lobby on an F13 official EU server that is all. After over 2 years of playing then suddenly this happens. But as i looked in to the matter i realized there was other countries affected in the EU, different states in America as well, so i put questions up looking for those answers eventually i got them from Matt so now Matt has opened up a new thread to answer those questions under server issues, now it's just a matter of us waiting to see what happens next.
  8. Yes @AJViolet I was informed of that situation on the 15th of August from a friend that the South American servers went down on November 2018 after patch then was patched again on February 2019 and the servers were up and running again.
  9. @Ahab You stated that Nintendo Switch servers are different to PS4 servers, they might be a different part of a server but it does not mean it is actually a different server. I was using Fortnight as a example as you said Nintendo Switch servers are different to PS4 servers, the server side is the same it’s what you put on it that is different so yes you could change a PS4 server to run as a Nintendo Switch server. I know we won’t be getting crossplay, I don’t care about crossplay and would just like to get on a PS4 server. My post was from this site and someone has taken a screen shot of it and put it on Reddit so the ORIGINAL F13 post came from this site is mine as I said I’m not even on Reddit, a friend took a screen shot of the Reddit post and sent it to me or I wouldn’t have even known about it. It never came close to rioting and looting might come hand in hand where you come from but it don’t everywhere else in the world. A dedicated server is a type of remote server that is entirely dedicated to an individual, organization or application. A dedicated server is your organization's own server and only contains your data. At the end of the day I want to get a game on a dedicated server and I can’t. Maybe you want to have a look on google at the definition of a dedicated server. If you don't like my posts don't read them simple. You just seem like one of these people who just want's to pick at peoples posts, people like you are called keyboard warriors. Today's lesson is over.
  10. This is very possible @Nathan5226 me and my friend were going over a few things earlier about a possible connection to the code trying to figure out if it might be a language situation and so fourth trying to bounce different idea's of each other. I do like this though. @mattshotcha has started a new thread might be worth you posting it there also. Recent Server Issues - Status By mattshotcha, 6 hours ago in Friday the 13th: The Game News
  11. You have just quoted what you want so it could be took out of context. If Switch servers are different to PS4 servers how can PS4 do crossplay of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch if they have special servers. Whats is so dangerous about assumptions? No one is going to start looting or anything or start a riot. What is dangerous about someone having a different opinion to you. If you bothered to read who wrote the post which my link is to, the original post was by ME, so how can that be where I got my ASSUMPTIONS from? The screenshot is of a post I put up but the other person has took my ASSUMPTIONS as gospel even though I never said it was. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. No one has said that taking some of the PS4 server space and turning it into Nintendo Switch servers space is incorrect info. Server space is server space and it’s what you do with it what makes what systems it works on.
  12. There are several states in America that are still unable to play.
  13. Cheers @mattshotcha will have a look after i get some food in me.
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