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  1. Hey guys, Haven't posted in here for awhile. I've been deciding to whether try re-doing all the kills or what, but I do come bringing good news (hopefully). At first I didn't wanna write a post and then get negative feedback, so I waited to see how it would work for another account, so gf and I after I mysteriously popped my A Ph. D Murder Trophy, it did get me thinking. So now for my post. Gf and I have been in Private Matches, since Public Matches haven't wanted me to be Jason (for some weird ass reason). I got MY Trophy by the environment kill of smashing the counselors head with the Bathroom building door on Crystal Lake. Now for my girlfriend, we went through all the Jason weapon and grab kills, and nothing to avail. BUT we started to think of environment kills that MAY not have counted along time ago, due to idiots or hosts leaving games etc. My girlfriend got her trophy by hanging me up on a tree.... So what I'm trying to say is, if you know you've done all the grab and weapon kills for Jason, maybe you might need to start thinking all the environment kills.... Even if you KNOW you've done one, because I can definitely tell you I've smashed heads in with the doors. It's all based luck. Good luck for your earning.
  2. It would be nice too if a DEV did come into this topic and help us as well.....
  3. Actually, they've changed it. I believe anyways, unless they plan on adding the animation down the road. But right now you can actually get the Torpedo badge, which originally said to "Kill a counselor on a boat." Now it changed to, "Tilt boat then drown counselor." Either way, I don't know.
  4. Savini Skin wouldn't count, due to being a backer DLC ONLY.
  5. Why would PC be able to do it and no consoles? But I haven't even heard from the admin I messaged. So I dont know what to say or suggest. Cause the badge is called Torpedo and you gotta kill a counselor while in a boat.
  6. I haven't done it, and no word from admin yet...
  7. Nope, haven't gotten a response. I did ask an admin on this forum, he's suppose to get back to me on it though..
  8. Well I just got the PS4 update, so hopefully it's fixed...
  9. Tried it, and nothing. Trying to do it with Part 6 or Part 8 now. If it is Part 7, how would you grab them from the boat?
  10. I can't seem to kill the counselor on a boat either. I try pressing X on PS4 and all it does is tip the boat to drown the victim and not grab them off the boat for the kill.
  11. Ty JPops I am, I'm almost level 38. Just wish I had my Tom Savini Jason.... Thanks!
  12. What Jason did they use and was he full rage?
  13. That doesn't make sense when the counselor needs to be in the boat? I don't know the badge is kinda confusing.
  14. I'm on PS4 if anyone is interested, message me at DevilsThunder and say you're from the F13 Forums. EDIT: Two friends of mine plus me tried two people on boat and still no badge, that's having the boat in motion, tipping them off and then drowning. Still nothing so I'm gonna assume that the badge/kill is glitched on consoles and not PC.
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