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  1. You think wrong, your highnesses....they’ve literally found a way to force people directly back into the same hacked lobby.
  2. Doesnt matter whether it’s my first post or not. I attribute that to me sucking up all the bs I’ve been through with this game since launch and me sticking with you guys keeping faith and keeping quiet. I’ve been playing the game since release. I’m not here to kiss ass or be your friend. I borderline feel what’s going on should be illegal. People spending their money on your product and it’s been basically completely abandoned and issues like this where people literally can’t play the game as it was intended and you come here basically saying in past posts that it’s not of concern right now because of the stage at which the game is is a very piss poor response from a developer. I’m just stating facts. Not trying to be hot headed or anything but this issue of hacked lobbies where people literally can’t play the game the intended way anymore and hackers taking over the entire game is total bs. Take that how you will.
  3. Yea this game is absolutely unplayable on pc as of today. The hacker lobbies have taken the rest of the player base. I’m in the Pacific Northwest. I got online to play some matches today and got sucked into a non-avoidable never-ending hacked lobby where even if I left, I return to the menu and try to load into another match I’d get sucked right back into the same lobby over and over again. I guess this is the official end. I guess I’ll never play this game again and my 20 bucks is wasted. Oh well, you guys don’t care, I guess I don’t neither.
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