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  1. I am wondering whether the front door will eventually be able to be opened. When you activate the door it makes the sound like all the other locked doors. So will that be available or an unlockable part of the virtual cabin? I am referring to intentionally opened as intended use and not opened through a loophole. I think it would be awesome to have happen and even to customize the stalking Jasons (Jasons on a walking loop outside of the windows) to any of the Jasons in the Jason Room.
  2. I think a great add-on would be the ability to play as Ash from Evil Dead since they already showed the Necronomicon in the Virtual Cabin. This could be a reward for a single surviving counselor after a match or after so many straight victories over Jason. It could be an unlockable but only playable in a smaller format i.e. 1 vs 1 or 1 vs. 4 where of course one person is Jason, another Ash, everyone else is ordinary counselors.
  3. I apologize, I said part 8 when I meant Jason X when a lot of the techy stuff was in there. Although, counselors could set decoys that look like them or put a dummy figure in a bed or under so Jason would get his weapon stuck in order to make an escape. This could be done anywhere. Another idea to go with the idea of Jason using dead bodies on counselors the reverse could be done by using a dead counselor for a trap/obstacle. It may be morbid but the idea came from Tina's use of the potted plant with a head in it to throw Jason back. I would still think if a counselor would do this it would significantly raise the fear factor though, where a dummy would not raise much if at all. One question you have to think of is when Jason is trapped will he be able to teleport. If so you will have to take that into account.
  4. I think a cool delay trap or a means of escape would be one of the only cool parts from part 8 and that is the virtual reality sim. A counselor on a map can create VR people and send them in multiple directions around Jason. Only problem is this would heighten Fear significantly from each of the VR in Jason's perspective. It could also increase score, but also allow a counselor a way to sneak in with the mob and find a way through past Jason. Even if this is not added as a trap, it may be an excellent way to practice for a offline level. Funnily, a joke could be to actually send a VR Jason at Jason and have that be Roy's Jason from part 5 with the blue chevrons.
  5. Maps including a area with a urban setting could be Forrest Green map with the sherriff station, RV park and Camp. Another idea would be Crystal Lake of "Jason goes to Hell", including a restaurant, Jason's house, camp, and some houses. Unless we put Jason in a separate environment from which he has already been in the movies. Part 3 could also have a separate map with the beginning couple. That included a house, store, and barn. Plus you could include the houses from up the hill and the guy lying in the road with the eyeball that warned Chris and the gang.
  6. I love all the ideas so far, the lightning and under water idea. One I would like to add if licenses can be had is another recall to part 6 in the graveyard. Have Jason at his tombstone but start the match after the pan into Jason's eye and use the James Bond/Jason scene. I think that would be a cool entrance for a map. Another could be Jason in his shack, and hearing camp shenanigans like the sounds that revived him in Jason X. Showing Jason sitting up and getting ready. There could be infinite possibilities!!! Jason_Rules
  7. One idea I had since learning of the game is a counselor animation kill of Jason where the counselor obtains objects from the films related to a specific survivor. Once the objects are obtained then Jason will have to attempt a kill on the counselor. Once Jason attempts this the animation will save the counselor with a Jason Survivor Animation kill (Ginny and Chrissy from Part 2 and 3 for Higgin's Haven and Tommy and Tina for another map). Each survivor would have four objects randomly spawned on the map and the counselor that would hold all four could get the JSA save and Jason kill. If you obtain all 8 for both JSA's then a special Ginny/Chrissy kill of Jason could be obtained. The one I think would be cool would be a tag team of Tommy and Tina. This of course would need an overhaul and would be like an expansion to the game, but would be awesome draw for counselor players. Another dynamic is someone could hold one of each of the special items and block everyone else from getting the kill or the counselors can all work together for the JSA. There could be other dynamics involved like Pamela maps could include an Alice kill. I know it is late but for an expansion I think people would like to see more of the Survivors included. Let me know what you guys think? Jason_Rules
  8. Hello all, my username is Jason_Rules and I wanted to introduce myself. I have a degree in game and simulation programming and a hardcore horror fan since early in age. Jason being my favorite. I don't usually sign up for forums, but I think I have some ideas that would be great for the game in all aspects. What I have seen so far is excellent from the pre-alpha stage. Hope to be helping out soon. Thanks, Jason_Rules
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