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  1. It really does, but sadly by the time anything will be done about it.... likely will be too late and many will have moved on. I've already uninstalled the game and don't see myself returning at this point.
  2. Hard to tell from my phone because the gamma is low and looks very dark. However my guess is that Jenny was mashing out of the trap and just as she was about to free herself, the gage transferred to kicking out of the grab. Happened to me once or twice in the past
  3. Can't really say, since it's virtually impossible to get normal matches on PC
  4. Even though I back out of low level lobbies and prefer to play higher level Jason's. Nice logic there, you know me so well
  5. Lol if you think I ruin the fun of the game.... should try playing against teamers, trolls, sliders & tournament players Edit : and people that crash your game
  6. 2 of 8 and you will have to ask them them why they got all bent out of shape about it.
  7. I recorded the match and it was 1 minute 19 seconds by the time I placed my trap, attempted to fix the phone and then set the trap but Jason showed up before I could get a decent repair wheel as Chad. Guess there weren't too many Chad's in the lobby so it's not impossible to figure out who is who, considering there are only 7 people in the match. Never played with that person before, as far as I know.
  8. I covered my friends name since they messaged them. Yes I placed a counselor trap to block the phone..... meanwhile Jason is speed shifting & trying to abduct.... but the minute I place a trap down.... I'm the bad guy lol. It was well over 1 minute into the match and Jason had plenty of time to show up to the phone box. And I don't know how to blue screen people. Thanks for the reminder as to why I hardly visit this circle jerk forum.... aren't you the one that always defends Jason exploits? Lol
  9. Apparently people can crash your game because it did happen the next match. Ps4 is blue screen, xbox will dashboard and PC will get a fatal error
  10. I'm all for exposing teamers, but without recording video evidence then it's really all just speculation. Console it is very easy to record clips and upload them to YouTube (IDK about switch).
  11. The only time I was happy someone did this glitch, was against a group of three level 150 teamers.
  12. Counselors can use it to combat Jason obviously, not break down doors. There is another variation where counselors can hit and follow it with a dodge, so either side has a different benefit from it. You don't have to respond at all... if you want to hold hands with counselors as Jason and sing kumbaya, then you do you.
  13. IDK how to quote from another thread, but the person was complaining about double tap (Jason AND counselor can do, and been around since the BETA) "I'm not going to lie though. When I do play as Jason against friends, which is rare since I prefer to run counselors with my buddies, odds are I'm not going to kill them unless they give me a reason to have too or when it's funny. That mentality does screw me over at times since they will get the cops called on occasion or escape in the 4-seater with a couple of rando's by that's on me for deciding to take it easy on them. I've always advocated that it's Jason's prerogative to kill or not kill whomever he pleases." "Sometimes it's walking side-by-side with a limping Lachappa desperately trying to make it to the police exit who is probably convinced I'm going to slash him to death at any second. Sometimes not killing people can be just as fun as murdering everyone." This to me is more of a problem.... treating the game like it's minecraft and not a slasher. Maybe it's fun for you running along side counselors, wasting everyone's time and teaming with friends. Some people actually want to play the game properly and yes there are REALLY SHITTY EXPLOITS like when knifing the car was a thing, rooftop glitching , sliding...... but for people to complain about breaking a door slightly faster in CS or placing a counselor trap to block Jason from doing so is just laughable to me. It is not an intended mechanic of the game? well neither is running along side counselors and not killing them, many consider that teaming.
  14. I find it amusing that people complain about Jason combat stance chopping doors down, and this is coming from a counselor main that rarely plays as Jason.
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