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  1. Personally I used to get the sweater every game I could. It has plenty of uses outside of killing Jason. It also is a fun thing to mock Jason about.
  2. I just prefer Fox's decent repair and average stamina over A.J's pale luck and lower stamina. If Jason is rotating objectives as he should, silently repairing a car shouldn't matter as much. Especially since starting the car already alerts the Jason no matter what. I would say she's Top 5... but number one? That's where I have to disagree.
  3. A.J is considered Top Tier... People really overrate her Stealth.
  4. The only times I've had suicided are the times Jason has played really scummy. One example being Jason teaming with a bunch of counselors to take me down, just because I "slashed" the game before when I was Jason. They had the car outside waiting for me to try and run out and he was busting down the door. So I decided to take matters in my own hands and I hopped through my already low hp through shards of glass.
  5. I disagree, doing these suggested changes would limit gameplay experience. It also would be a huge nerf to counselors that shouldn't be touched.
  6. Just to name a couple 1.) Players who hide in closets or beds from the start of the match. Like in no way are you being helpful or useful to the team. Also the chances of Jason not finding you are very slim. 2.) People who lock doors such as the packanack entrances. You're cutting off potential loop spots. 3.) Players looting the houses that I'm looting. There's a house right beside this one, go get your own loot. 4.) Jasons who think that playing Vanessa is toxic. 5.) Players not knowing how to kill Jason. I get it, you're new, but sometimes it's one of the easier win conditions to do. 6.) Toxic team killing Chad roleplayers 7.) A Tiffany or Bugzy trying to repair a part when there's a high repair counselor around 8.) Kinda obvious but players who team with Jason. I'm actually getting this a lot more often lately weirdly enough. Though I do admit enjoying the challenging of having more then one enemy. Also the victory is sweeter when the odds aren't even more in your favor.
  7. I've realized that you can predict a Jason's next move by just dancing around them and seeing how they react. Do they slash? Do they go for a grab? Do they try to avoid a hit? Or do they try to counter you with a throwing knife? If that's the case then going for a hit may not be the correct choice. In most cases, your hit should be unpredictable to be effective enough so the Jason player has less time to react to it. It's a lot of mindgaming but that's what's expected in a game of Cat and Mouse.
  8. If a Jason starts slashing and for some reason I have no stamina, I resort to hitting and dodging. Getting a stun off will help you gain distance from a Jason so you can get to a cabin.
  9. I agree! That's also why I find + Shift Jasons more difficult because you're always in their presence. A lot of the times you can feel him essentially breathing down your neck chasing you for the kill.
  10. If the counselor is giving me a hard time, I usually go around the map collecting knives before engaging another chase. Staying close can be too dangerous, but going far away can also be as well. It's a whole balancing act between not being vulnerable to quick knife throws or window hits but also keeping Jason in line of sight too see him shifting.
  11. Any Jason with a + Shift is top tier surviving the night against. Constant shifts wear down stamina and keeps you on your toes.
  12. If by "OP" you mean overplayed then I 100% think you're right!
  13. I mainly play Solo and I absolutely love My Dad Is A Cop. It's my third perk choice right after the usual Thick Skin and Medic on my high repair characters such as Eric and Deborah. The couple of minutes it can shave off really makes the difference and I know it throws Jasons off who are used to having a little more time dealing with counselor shenanigans. Since I play Solo, I'm usually the one repairing and making the phone call so this perk really helps. I just throw on Low Profile because it's my highest sense avoidance chance at 25% and I believe it blends well for A.J. at least during the early game. The passive benefit of faster crouch doesn't appeal to me though because I never crouch walk. Also I believe the perk you're talking about that makes running quieter is "Lightfoot". I run this sometimes on my Tiffany because of her stealthy runner status but I haven't tested it on A.J. yet. I'm testing things out with motorboating and it isn't the most useful perk but it does shorten the time Jason have to react to the boat escaping. Essentially I just want to full speed floor it out of there. Also Nerves Of Steel is a wonderful perk and I'm spoiled by it, but that's why I don't run it on A.J. She's kinda my go to pick for the more.. "out there".. perks. Agreed, boats are awesome. I'm always joyed to see one on the map because I don't get them too often.
  14. Yeah I played back then and I agree because the pinata parties were the reasons I was so afraid to play Jason. All it took was a couple of battle chads and my game was ruined so although I don't believe the rage update was the right choice, it still was a needed action. Also I always by accident knock on the door as Jason and it's always a friendly reminder that mechanic exists.
  15. A common build but I run Marathon, Thick Skin, and Nerves Of Steel on my Vanessa. This is so I can survive longer encounters with Jason. Also I grab the sweater when I can and protect more vulnerable counselors with this. For Fox, I run Thick Skin, Medic, and Nerves of Steel. Maybe more uncommon is my A.J build. I run Motorboating, My Dad's A Cop, and Low Profile. This is when I'm feeling annoyed of bad teammates and I just stick to myself on the other side of the map. I focus strictly on objectives and if there's a boat, you can bet that will be my main priority.
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