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  1. Hello, So I've played this game since launch and have done everything. I've played the game in and out and have been both immersed, and had fun playing the game for what it is. Before you could stun Jason until the very end. Personally I found this to be the only challenge. Surviving 20 minutes stunning and running. Personally that's what it came down to with me. I found with the right group of people the base game was too easy getting all of the items and fixing a way out. If I was solo queuing I found that nothing happened, ever, there was no "teamwork". So I would have to rely on skill to power through the game and "win" (survive the 20 minutes). Until the newest update where you cannot stun Jason in rage mode, I was always coming back to the game regardless of no content, because of the harsh challenge that comes with surviving a whole 20 minutes by stunning Jason and running. A couple of outside opinions on this play style range from: That doesn't make sense Jason is suppose to be overpowered and beat you. To, That is toxic behavior and results in people quitting or being mad at the game. My arguments that go against these seemingly understandable points would be that although Jason is overpowered in the sense of ability over the counselor, It's just a game. For me I find it extremely boring and unnecessary to have it where half of the game time is cut because 10 minutes in Jason is invulnerable to 90% of attacks (shotguns and flare guns are scarce). If a team was doing awful and not talking, or not contributing, your hope is lost and you mine as well quit the game of accept death at 10 minutes in. Because alone you can't outrun, defend, or even trick Jason in Rage Mode. It's borderline God Mode. It doesn't make sense In a game sense because, Why would anyone want to play a game where ten minutes in if you don't have a good enough team or Jason is skillful and managed to press his work correctly, you are rendered useless. In a video game there should always be hope and a drive, it's bad developing to allow a game to have no drive or intent halfway through a match! Even if this mean tweaking the realism of the films and the overall idea of Jason, I think it makes it more of a game, and fun. As for toxicity this is a good argument and a touchy subject. My argument against it would be simply, if you think it's toxic behavior, or toxic game play, chances are you need to take a break, or be more mature. It's a video game, if you don't find it fun, don't play it! Calm down, and come back later. Many games can be competitive in the sense of skill, and my general argument is handle YOUR anger and be a responsible gamer for YOURSELF! So what do I hope to gain from this? Change. Simply because with a game that has restrictions and seemingly no hope, fixing issues your players want could give some hope and make it last longer than you would think. I conclude two solutions to be fair. One on the opposing side, if you think they should keep the no stunning in rage mode, I think a balance factor would be this only occurs in the last 5 minutes, as the rage ability could gain more and more abilities over TIME rather then right away, this gives hope and a survivor more time to play the game without being rendered useless. On the side that stands with my opinion (hopefully majority) I say bring back stunning with weapon, but reduce stun duration, and make the stun duration perk more useful! Or have it so there is a greater cool down on stunning (e.g. I stun Jason, and have to wait 1 minute before stunning him again. Forcing me to run or seek shelter, and other means of survival). To add to that last possible fix I would make the stun cool down generalized so if one counselor stunned Jason, ALL counselors are penalized. This would give survivors a greater chance at survival, and would make Jason focus on using his other abilities after getting stunned, or realizing the survivor is being skillful, to kill them. Jason's should be more strategic and single people out with Stalk, Sense, and Shift. Rather brute forcing everyone, and relying on a crutch in rage mode. Thank you for reading!
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